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"Buckle the seatbelt up."

He suddenly made a sound, so Jessica was so frightened that she fastened the seatbelt with a shiver quickly.

He had been snubbing her for a woman he had known for a few months, and now he was actually giving her that attitude!

She was dissatisfied with him but she dared not retort for fear of him.

Her forehead was very painful, but the pain reminded her, he tyrannized her for Amy.

Jessica turned her head and looked at the scenery outside the window. She pressed her lips together in silence.

But out of the corner of his eye, he saw her in the rearview mirror. "Why did you run away?" He said coldly.

Jessica didn't dare to argue with him, but she didn't want to talk to him. So she ignored it.

"Tell me!" He frowned, raising his voice.

Jessica gave a shudder as he said. She was afraid and aggrieved, so she said recklessly, "Even if I'm not that good, I've been your sister for decades. But you tyrannize me because of Amy. I won't accept it!"

Her eldest brother would never make her feel wronged for other women.

Hearing her words, Ryan's eyes looked darker. He grabbed the steering wheel with his hands harder. "But I never said I wanted you to be my sister."

He always wanted her to be his woman.

"..." Jessica looked round at his indifferent and handsome face. She was slightly shocked, and after recovering herself, her eyes turned red. She faced forward again. Her lips were pressed together tightly and her throat tightened.

He actually disliked her so much.

She had always thought he just didn't like her as a sister, but she didn't expect him to hate her so much. No wonder he allowed Amy to bully her.

Jessica felt embarrassed for a while. Since he hated her so much, why did he hit the car to stop her?

Ryan looked at her reddish eyes and red and swollen forehead. A ray of darkness flashed across his eyes. He commanded in a cold voice. "Call Jeffrey and put it on speaker."

Jessica didn't want to talk to him at all, so she just nodded and took out her mobile phone to call Jeffrey, her lips were pressed together tightly.

"Are you missing me after only a few minutes, sweetheart?" Jeffrey's deep and tender voice sounded more appealing on the phone.

But Jessica was in a bad mood, so she didn't buy it at all. "Don't play a joke. I'm not looking for you!"

She didn't even want to call Ryan but just put the phone on speaker and put it in front of Ryan. His face looked cooler as he saw her reluctant look.

"We'll be there later. You could watch the movie first." Ryan said briefly and forcefully, hung up the phone and turned around to go to the hospital.

Jessica did not speak to him all the time. She let the doctor deal with her wound and got back into the car after treatment.

"You can play the roles with flirtatious scenes, but you have to fake it." Ryan got into the car and frowned.

This was his biggest concession!

She had grown up together with him and knew his temperament the best. He always stood by his words, so Jessica was surprised that he would offer to give in.

But although she was surprised, she was still angry and felt wronged.

It was silent all the way.

By the time they returned to the cinema, the film had already begun. Jeffrey and Clara didn't watch the movie either, but just sat in the waiting area.

Seeing that they came back, and the atmosphere was obviously not right, Clara stood up and proposed, "There's another movie in ten minutes. Watch or not?"

Her idea was very simple. Obviously, Jessica had quarreled with Ryan. Perhaps a comedy would thaw the relationship between them.

Neither of them objected.

Actually, Jessica was in a bad mood and didn't want to watch the movie at all, but she didn't have the guts to retort. After a movie, she remembered nothing and walked out with her head down with the other three people.

The same as they came, Jessica and Ryan rode in a car, while Clara and Jeffrey rode in the other one. Then they drove to the South Town.

Jeffrey had already booked a private room. As soon as they entered, the lobby manager welcomed them into the room with a big smile on his face.

A few minutes after they had ordered their food, someone pushed the door open.

She thought it was the waiter to serve the food, but when she looked round, she found that they were Brother Fat and Chris who she hadn't seen for a long time.

The bully was dressed in a white down jacket and light-colored overalls, and he held a rabbit in his arms. He hadn't changed at all, and still looked arrogant.

Seeing him come in, Ryan frowned invisibly, and then looked up at Jeffrey who sat in the chair opposite.

"Chris just came back today, and he said he hadn't seen Jessica for a long time, so I asked him to come." Jeffrey lifted the corner of his eye slightly and said with a smile.

Ryan said coldly, "You miss her when you just haven't seen her for a few days. I can't tell that you have such a good relationship with Jessica."

When Chris heard his last words, his face turned red immediately. He said in a nasty tone, "Am...I just came back and came to see her in passing! Do you understand what I mean?"

His words sounded like he disliked Jessica so much, but he reached out his hand to pull out the chair beside Jessica directly, and then sat down unabashedly.

Ryan knew that Chris had a crush on Jessica. The displeasure in his eyes grew. He exuded an air of indifference.

"Ryan is my buddy and Jessica's brother. Don't be so rude." Jeffrey knocked several times on the table and said helplessly, "Ryan, that's the way he is. Don't take it personally."

He always felt that there was chemistry between Ryan and Jessica, but when he heard that the latter was Jessica's brother suddenly, he did not have time to hide the surprise on his face.

But then he said stubbornly, "He is the stupid girl's brother, but it...it is no my business!"

Looking at Chris who wanted to apologize but couldn't swallow his pride, Brother Fat suppressed a smile and found a seat to sit down.

"Here you are. This rabbit missed you. That's why I came to meet you. Don't give it another thought." When Chris put the rabbit into the arms of Jessica, and inadvertently touched the back of her hand, his ears turned red.

Jessica was upset at the moment, but he still said those words. So she snorted, "Well, I don't miss you, either. What are you proud of? Only those innocent girls will like you."

She didn't like such naive boys.

Hearing 'I don't miss you', Chris's face fell immediately. He came to see this woman as soon as he got off the plane!

"Don't hug the rabbit before dinner. It has bacteria." Jessica was stroking the rabbit with her head down, frowning. A big hand reached across and grabbed the rabbit.

She was about to complain, but when she looked up, she saw that Ryan's hand. So the words died on her lips and she lowered her head in a low spirit.

It was clear to her finally, that her brother hated her, so he opposed her in all aspects!

At the thought of it, she felt like a lump of steamed bread stuck in her throat. She felt uncomfortable because she couldn't swallow or cough it up.

Chris was very dissatisfied with that, but at the thought of that Ryan was Jessica's brother, he blushed with anger. Finally, he just said, "...That's right."

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