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Qin Yue didn't want to have another child because she didn't want Jianran to suffer again, but she didn't know. She thought he was the same as her, but she didn't want Xiaoran to be unhappy. 8.

it's easy to want to have a lot of children all the time. With the children, the family will be more lively and share the work of Qinyue in the future.

Xiao ran worries that her father and mother have a brother who doesn't love her. Jane will think about Xiao Ran's feelings and won't regenerate.

They are such a child, so it's more prudent to choose a son-in-law. She will investigate and investigate this strong

Think of strong, Jane Ran's eyes began to shine again, once again ignored sitting beside Qin Yue.

"Simple!" This woman really owe to clean up, he sits beside her, she dare to think of other men.

"What are you arguing about?" Jane looked at him discontentedly. "I'm thinking about the future for Xiao ran. Don't be a father. "

Qin Yue is discontented: "Xiao Ran's future is up to her. Just take care of yourself. Don't worry about it."

"That's my daughter. I think it's normal for her. What's my blind worry?" she shouted

"So, does Mrs. Qin want to quarrel with Mr. Qin?" Qin Yue suddenly said softly. In the middle of the May 8th movement, Wen 2.5.8zw.

"Who wants to fight with you?" On the side of her head, don't look at this enchanting evil man.

"After two days, when the weather is better, we will take Xiao ran out for a walk."

"Well, I'm thinking about it." As soon as the last word of Jane came out, Qin Yue suddenly kissed her and tasted her taste.

Jane blinked, looked at the magnified handsome face in front of her eyes, took back the action of rejecting him, wrapped his hands around his waist gently instead, and responded to his kiss.

Don't think about Xiao ran, don't think about the old man of Qin family.

At this moment, they can only see each other in their eyes, only each other in their hearts, only each other in their bodies

After the typhoon, the weather is unspeakable and fresh.

This day, shortly after Jane got up, she received a call from Ling Feiyu, who asked her to go shopping.

Jane has not seen lingfeiyu since she recovered her memory. She has many words in her heart to say to lingfeiyu, but she has not found a chance. So take advantage of today.

Their meeting place is the super shopping mall where they often go shopping. When they arrived, Ling Feiyu was waiting at the gate of the mall.

Not only lingfeiyu, but also Cheng Xuyang.

Jianran waved to Ling Feiyu: "Feiyu..."

"But here you are." Seeing Jianran, Lingfei said he wanted to run, and was grabbed by Cheng Xuyang as soon as he was about to step.

Cheng Xuyang said with a black face, "the doctor said that we should not run around in this period. Please pay attention."

"Cheng Xuyang, please, would you please go away?" Lingfei stares at Cheng Xuyang fiercely, and then says, "if you talk to me again, I will divorce you. Don't think I'm kidding you when I say it. "

"Feiyu, will you obey me? We have to listen to doctors, not willful In front of lingfeiyu, Cheng Xuyang is always the one being bullied. She told him to go east, and he would never go west.

But now it's different. She's just pregnant. The doctor said that the first three months of pregnancy is a dangerous period. The pregnant mother must pay attention. He can't let her go.

"Cheng Xuyang, get out of your class!" Lingfei's voice is about to jump up. "You'll pester me again and go to the hospital tomorrow to have the baby done."

"What nonsense are you talking about!" Cheng Xuyang said in a deep voice.

His tone is a bit fierce. It's the first time that he talks to Lingfei in such a serious tone, which really stops Lingfei.

"Feiyu, are you bullying Cheng Xuyang again?" At a distance, Jane heard them quarreling. It seemed that they were quarreling badly.

"What am I bullying him again? Is he making me angry?" Lingfei said to get rid of Cheng Xuyang's hand and whispered in a voice that only the two of them could hear, "I didn't give birth to you until I knew it was so troublesome. Now you yell at me, you remember it for me, and I'll settle with you when I go home. "

"I'm not murdering you, I'm worried about you." Cheng Xuyang is helpless.

Lingfei's temper is impatient, and she looks careless, as if she doesn't care about anything. In fact, she is very emotional, but she doesn't want to admit it.

Cheng Xuyang knows that Ling Feiyu cares about them.

They have been married for several years, without contraception, but they have not been pregnant.

Until now, Lingfei was pregnant with the first one. He must be happy in his heart. What he said not to give birth to was just his stupid words.

Ling Feiyu saw his depressed face, and finally gave a breath. She pushed him: "go to your class. I will be fine, and so will your child. "

"You two have a good relationship. You've been married for so long, and you're still so clingy." Jane finally came to them, joking.

"Simply." Cheng Xuyang nodded to her.

"Do you worry about me turning her away when you come shopping with Feiyu?" Said Jane with a smile.

Cheng Xuyang added: "then you can stroll slowly. Simply, please take care of her for me and don't let her run around. "

"Don't worry, she won't listen to other people's words. She will listen to my words."

Cheng Xuyang confessed for a while, then he left with his heart on his head.

As soon as he left his front foot, Ling Fei said, turning his eyes: "that stupid man, I usually don't see how much he cares about me. As soon as I know that I'm pregnant, I'm very careful It makes people angry. "

"Feiyu, are you pregnant?" Asked Jane excitedly, and at the same time, she hurriedly held Ling Feiyu, which was no different from Cheng Xuyang's careful appearance.

Lingfei said, "Oh, but you are also the mother of the child. Don't be so jumpy, OK?"

Jane said, "I don't care. Anyway, you should be careful when you walk. You should listen to me. Otherwise, I will tie you back."

"I didn't tell you for a long time." Where can lingfeiyu hide the news? Yesterday, when she found out that she had a child, she wanted to call Jianran and tell her that it was Cheng Xuyang who stopped her, but she didn't make a phone call.

"Let's find a place to sit and talk today, and walk less," she said

Lingfei's words: "..."

If you don't, she has a lot to say to Jane. If she doesn't say it, she'll be guilty for the rest of her life.

They found a dessert shop to sit down. As soon as they sat down, Jane heard Lingfei saying, "but, I'm sorry!"

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