Home / Chapter 211 His heart can find peace just after finding her
He was very strong, as she remembered.

Arrogant, overbearing, and unable to refuse. She felt like the fish on the chopping board, which can only be slaughtered.

She didn't want to go back to her desperate past.

She pursed her lips and refused to let him in.

The more she refused and resisted, the more he wanted to conquer.

James Grayson kissed her warmly, his big palm entered in her skirt.

Bella's eyes widened with fear. Her lips were blocked by him, and she couldn't make a sound. He was too strong that she couldn't resist.

He wanted to make her fall in love with him again. After that? And what after falling in love?!!!

At that time he did the same then he lost his memory and forgot all about her. She loved him, but she could only watch him loving another woman.

She has become the target of a multitude of arrows, but he easily left her hand.

If David Wilson made her, know what is sadness and anger. Then, James Grayson let her know what despair is.

She was too desperate... that she fell seriously ill.

It is true that doctors cannot cure themselves.

During the day, she just pretended to be fine to talk cheerfully and wittily. But in the night, when darkness fell all around, in the deep silence, all her thoughts, emotions, went back to three years ago till the day she cut her wrist.

She was living a lonely life. No one can warm her cold heart and when she will die, she will still be a lonely person, lying in the dark world, continue to enjoy the loneliness.

She was living a life like a ghost. She has insight into other people's lives. However, her own life has ended the day when she cut her wrist three years ago.

She just made herself the perfect person, how others wanted her to be. But her heart was incomplete and empty.

James Grayson cruelly went in.

Bella felt ashamed, angry, motionless, and coldly stared at his handsome and cold face.

James Grayson felt that she was no longer struggling. He looked at Bella and her cold stare touched him. Her eyes looked like the frozen lake, full of transparent coolness.

"Chief, is it necessary to use the power and to force me? You are in a high position. What kind of a woman you can't have? You are doing this because you are powerful and I have no ability to sue you, right?" Bella said in a cold voice.

"Do you think I am using my power?" James Grayson asked.

"Do you think I'm enjoying it?" Bella said sarcastically.

"Then at least try to let me enjoy." James Grayson was domineering.

He didn't know why he was so crazy about her.

In fact, when he saw her on the train three years ago, he took the initiative to invite her to the place where he was, and he felt crazy about her. He had a special feeling for her. He was not clear about the feeling and the way he felt about her.

Every time he dreamt about that girl, she said sadly, "James Grayson, come back."

After that, his heart ached. He couldn't fell asleep because of the pain, and he wanted to cut off his heart. And wanted to find out her.

His parents blocked him from finding the answer. His friends didn't let him find the answer, and even she didn't tell him the true answers. They all were blocking his ways. But he has to find all the answers. Even if it will lead to self-destruction.

James Grayson kissed her, and Bella pressed her lips tightly.

He sucked her lips, fiercely, strongly, and left them when they were red and swollen. An unrequited possession of the fingers. He stared at her every expression trying to see her emotion.

But, No...

She also looked at him with the same, proud, and cold face. She was a woman with a very sharp temper.

He took hold of her chin, with a sense of hatred. "You said, I am forcing you, but don't forget that you left me with no other option. Do you want me to be fierce or not?"

"I don't want anything," Bella said without thinking.

"Then cooperate well." James Grayson said domineeringly.

Bella felt that she was torn by him.

For more than three years, she had no other men, so... all she felt was pain.

Besides the body, her heart was also in pain.

She didn't want to cry, but a mist appeared in her eyes, merged into tears, and from the corner of the eye, a tear rolled down.

There was no emotion in his eyes, no confusion, there was just coldness.

She thought what James Grayson had experienced after losing memory in the three years that made him so cruel and merciless. There was no trace of mercy. If James Grayson had not lost his memory, he wouldn't have done this to her.

However, there is no "if" in the world.

A trace of softness flowed in James Grayson's eyes and instantly merged into the dark eyes.

He leaned over and kissed her tears. Her tears were salty. He kissed her, from the corner of her eyes to her cheeks and to her lips.

The attacker became gentle for a moment, he left her ankle and let her sat on his body. Her face was in front of him, but she was afraid to look at him.

His eyes were dark, but not as sharp as before.

Bella thought of her tears and that she has lost her image. She was not a little girl and it was not the first time.

Why did she make herself look like a miserable girl?

She didn't look up at him.

She was sad, not because she has been forced to have a relationship with him, but because she didn't know where the James that was in her heart has gone now?

She could not found him in her life, nor in her death.

She was just quietly weeping.

"Are you in a safe period?" James Grayson asked in a deep voice.

Even if she was, she can only say no. "Don't do it in there."

"Ok." James Grayson answered.

Bella didn't know when it would end. She was embarrassed to ask it.

On the first day of her return to China, this indescribable thing happened with her, which greatly exceeded her expectations. She couldn't go on like this.

James Grayson was fierce in the process. After the process, he also felt that he had done too much. When he helped her wipe it he was gentle. Bella was angry with his bullying. She didn't let him wipe it. She raised her hand and wiped it by herself.

"In the back, how it feels?" James Grayson asked.

Bella gave him a strict look. He also has self-knowledge. She must not feel good in the front.

She didn't want to answer his question, "Chief can go. I need to take a bath."

"You want to take a bath and ask me to go. What is the connection between these two things?" James Grayson twisted his eyebrows.

Bella smashed the pillow on him.

James Grayson caught it easily. "You have a temper."

He put the pillow behind her and gave her a deep look.

Finally, after taking it out he felt that she was the one he had been looking for, she made his restless heart calmed down a lot. He was sure that he loved her before losing his memory.

What about her?

She really doesn't like him, as she told him?

At this thought, he felt as if his heart had been tightly held and felt some difficulties in breathing.

"What you will do next for this matter?" James Grayson asked rationally.

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