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"I called Zhan Nianbei and asked Xiao Qinghe to give Xu Huiyi to him and let him deal with it." Qin Yue did not hide what Jane did, but omitted some details and did not tell her.

Jane nodded: "well, that's good. Let them do other things. You're very sick. "

Qin Yue lies down beside Jianran, holds her in her arms and says, "my body is not as bad as you think."

Jian ran grabbed his uneasy hand and said, "Qin Yue, don't make children angry any more. If you rest early, you will get better soon."

"Jane ran..."


"Really not going to tell me?"

He knew that she must have something. If he would like to say it, let her do it. He just hopes that she can rely on him to trust him more.

"I'm afraid someone will hurt our children Just thinking that Xiao ran will hurt, I will... "

Just thinking that Xiao ran might be hurt, Jane was too frightened to speak.

Qin Yue patted Jianran's back and comforted him: "I have arranged someone to take care of Xiaoran. It will be OK. If you don't feel at ease, we'll let her stay at home and not go to kindergarten for the time being. "

Jane didn't say why, but Qin Yue had probably figured out that someone was threatening her with Xiao ran.

And now he can't think of a second person except the old man.

Xiao Yuanfeng's business has been going on for so many years. The old man still wants to get rid of simplicity and then go fast. What is it for?

Soon, he will know the answer.


July and August are the seasons with frequent typhoons. In these days, the meteorological station hangs orange typhoon warning signals every day, which shows how bad the weather is.

It was stormy outside, and the sky was dark, just like it was on the top of my head, but it didn't affect the owners of Nuo garden at all.

Qin Yue is not fully recovered, so she simply forbids him to go to work and gives him two hours a day to deal with business at home.

As soon as time comes, Jane will confiscate all his communication tools and take him seriously.

At this time, Qin Yue is busy in the study, and plays in the children's room with little ran.

Xiao ran didn't go to the kindergarten, so she naturally took the position of teacher and was responsible for teaching her to read, recognize and draw.

I don't know that xiaoranan is much smarter than Jianran thought. She is less than four years old and can recognize many Chinese characters and some English words

Jianran has to praise that Xiaoran must have inherited Qinyue's powerful genes for his cleverness and cleverness.

"Mom, why is Ranran's sister different from Mingming's?" Asked little ran softly.

She has always been confused, Mingming's sister is a little girl, her sister is a little dog, everyone is a sister, why does it grow differently?

"Because, they are not born by a mother, of course, they look different. Mingming's sister was born by Mingming's mother, but Ranran's sister was born by Ranran's mother. "

Seeing Xiaoran blinking the big eyes of shuilingling, a lovely and innocent look, Jianran could not help but hold her and bit her gently.

"Mom..." Xiao ran was dizzy by her mother. She scratched her hair vaguely. She looked silly but very cute.

Jane can't help but smile, and then get a big white eye, she felt that Xiao ran seemed to dislike her suddenly.

"Ran Ran didn't play with his mother, ran played with brother lie." As expected, Xiao ran didn't want to stay with her mother and ran to find her brother.

They play in the children's activity room, lie is at the door, silent, without saying a word, two eyes have been on xiaoranran, never left.

Jane ran saw Xiao ran run to her brother and saw that his face on the iceberg was tender.

He opened his arms and picked up Xiao Ranran. He pinched her face gently. His movements were very careful, as if he were caring for a piece of rare treasure.

The big boy is very tall and thin, and has a good-looking face, but he often has a face and never communicates with others, so everyone automatically ignores his face value and remembers his indifference.

Jane has been back to nuoyuan for such a long time. Apart from xiaoranan, she has never seen lie talk to anyone else.

"What are you looking at when you are so absorbed?" Qin Yue has been sitting beside Jianran for a long time. She raises her hand and waves it in front of her eyes. She doesn't notice his existence.

"Qin Yue, how old are you The mother likes to worry. Her daughter is less than four years old. She wants to keep the excellent boy for her daughter.

"It looks like eleven or twelve." Qin Yue promised not to investigate lie's past, so he kept his word and didn't even ask about lie's age. The only thing he knew was his name.

"Twelve is not very big." Jane nodded and said to herself, which made Qin Yue confused.

"What on earth are you thinking?" Qin Yue frowned slightly and sat beside her, but was so ignored by her, which was a bad feeling.

"Thinking about good things." Jane smiled and snuggled into Qin Yue's arms. She rubbed against his chest. "What do you think of lie?"

"How about what?"

"How about being a husband?"

"Jane, you are a man with a husband and children. Don't daydream about it, or I'll give him up." Qin Yue almost roared.

"Qin Yue, what's in your mind?"

"You are not asking lie How to be a husband?"

"Go away and don't let me see you for half an hour." I really dislike him. What is this man thinking?

"Then what are you thinking?"

"I just think Xiaoran is too lonely. Fortunately, youlie is with her, so she won't be so bored."

If Xiao ran didn't hate her brother, Jane would really like to give her more brothers and sisters to play with her.

Later, when she and Qin get older and have more brothers and sisters around Xiao ran, she will not be lonely.

When Jane had this idea many times, she would think of xiaoranran crying for her mother, afraid that her father would give birth to a younger brother and not love her.

When I think of that scene, Jane will always be in love with her baby daughter

"I'm lonely, or we'll adopt some more children. Let her have more playmates at home in the future. " Qin and Yue put forward suggestions.

"Why adoption? If we really want to raise it, wouldn't it be better for us to have our own life? "

"We don't have any more."

How hard it was for Jianran when she was pregnant for the first time. Qin Yue saw it with his own eyes. He had already kept it in mind and would never let Jianran suffer that again.

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