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After everyone was seated, the host of the meeting said: "because the current leader of Shengtian, leoqin, was seriously ill and was unable to deal with Shengtian's affairs, major shareholders convened an emergency board of directors to vote for a suitable person to temporarily take charge of Shengtian's work."

As soon as the host's voice fell, director a immediately replied, "President Qin is ill. Fortunately, the old man is in Jiangbei, so we will ask him to come out to represent Shengtian affairs."

The first one spoke. Then many people joined in and asked the old man to come out and take charge of the overall situation.

Lord Qin waved to everyone to be quiet. He cleared his throat, smiled and said kindly, "thank you for looking up to my old man. When Shengtian is in danger, you can think of me as an old man to help."

"Mozhi is the current leader of Shengtian. After our elders entrusted Shengtian to take care of him, he made all the decisions. It's reasonable to say that my elder generation shouldn't come out and mix in again. But the weather is unpredictable. He was so healthy that he said he would fall down. There was no sign before. "

"We didn't think it was man-made, but the result given by the doctor was quite unexpected. Someone poisoned him. His diet makes people use hand and foot poison, and this kind of poison is chronic. It is accumulated by the sun and the moon. When the amount of medicine reaches a certain level, the efficacy will attack. "

Said, the old man's eyes look at Jane ran, deliberately to the object of everyone's guess to Jane's body.

"Before, he was fine. It was in the past half a year that people have been tampering with his diet. Now I haven't found any evidence. When I find the evidence and find out the murderer, I will surely get justice for him. "

Hearing the words of the old man, everyone's eyes turned to Jane as if she was the murderer who poisoned her.

The old man said: "since everyone wants me to come out and take charge of Shengtian temporarily, then I'd better be obedient than respectful..."

"You are expected to take charge of Shengtian temporarily. Have you asked me for my consent?" In the eyes of everyone questioning, Jane slowly stood up.

Before, I don't know if it was inspired by the old man. Many people automatically ignored the simple sitting in the position of Qin and Yue. Until the old man implied that she was the murderer, everyone seemed to notice her existence.

But she can't be ignored and doubted without saying a word. She can't be afraid to stand up because the old man bought most people.

Qin Yue can't attend today's board of directors. She appears as Qin Yue's wife, so what kind of rights Qin Yue can exercise, she will not miss.

"You?" This time, the speaker is not the old man of the Qin family, but Xiao He, the assistant who has been beside him, "this is the board of directors. When is it your turn to talk to an outsider?"

"You know this is the board of directors, too." With a sneer, the clear and bright eyes swept all the directors around the conference table one by one, "all the directors didn't speak, are you qualified to speak? Where are you from? What position do you hold in Shengtian? Are you eligible for this meeting? "

One by one, the simple questions didn't give him a chance to interrupt. He blushed and said, "I'm the assistant of the old man."

"As early as 20 years ago, the old man had neglected Shengtian's affairs and had not held any position in Shengtian. He would not have been eligible to attend the meeting, let alone you, if he had not been invited to come back to the town. " The tone of simplicity is aggressive, but not unreasonable, so no one in this room has voiced any objection.

Everyone stared at the seemingly weak woman, but they were also surprised at her explosive power.

For a long time, applause broke out suddenly. Everyone fixed their eyes and saw that it was the old master of the Qin family who was taking the lead in clapping. His face seemed to be with the usual kindness, but the fierce eyes could not hide it.

He said, "what a good tongue. I haven't investigated your responsibility for poisoning mu. You dare to make trouble here. "

"Who gave him the poison? Everything will be clear when he wakes up." Another thief called to arrest the thief. Can they play some other tricks? She's getting tired of it.

The old man said: "as long as he is still in your hands, you can make him wake up?"

Jian ran said: "today, I'm here to replace Qin Yue. I want you to know that Qin Yue is just in a coma for a while. He will wake up soon. It's definitely not the fate of the outside world. So I urge all directors to seriously think about whether they want to wait for him to come back to preside over the overall situation. As for the poison that the old man said, who did it. As long as Qin Yue comes back, is it not clear? "

"Who are you? What qualifications do you have to stand here and speak for Qin and Yue? " It has to be said that this woman is more difficult to deal with than when he met before.

"I am his child's mother, his legitimate wife, is this identity enough?"

"It's so funny. His wife died three years ago. He buried her in the ground. Now you say you are his wife, do you think we are all fools? "

"Of course you are not stupid. Can you replace one Qin family leader and the second Qin family leader?"

"You..." When it comes to this matter, even though the old man is experienced in all kinds of battles, he can no longer calm down. He almost roared, "you say you are the wife of Mu Zhi, who can prove it?"

"I can!"

A low voice came from the door of the conference room. At the same time, everyone looked back and saw Qin Yue, dressed in a white shirt and black trousers, with a tall and upright figure and a lively spirit, appeared at the door.

There is also a person behind Qin Yue, Cheng Xuyang, general manager of Engineering Department of Shengtian headquarters.

"President Qin......"

Many people made a exclamation, and all of them stood up as if they were staring at Qin Yue.

Many people can't believe it. They don't want to believe that Qin Yue, who said he was dying, was here. I can see that he is full of energy and has no appearance of dying.

However, Qin Yue's eyes are only on Jianran. In fact, he has been standing at the door for a while and sees Jianran face to face with the old man.

She is not flurried and disordered. Every word she utters, no flaw can be found.

He never knew that his simplicity was so radiant that his own aperture was too bright to move his eyes.

Similarly, Jane's eyes are also on Qin Yue, but she doesn't dare to believe it. She thinks it's her own illusion.

Fantasy in their own difficulties, Qinyue will always be so timely in her side, will pull her back from the despair.

Qin Yue watched her and walked towards simplicity with elegant steps under the eyes of all people.

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