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Spy, make false evidence, be secretly dealt with

These key words are strung in Qin Yue's mind again, his thinking is more and more clear, and things are about to come to an end. w.

twenty years ago, Xiaobao's biological parents would suddenly disappear. The main reason is that Xiao Yuanfeng pointed out that they were military spies who stole confidential documents from Jiangbei military region.

Now they want to check whether Xiaobao's parents were framed by Xiao Yuanfeng, and find out the role of the old man in that event, as well as the relationship between the old man and Xiaobao's own parents.

This incident concerns his grandfather, his father, Zhan Jia and Xiaobao's parents.

For Qin and Yue, these related figures are closely related to him

Whether Xiao Yuanfeng framed Xiaobao's own parents or Xiaobao's own parents were spies, he would give Jianran a satisfactory answer regardless of the facts.

What Qin Yue didn't know was that after he left the room, Jane was also woken up by a phone call. Assistant he beside the old man called her.

"Hello, Miss Jane." After the call, assistant he politely said hello to Jane.

This disguised politeness is too familiar to Jane.

Three years ago, when they sent her to the abyss of hell, this surname he was speaking to her with such a false courtesy.

Jane thought of that day's situation, thought that she was carrying a small ran, with no power to bind a chicken, only human flesh.

Her forehead oozed cold sweat.

She thought of Qin Yue. Looking back, she saw only a small ran lying beside her. Qin Yue was gone.

In Qin Yue's absence, Jane's heart panicked inexplicably. Before she could speak, she heard what assistant he said.

"Miss Jane, you are so lucky. As the saying goes, if you don't die, you will be blessed. I think Miss Jane's life will be better in the future. Oh, I almost forgot that you have a daughter So lovely children will grow up healthily. If they don't grow up, it's a pity. "

Assistant he's ghostly voice reached Jane's ear, making her awake in a moment.

Jane clenched her cell phone, bit her teeth and sneered, "assistant he, please tell the old man. If he doesn't want some things to be exposed, then you can give me some security. If anyone dares to touch my daughter, you will see to it. "

"So you know what we want." Assistant he suddenly laughed, a cold laugh, piercing and bone.

"Yes." The answer is simply yes.

Tell them that they know that she has their evidence in her hand. Maybe they will settle down and dare not act rashly, but they will not be ruled out.

"Give us things, don't tell Qin Yue, then we will not offend the river in the future, just as nothing happened." Assistant he added.

"When nothing happened?" Ask simply. It's probably the funniest joke she's ever heard in her life.

has the final say that they have understood that everything has been launched by them first? She is the victim. She is the only one who has the final say, and she can not make the final decision.

"Miss Jane, you are smart. You should know what can be said and what cannot be said. Everything can be negotiated before it happens. There are some things, once they happen, the consequences are definitely not you can bear. "

Assistant he's voice is the same as the disgusting voice in Jane's memory. It sounds polite and impeccable, but it makes people want to beat people.

Of course, Jane knows that this matter is not trivial. She also knows that there is no way to prove the identity of the Qin family's old man by the incomplete and fuzzy recording.

That recording not only can't prove the identity of the old Qin family, but also can't prove that the old Qin killed people.

Time has passed for too long. Old man Qin is old and his voice has changed naturally

Thinking of this, Jane had some weakness, but she didn't intend to give up.

At present, only their brother and sister have heard the recording. The old man doesn't know that the recording is vague and incomplete. He can seize this opportunity to take advantage of them.

"Assistant he, speaking of cleverness, you are much cleverer than me," she said. So I believe you know better what you can do and what you can't do. "

"Jane, before you appeared, what was the Qin family like? What happened to the Qin family after you appeared? You must not destroy the whole Qin family for your own sake. " This time, it's the old Qin family.

With a cold snort, Jane said, "if you don't threaten to play with me, save yourself."

Drop the words, and Jane hung up the phone handsome, dead old boss, threat can not play with her love card, think she is so stupid, will let them lead the nose?

Turn off the mobile phone and leave it aside. Jane gently holds Xiaoran, who is lying next to her, in her arms and quietly looks at Xiaoran's fleshy face.

It's been such a long time. When she sees xiaoranan, she feels her heart is melting away.

Xiaoranan is her treasure. She will protect her well and let xiaoranan grow up healthily. When she grows up, she will marry a good husband like her father and have a group of children.

"Why didn't you sleep?" When Qin Yue returned to the room, he saw Jane's eyes wide open, as if he was thinking about something?

"I was thinking..." Jane took a breath and smiled, "don't let Xiao ran go to kindergarten in this period of time. Let her stay at home and I'll teach her what I want to learn. "

Just what assistant he said, let Jianran still have lingering fear, afraid that they will start with Xiaoran So she wanted to keep Xiaoran at home.

Nuoyuan's security work is well done, and there are strong moments to accompany xiaoranran, so it must be much safer.

"What happened?" Qin Yue strode over and rubbed her head. "Don't hide something in your heart. Tell me."

"I stay at home every day. I want Xiao ran to stay with me at home." Jane didn't want to tell Qin Yue about the phone call.

In fact, the last words of the old leader Qin said that her heart was up. The Qin family also had Qin father, Qin mother, Qin Xiaobao

Each of them is very good to her. She goes to break through the old man of the Qin family, that is to break up the whole Qin family.

Wait a little longer. When she confirms that the old man is not Qin Yue's grandfather, she tells Qin Yue to make a decision.

"Well?" Qin and Yue obviously don't believe the simple words.

"Where did you just go?" Jane remembered that Qin Yue had fallen asleep before she went to bed. How could she come in from outside now?

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