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Qin Yue was not only reluctant to go back to the hospital, but also dragged his weak body to stay in Shengtian to deal with the delayed work for several days.

Jane looked at him and was angry. No matter what, today she would drag him back even if he was disabled. How could he be so headstrong.

"Give me half an hour." Qin Yue looked at Jane's angry appearance and shook her head, saying that she was helpless and funny.

Jane clenched her lips and stared at him angrily. If she didn't go back, she wouldn't talk to him.

"Darling, don't be angry. I'll give you some work and go back with you." Qin Yue picked up the plane and called for the beautiful young female secretary. "These days's work is going to be handled by Vice President Qiao. I have to deal with it. Let Liu te help me to send it to my house. "

"OK, President Qin." The young and beautiful secretary took the delivery and politely withdrew. Before she left, she couldn't help looking at Jane more.

Everyone in Shengtian knows that their president is very married and their children are over three years old, but no one has met the president's wife.

It's said in Shengtian that their president's wife died in childbirth, so their president Qin became both a father and a mother.

Before Qin leran's children go to kindergarten, their president will bring a small oil bottle to work.

I remember two years ago, when President dada had a meeting, he often stopped to change diapers and feed his baby The president's great image of Gao Leng suddenly becomes a great father image of a daughter controlling and doting on her as her life.

It is precisely because of the president's great series of actions that we are convinced that their president's wife must have died in childbirth.

The president's wife is gone. Their president put all his love for his wife on his daughter.

But today, Liu Yong brings a person, saying that it's their president's wife. For a while, Shengtian's interior looks like a frying pan.

Everyone is guessing that the president's wife should be Gao Leng's new girlfriend. No one thinks about the deceased president's wife.

Their president is big, handsome and rich. He wants to have body, temperament, money and power. That's what many women dream of.

The women who want to climb up to their president's big can at least form a basketball team, but their high cold president never looks at those women. How many women's hopes are cold.

There is a famous female star, an actor signed by Shengtian entertainment, graduated from a famous film academy, and just after she started, she received two major director's plays. In a while, she became popular internationally and has a very good reputation.

Just last year at Shengtian's annual meeting, the female star entrusted layers of relationships and finally had the chance to stand beside their president dada.

The female star is knowledgeable, beautiful and in good shape. The dress at the party was sexy but it didn't make people feel exposed and the makeup was just right.

As soon as she entered, she attracted the attention of many people. Many men came forward to talk to her, but she kept a polite distance.

Everyone thought that she didn't have the heart to develop the relationship between men and women, but they didn't know that her goal had been locked in their president for a long time.

By way of introduction, she tried to squeeze into the CEO dada's side and wanted to give them a big drink.

But their president is very big but not to give a face, a cold incomparable "I don't drink", mercilessly rejected people.

As soon as they turned around, their president didn't remember the appearance of that female star in Dalian, but that female star almost killed herself for their president.

There are many things like this, but their president Qin has never been moved by any woman. Everyone guessed that their president must have a wife who died miserably before he would be "as good as jade".

Because of this, when Liu Yong suddenly brings a woman and says she is the president's wife, everyone will be so shocked.

Shocked, I didn't have the heart to talk about whether their president was seriously ill or not. I was talking about the new president's wife. What attracted their president Qin?

The appearance is really outstanding, gentle, beautiful and elegant It looks similar to Qin leran's children, especially those big eyes with clear water, which seem to be the enlarged version of Qin leran.

Everyone guessed that maybe the woman was only because she looked like the deceased president's wife, so the president would look at her differently.

Just when they all thought the so-called president's wife was just a double, the president came back When he saw their president dada and his wife coming out of the conference room together, he looked at her tender eyes and the doting tone when talking. No one dared to talk behind her again.

President dada's gentleness to President's wife, which they have seen, is the unique gentleness of President dada to his baby daughter.

Jane watched the young and beautiful secretary leave the office, and then she turned around and muttered, "there are all young and beautiful secretaries around, and she said that she has been thinking about me for three years. Who can believe it. As expected, men's words are not believable! "

"What?" Jane said very quietly, Qin Yue did not hear clearly.

"I said that you are lucky. There are dozens of secretaries, most of them are beautiful young girls." Jane admitted that she was too careful to eat vinegar.

"Young is true, but beautiful?" He is going to doubt Jane's eyes. Don't she think those secretaries are far behind her?

Jane ran: "..."

Forget it, this is the territory of President Qin da. She'd better not offend him.

"Go home." Qin Yue shut down the machine and got up, but just after lifting his leg, the whole man fell back powerlessly.

Jane ran immediately rushed over to support him: "Qin Yue, what's the matter?"

Qin Yue grabs her, chuckles and says, "don't pay attention to me?"

He was sweating on his forehead again. It was clear that he could not support himself anymore, so he could not fall back. But in order not to let her worry, he insisted on joking with her.

Jianran was so distressed that she shouted, "Qinyue, if you hold on, I will walk far away with Xiaoran, so that you will never find us."

Jane ran said a simple angry words, but Qin Yue heard it, he said: "Jane ran, if you say that again, I will tie you up."

"I won't talk at random Let's go to the hospital first. " Jane knew that she had said something wrong and was brave enough to admit it.

"If you don't go, you won't go." Qin and Yue are wayward, but they are also angry.

"You Well, let's go home. " Qin Yue didn't want to go back to the hospital, but she had no choice but to let him go home first.

But think about it carefully. The spacious and airy home is much better than the hospital environment. Maybe it can make him better faster.

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