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Lily hasn't slept for the whole night, she spends it with tears. She cries until her eyes are sore and painful but still couldn't stop it. She doesn't want to cry anymore, but the whole person is trapped in sorrow, she can't escape.

Waking up on the next day, the pillow on her head is still wet. When she walks to the bathroom, she looks at her pale yet ghostly face in the mirror, which makes her bite her lower lip softly.

After waiting for a night, he still hasn't text back.

Disappointed, despaired, not hope.

This is it.

The thought flashes through her mind, which make Lily's eyes turn red once again. She has unscrewed the faucet in advance. The sound of the flowing water ring into her ears. She then takes a handful of water and splashes it into her face, which make it can't be differentiate which one is water or tears.

She doesn't go to work, she doesn't want to go, she doesn't want to face anything that relate to Rex, afraid that she might be emotional and cries out.

She doesn't want others to see such a coward of herself, and even couldn't face the sweet place that she has spent with him before.

"Ding Ding"--

The phone rings out of the blue. She has deliberately volume up into maximum, just afraid that she might miss any call. Lily quickly picks it up and sees the caller ID. However, it is not the person that she hopes for.

After another second, the phone is connected. Abby's crisp yet impatient voice come, "I can't take it anymore. I really can't bear it anymore. My grandfather recurrent again, he's really annoying!"

Lily is uneasy with no emotion, "What happened?"

"It is always about work, always thinking of manipulating me. I'm a fucking person, not a tool, why can't I decide what I want for 24hours?" Abby's irritable yet hatred voice breaks into her throat, "I'm too annoyed. I'm going on a vacation, so no one can find me, I'll let them worried!"

Lily's eyelashes flickers, "Where do you want to go?"

"Not sure yet, H city? There is an island there, I always wanted to go but haven't gotten a chance."

"Let's go together."

"Okay, it is mainly...hey, wait, wait, what are you saying? Together? Are you going to?" Abby now realizes that Lily's is not in her sense, "Is there anything happen to you?"

Lily's lip twitches, but still hold it back, "Nothing, I just want to take a break for a while."

"You come out alone, is Rex going to approve?" Abby's mouth is fast and she regret it right after she said it, which make her quickly change the topic, "Why don't you come here, we'll talk face to face."

"Okay, I'll pack my luggage now."

When Abby heard the word 'pack my luggage', she opens then closes her mouth again, only saying, "Be safe on the way."


At 9 o'clock in the morning, Lily has packed her suitcase and goes back to the living room to glance at the phone on the table. It is still empty. There is no message or call.

She numbly puts her phone down and drags her luggage to the door, one step, two steps. she finally closes the door and leaving a quiet room.


Forty minutes later, the taxi stops in front of Abby's Villa. Although it doesn't as classy as Rex's Villa, it is still can be regard as luxurious.

She presses the doorbell, and soon the door opens.

As soon as she enters the living room, she meets Abby and is hugged by her, "You've finally came, I'll so depressed in the house!"

On Monday, Abby's house is tranquil, only Abby is left in the house, which makes her feels much more relief. Owing to the fact that she has quite a lot of scandal lately, Meeting Abby's parents might be an awkward.

"Are you really here with a suitcase?" Abby's housemaid helps Lily to pull her suitcase in, "What's wrong, are you fighting with Rex?"

"Yeah, it doesn't matter. I just want to refresh myself." Lily doesn't tell her, not because she doesn't want to say, but she doesn't know how to say it.

No one can accept such a thing easily.

By looking her entanglement, Abby doesn't ask further and just hits it off, "Since this is the case, let's go there for two day, you can take a leave. We can even stay for ten or half month there, is it okay?"

"Okay." Lily smiles. Not to mention ten days, the longer the better.

Both of them look for the ticket of the day, which transpired that it had a direct flight. They immediately book it and rush to the airport directly.

On the way, Abby drives and Lily sits on the co-driver seat, she looks at the scene outside the window all the time. Beside flower, grass, pedestrians, there is still her restless heart passing by.

"Abby, I didn't bring my phone with me. If there is anyone who contacts you, just say that you don't know where I am."

Abby looks at her in surprise, "Why you hide yourself? If Rex couldn't find you, will he kill me?"

Lily couldn't help but laugh, "He doesn't have time to manage me."

Abby is worried about her. By looking at her appearance, she always thinks that things are more complicated than she thought.

"Lily, no matter what happens, I will always be on your side, I just wanted you to know this."

Lily is very touched. She then closes her eyes and nods, saying in a choked voice, "Thank you."


Rex is still in Q city and has no idea about Lily's condition it. At ten in the morning, he is awaken by a fierce knock on the door. When he props himself up from the bed, he had a fierce headache and still wearing the formal suit from last night.

Recalling what had happened yesterday, the firm eyebrows slightly twists, did he drank too much and become like this?

In an unstable footsteps, he walks over to open the door. Joe stands outside the door with an anxious expression, "Rex, are you okay? I've been knocking for a long time and you didn't response. We still have another meeting in the afternoon."

Rex raises his hand to press his temple, there is a burst of pain suddenly, "Am I drunk last night?"

Joe recalls it, remembers that he was unable to walk firmly yesterday, and nods, "I think so."

Rex couldn't tell the weird feeling, he always feels like something's fishy, "Did something happened last night?"

"What happened...." Joe says honestly, "after I helped you get to the room, you told me to leave."

Rex ponders for a moment and nods, "Okay, got it."

After returning to the room, he picks up his phone and glances at the contact number. He finds Lily's number and dials it. The phone is busy and no one answer it for a long time. He calls again, but it is the same, no one answer.

The time shows that it is half past ten in the morning, is she busy?

Rex hangs up the phone and thinks of the meeting. He then takes a quick shower and changes his clothes, thinking that he will call her again after the meeting.

But little did he expect that this waiting is useless, she's gone.

At half past twelve in the afternoon, the meeting is over and a group of executives in suits come out, like a bunch of fish coming out of a hole, and Rex is right in the middle of the crowd.

Most of them are talking side to side of their ears. Joe comes over hastily while holding the phone, "Rex, I can't reach Lily..."

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