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"No way," Qin Yue said

He doesn't want to take risks simply when it's a little dangerous.

Zhan Nianbei didn't like Qin Yue's attitude of protecting his wife like protecting his children. He slapped Qin Yue on the shoulder and said, "this is my territory. Are you still worried about that woman hurting my niece and daughter-in-law?"

Jane also added: "what my uncle said is that I'm not a three-year-old. What else can she do to me with you outside? "

Qin Yue realized that he might be too nervous. Jane is far more independent and powerful than he imagined. He always wanted to protect her under his wings, but ignored her strength.

He can't always be by her side, just like three years ago, Baimi will still be a stranger, so he should give her space to deal with things she can deal with.

Just after Qin Yue hesitated for a moment, Zhan Nianbei gave Jianran a look, and she received the signal and immediately turned to the room where Xu Huiyi was detained.

Xu Huiyi's room is next to the monitoring room. It's very small, but it's clean. There is only a small window on the thick wall.

Seeing Jianran come in, Xu Huiyi's original silent eyes flash out of limang and look at Jianran gloomily.

Jane stood at the door, looking at Xu Huiyi with a smile, but she was fierce and firm.

They looked at each other, no one spoke, smoke filled in silence.

After seeing each other for a long time, Xu Huiyi suddenly smiled, sad and sad, looking up at the sky and laughing, crazy and ironically Laugh enough, she stopped, closed her eyes and leaned against the wall, ignoring Jane.

In the process of Xu Huiyi's smile, Jane is also smiling, but her smile looks warm and soft, quiet and beautiful.

Compared with Xu Huiyi's crazy appearance, the competition between them is quick and warm-up, and they simply win by absolute advantage.

After standing for a while, Jane went to Xu Huiyi's side and sat down, smiled softly and said, "I heard that you are noisy everyday to see my family, Qinyue. If you have anything to say to me, I will tell him word for word. "

Xu Huiyi turned around, turned her back to Jianran, and remained silent.

Xu Huiyi didn't speak, but she was not upset. She said slowly, "in fact, if you don't, I know what you want to say to him. You just want to tell Qin Yue that you like him, don't you? "

As soon as she said this, she saw Xu Huiyi shaking her fist, and then she gave a little smile and continued, "you are already a man with a husband, but you are eating in the bowl, thinking about the pot. This kind of behavior is really bad."

Jane shook her head and sighed, "your husband is so pitiful. Your wife sleeps in her arms every day, but she thinks about how to wear a green hat for him."

"What the ** do you know?" Xu Huiyi turns around, stares at Jane and says with gnashing teeth, "you don't know anything, just don't talk nonsense here."

Jane still smiled and answered, "what do you mean by me? Can you deny the fact that you have a husband? "

"I never admitted that the wimp was my husband." That wimp who can't do anything, even the most basic living expenses are from her hands, what qualification he has to become her husband.

Zhan Nianbei didn't know where Xu Huiyi's weakness was, but the women knew that some weaknesses were not apparent.

For example, Xu Huiyi's weakness is her dissatisfaction with her marriage life, which is the last thing she would like to mention to others.

Xu Huiyi is angry. Of course, it's something Jane likes

Jane has made an investigation and probably knows the disharmonious relationship between Xu Huiyi and her husband.

So she stabbed Xu Huiyi with this thorn, which made Xu Huiyi lose his mind and make Xu Huiyi disorderly. At that time, it was much easier for them to extract information from her mouth.

"I don't like it, but I can't see it," she said with a smile. Why do you have to work hard? Do you want to borrow your married identity to approach Qinyue so that he won't know that you don't want to share in him? "

Yes, the marriage with that man is a thorn in Xu Huiyi's heart that cannot be removed, because it has rotted in her heart.

And the real emotion of Xu Huiyi is that Jane guessed her mind right and said it correctly. She just wanted to borrow her married identity to stay by Qin Yue's side all the time.

Xu Huiyi stares at Jianran, who is still smiling softly, and roars, "Jianran, what do you think you have except that face?"

She wanted to tear up the simple face, so that she could not use this face to charm Qin Yue, and could not laugh at her with such a smile.

It would never have been like this if there had not been a simple appearance.

Jane did not answer, but still looked at Xu Huiyi with a smile. Xu Huiyi was willing to speak, and was so excited, so good.

Xu Huiyi looks at Jane fiercely: "Qin is always what you, a woman, can Xiao think of? You don't even deserve to carry shoes with him. Why do you marry him and give birth to the blood of the Qin family for him? "

"When he was young, he was in charge of Shengtian and created one legend after another. He was a man standing on the altar, who is worthy of a woman like you."

"If you are smarter and you leave him voluntarily, then everything is still possible to be saved. If you are stubborn and want to stay with him all the time, then I can tell you that you will regret it, and you will certainly regret it. "

"I don't deserve him? I will regret it? " Jane smiled and shrugged, "but I just married him and gave birth to his children, and he is very good to me. You're an outsider who can't hit eight. You can only shout here. What else can you do? "

"Jane, don't be too happy too early, you will lose him, and it won't be long."

Will you lose him?

Hearing the word again, Jane was a little surprised. What does Xu Huiyi mean? What else did that fake old man of the Qin family do to Qin Yue? "

Jane wants to know, but she can't ask directly, so she has to use her own method to continue to cover Xu Huiyi's words. She can hear some clues.

Looking at Xu Huiyi, Jane continued to talk with her: "what I have, what I don't have, it has nothing to do with you. I am not worthy of Qinyue, and I have nothing to do with you. As for the blood of the Qin family, it's a fact and can't be changed any more. "

Xu Huiyi looked at Jianran coldly and smiled again: "you are so good to wait, sooner or later you will regret it, you will regret it."

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