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He really stepped on her bottom line.

Bella forced herself to calm down. "I'm sorry, I don't lack money and I don't need to sell myself. I have a decent job, and I don't want to be anyone's kept woman."

"Miss Bella, I think you didn't know that your friend Amelia William is now working in the special military region. Maybe she is a spy or something. It's hard to say." Alec Sean said with a smile, and with evil intentions in his eyes, which made her feel extremely cold.

The simple meaning of this sentence was, killing Amelia William was as easy for them as killing an ant. Moreover, they can also kill Amelia William's whole family.

How can James Grayson become like this?

He behaved quite differently from her impression of James Grayson. What he has experienced in the past three years that made him so cruel?

Bella was too angry. She clenched her fists tightly. The blue tendons on the back of her hand were collapsing.

"Don't be angry. Miss Bella, Mr. Grayson is a very good man. At least he is absolutely clean in his private life. He never found women to solve their physiological problems." Alec Sean added.

He never found a woman to solve his physiological problems? This sentence meant that he had found this woman to solve his physiological problems!

Yes, James Grayson was 33 years old. It was normal to find a woman for such needs. But this woman can't do it. She would rather prefer to have nothing to do with him.

"As far as I know, James Grayson is going to compete for the president's seat. You are not worried about the rumors. If things go out?" Bella spoke and looked at Alec Sean.

"Mr. Grayson is not going to compete for this position. It seems that you do have concerns about him." Alec Sean said meaningfully.

"He won't compete?" Bella was surprised.

He was the hottest candidate. No matter from power, financial resources, public support, there were 70% chances for him to be president.

However, she told herself to not think about his matters.

"I advise Miss Bella to take benefit from this opportunity and ask for something she wants. If she hits a stone with an egg, she will only be crushed into pieces, and other people along with you will also fall.

However, if you just change your point of view, you can take the opportunity to achieve many things. A year is not a long time, but you can get much than you can get in a lifetime.

What's more, this kind of relationship is secret. No one will know, and it won't affect your future marriage and children. Why Miss Bella doesn't want to do it?

Besides, Mr. Grayson is the most popular man in the country. You can have this opportunity to follow him. Maybe you can make him fall in love with you and become the first lady of the country.

At present, Mr. Grayson has a fiancee but no marriage plans. You still have a chance." Alec Sean tried to convince Bella.

Bella was not stupid.

She clearly knew the difference between strong and weak.

"I want to talk to James Grayson," Bella said directly.

Alec Sean had already said what he had to say.

He got out of the car and called him. After some time he sat in and said "Mr. Grayson agreed to talk to you. You can go now."

As the car moved on, Bella looked out of the window, it seemed they were going to the blue sky garden. She estimated that the place might be the place where James Grayson usually rested.

After driving for more than an hour, they arrived at the destination.

Lieutenant Colonel Walker was standing at the door. He said to Bella with an expressionless face, "Chief is in a meeting now. He will come later. He wants you to wait for a while."

Bella went into the villa and sat on the sofa. Alec Sean's men took her luggage and put it on the side. She picked up her mobile phone and looked at the news.

There was an explosion at a chemical plant in Shujiang city last night that killed more than 200 people, which caused a great sensation.

Human life is really fragile. The families of those people should be in deep sorrow.

However, no matter how sad it is, life has to go on.

Someone opened the door, and the light fell on her face.

Bella looked at the door subconsciously.

James Grayson came in, took off his jacket and handed over to the person walking beside him, he was wearing a black suit and white shirt, looked rigid, meticulous, cold, and ascetic. But his face was still expressionless, and no one can understand his inner thoughts.

He sat opposite, his body was firm and his eyes were sharp. "Alec Sean said you wanted to talk to me?"

"I think Mr. Grayson can have a lot of women. Why does he want to force a woman who doesn't want to?" Bella said in a cold voice.

"So you want to know the reason, then listen carefully," James Grayson's eyes were more condensed.

"First, to be honest, you are not my type, but I have been with you. I feel very curious. I want to know why I liked you at that time.

Second, since we had a relationship before and had a relationship yesterday, so I think I don't have to go to other women for my needs.

Third, I think you have a lot of things hidden. Since you don't want to say it, I can only slowly find out what you are hiding in the process of getting along.

Fourth, yesterday I was very comfortable. To a certain extent, you are in line with my fantasy about women. It's time for me to have a woman.

Do you have anything else to ask?"

James Grayson was straightforward. It was a very ambiguous and personal problem, but he was as frank as he was talking about a business.

"You didn't realize that I didn't like you?" Bella asked cruelly.

In James Grayson's eyes, there was a cold light that can freeze anyone, "Does it have anything to do with me?"

He looked at her with deep, determined eyes. There was no temperature in his eyes.

Bella looked at James Grayson in surprise.

Apart from being cold, he seemed mean and disgusting. She seemed to have met a bandit. There was nothing she can do.

"I want 100% freedom. You can't limit my work and my life." Bella said helplessly.

"With me, you can't have 100% freedom. I'll call you, and you have to come back here. I don't have much time to waste with you." James Grayson said in a cold voice and stood up.

Bella also stood up and looked at him, "You can't interfere with my life and work, and this is not very difficult. In addition, one year is too long, I can give you three months, after three months you have to stop pestering me."

Stop pestering?

She was really ruthless towards him.

James Grayson turned around and held Bella's chin. "You have no right to negotiate with me."

Bella was annoyed. She shook his hand away and looked at him sharply. "You can use your so-called power and your high rank to trample on others' self-esteem and to force others to obey you unconditionally! Why do you want this? Your unreasonable forceful nature can only make people resist. You cannot win people's hearts."

James Grayson's cold eyes shrunk sharply. "Do you think your heart is worthy of me? Mind your thinking. I just want to know the past that you are hiding, I am not interested in you."

Bella pursed her lips and didn't speak.

James Grayson knew that he was harsh and there was a strange flash in his eyes but no one could see it clearly. "Don't provoke me again, take a bath first."

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