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Qin Yue looked at Xu Huiyi and said in a cold voice, "if you want to see me, I'm here. I'll give you a chance to talk."

"President Qin......" Seeing Qin Yue, Xu Huiyi was so excited that her voice was hoarse and her tears broke out like a waterfall.

She rushed forward, but fell to the ground because she was locked in a chair. She desperately reached out to touch Qin Yue's trouser legs, even shoes, but Qin Yue stood so far

All the time, so far, so far as the ends of the earth, so far as two worlds, he is clearly beside her, but she can't touch her.

"Mr. Qin, Mr. Qin --"

she called Qin Yue again and again. Her infatuated tone was like calling her own * * lover. She was so close and charming that her voice went deep into her bones.

Qin Yue slightly frowned, and his eyes sank: "if you have something to say."

"President Qin, do you know? You certainly don't know, because you never see me in your eyes. It's not right. You never treat me like a woman. I worked so hard to make the best of everything you told me, but you never looked at me in your eyes. "

"Yes, I admit I'm older than you, but what does that matter? Don't senior people have the right to pursue the people they like? I know that you are the one I like. Your father Qin Hao even introduced me to a man like that. "

"A man who is proficient in eating, drinking, whoring and gambling, a man who has no fart skills. You'll never know what it's like to face a man who's as good as a God in the daytime, and a man who comes home at night and has to face such a wretched man. "

Jian ran and Qin Yue look at Xu Huiyi, who is wriggling on the ground. They feel sick and pitiful for some reason.

There are seven hardships in life, but they are not.

Qin Yue suddenly takes Jianran's hand and looks at each other. He thinks the world is troubled and unpredictable, but when you are here and I am there, the time is quiet and everything is perfect without any other requirements.

Xu Huiyi is on the ground, looking up at each other, as if the world only has each other, the resentment in his heart will almost tear the whole chest.

She hated herself, Jane ran, the old man, Qin Hao, her husband, everything, even Hate Qin Yue.

"Ha ha..." Xu Huiyi suddenly said with a smile, with tears rolling on her face. She looked like a madman. "President Qin, do you think your poison has been detoxified? Ha ha ha President Qin, I wish you a long life! "

"Think the poison has been neutralized?" Hearing Xu Huiyi's words, Jane felt flustered. Her ears seemed to be thundering, which made her at a loss. She could only ask calmly, "what do you mean?"

However, Xu Huiyi didn't answer Jianran's question. She just looked at Jianran, her eyes filled with crazy smile, and murmured: "hahaha Long... Life... Hundred... Old... "

Laughter Jie Jie, echoed in this small room, as if fingernails were scratched on the glass, which made people feel uneasy, even scared.

"Xu Huiyi!" Jian Ran is worried about Qin Yue and rushes to Xu Huiyi, but she is grabbed by Qin Yue as soon as she has an action.

However, she subconsciously wanted to get rid of Qin Yue's hand and rushed to Xu Huiyi to make clear about the poison, but Qin Yue grasped it so tightly that she could not move even if she struggled.

The worry about Qin Yue had already turned into anxiety and anger. She couldn't help shouting at Qin Yue, "Qin Yue, what are you doing? Let go of me! "

However, Qin Yue still didn't let go, but grasped more tightly.

Regardless of the struggle and resistance of Jian ran, Qin Yue suddenly turned to Xu Huiyi, who was very proud with a smile. His eyes were sharp and cold: "Xu Huiyi, I have given you the opportunity. You don't know how to cherish it. Don't blame me for being rude to you later."

Leaving the words behind, Qin Yue buckled Jane and left.

Keep Xu Huiyi. Qin Yue wants to find out something about the old man from her mouth. However, Xu Huiyi's mouth is tight. They can't find anything.

Then there is no need for him to waste more time on a useless man.

Xu Huiyi's words made Qin Yue clear his guess.

He suspected that his poison had not been completely removed, and that there was a potential danger in his body. The body's reaction in these two days would remind him from time to time, but it did not do anything to him.

Since Xu Huiyi dare to say this, it can prove that the residual poison in his body is much more powerful than he imagined.

However, Qin Yue didn't want Jianran to worry about it. No matter how uncomfortable his body is, he will also hold on to it and become the strongest support for Jianran.

"Qin Yue, I'll let you go. I'll ask the matter clearly before I leave." Compared with Qin Yue's light clouds, Jian Ran is crying.

The poison is not over!

That is to say, Qin Yue is likely to be comatose again at any time. It is possible at any time

Jane did not dare to think about it. She took a deep breath of cold air.

Qin Yue took Jianran into her arms, put her soft hair on her chin, gently stroked her, then closed her eyes, and softly called her name: "Jianran --"

his voice was low and sexy, beating her heart like a moving syllable, pressing down those rising discomforts.

Qin Yue bowed her head and kissed her on the forehead, then said: "Xu Huiyi is playing psychological war with you. If you really believe what she said, you will lose."

"Are you really OK? Is it really just that she plays psychological warfare with me? You didn't lie to me? " It's not that Jane didn't think about Xu Huiyi's intention, but because it's related to Qin Yue, she's in a mess.

She couldn't imagine what she would be like if there were another accident in Qinyue. She would be more crazy than Xu Huiyi.

"Fool, when did I deceive you?" Qin Yue hugs her as if to melt her into her body so that she can see her heart.

Jane murmured, but the uneasiness in her heart had not been completely subsided. Xu Huiyi's horrible laughter came again.

"Hahaha Mr. Qin, my dear, Mr. Qin I love, you are so good and excellent. Why do you want to see such a woman? "

"If you can look me in the eye, how can I be willing to poison your drinking water. I wish you, ha ha ha I hope you will survive at least two days more than me. "

Xu Huiyi's crazy roar spread to Jianran's ear, and she was shocked. She unconsciously reached out and tightly wrapped Qin Yue's thin waist: "Qin Yue, whether Xu Huiyi said it or not, we will go to the hospital for a general examination tomorrow."

Qin Yue nodded and said, "well, I'll go to the doctor. Don't worry."

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