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"Qinyue, let me go with you." Jianran guesses that Zhan Nian must have something to do with Xu Huiyi when he calls Qin Yue at this time.

She wanted to follow and see if she could help.

Qin Yue stroked her head: "no, you go home to accompany Qin lelan."

Jane grabbed him, didn't speak, blinked the big eyes of beautiful water spirit, and looked at him with clear eyes.

Looking at her water smart appearance, Qin Yue could not help but swallow her in his stomach. When he had this idea, Qin Yue did the same.

He put out his hand and clasped the back of her head, pushed her to himself, bent over and kissed her, just like tasting the best food in the world, he would never let it go.

It's no wonder that he always feels that today's date is short of something. He would like to come without this kiss

After kissing * * for a long time, Qin Yue slowly let go of her. Seeing her face red again, Qin Yue said with a low smile, "what a lovely child."

Jane blushed and murmured, "I can speak to a child. I'm not ashamed. Are you ashamed?"

"Well, it's a giant baby."


Qin Yue took her hand: "let's go."

Jane ran: "where to?"

Qin Yue: "Guess!"

Jane ran: "..."

It was an hour and a half after they arrived at Jiangbei military region together. Zhan Nianbei came out to meet them in person. He was not surprised to see that Jane was also there.

With Qin Yue's love for his wife, it's not surprising that she will accompany him everywhere.

A few days ago, I heard that this kid transferred all the shares of Shengtian held by him to Jianran's hands. I don't know whether it's true or not?

Zhan Nianbei was thinking about everything and heard Qin Yue say, "I heard that Jiangbei military region has always been able to deal with those spies who have received special training. It is impossible to deal with a woman who has never received any special training."

Zhan Nianbei shrugged and smiled helplessly: "to deal with a person, first of all, you need to know her weakness. A person who has no weakness, no matter how weak her body is, she can be compared to a wall of iron. "

At this point, Zhan Nianbei turns to see Jianran, who is walking beside Qinyue. This woman is the weakness of Qinyue.

Jane is very quiet. After meeting and greeting him, she quietly follows Qin Yue's side and listens to their conversation quietly. She has never put in a word and knows the right thing.

"If there is no weakness, find her." Qin Yue believes that everyone has his own weakness, but some people hide too well.

"So I found you. Xu Huiyi has been with you for more than ten years, and you have some understanding of her. " Zhan Nianbei suddenly smiled and said, "I think she will come out of you, probably because of love and hate."

"Don't talk nonsense." Qin Yue gives Zhan Nianbei a gloomy look and tells him to stop talking. However, the vinegar jar is still here, and I'll have to think about it again later.

Sure enough, as soon as he turned around, he received a look of discontent from Jane.

It's estimated that there is a third person at this time, so Jane left him a little face, otherwise she would directly hit people.

"Niece and daughter-in-law, think about it. A woman has been around a man for more than ten years. From the young ignorant, to now are almost boil into a mother. If it wasn't for being careful about this man, what would it be? "

Zhan Nianbei is a man who is afraid that the world will not be disordered and exaggerates on purpose. It seems that he will not let Jane find Qin Yue's trouble. He is not comfortable.

Jane returned to Zhan Nianbei with a proper and proper smile and said, "my uncle, what you said must be possible. Don't say that the women who have been around Qinyue for more than ten years are the women we met when we went out for dinner. They must have some ideas about your nephew. But what's the matter? Your nephew has a family. And I believe in him. "

Look, how proper and generous Jane said this, but why did Qin Yue hurt him?

"If every woman is as sensible as you are, it's the good news for men all over the world." The two did not fight, and Zhan Nianbei was not happy at all.

While talking, they have come to the place where Xu Huiyi is being held.

To those who are loyal to themselves, Qin Yue never treats them badly.

Naturally, for those who betray themselves, Qin Yue will never be merciful.

Zhan Nianbei leads Qin Yue and Jianran to the monitoring room and points to the woman on the screen: "after closing in, she sits in that corner without moving a step. Except, of course, when my people ask her for questions. "

Qin Yue also looked at Xu Huiyi on the screen and asked, "what did your people ask?"

Zhan Nianbei sighed: "she didn't say a word the other day. She only said one thing today, that is, she wants to see you. "

Qin Yue picked up her eyebrows and asked, "did you find out her real identity?"

"The identity of another national A." Zhan Niang looked North at Qin and Yue, and then said, "beside your father, one by one, are all Chinese A. If he were not your grandfather, I would have doubted his identity. "

When she heard Zhan Nianbei's words, she felt the coolness rush to her head from the bottom of her feet, and her heart was numb.

According to the incomplete recording, today's Qin family old man should not be Qin Yue's own grandfather, so will this impostor really be a Chinese?

What is he going to do when he sneaks into the Qin family to replace grandpa Qin?

Rob Sheng Tian of the Qin family?

Or for some other reason?

No, she can't hide it from Qin Yue any more. When she gets home, she will give the recording to Qin Yue. It can't make him or his family dangerous.

Qin's father, Qin's mother and Qin Xiaobao are all filial to the present Qin's grandfather. They are easy to be cheated.

"Because he is my grandfather..." If it wasn't for his grandfather, Qin Yue would never have used such a simple method as banning feet.

Because he thought of his family and his upbringing, and that Grandpa Qin was a highly valued elder of the Qin family, Qin Yue left a way for each other to live before doing everything.

If the old man is willing to stop, if he is willing to put everything on the table, if the old man knows repentance, then Qin and Yue will send him back to the United States to provide for the aged.

Zhan Nianbei said: "Xu Huiyi's mouth is very tight, and I'm reluctant to be cruel to women, so you can do it.". Who's going to talk to her? "

"I'll go," Jane said, taking a step forward

Qin Yue grabbed her, a little dissatisfied: "don't make trouble, you wait for me here."

"We are all women," said Jane firmly. "Women know women better than women. Let me ask for unexpected answers."

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