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After returning, Benjamin did not even give Alice a chance to regret it. On the divorce agreement in which she had already signed her name, he did not hesitate to sign his name.

On the way to the Bureau of Civil Affairs, Alice tentatively asked him, "Are you not thinking about it anymore?"

Benjamin was expressionless, and answered indifferently and coldly, "No."

When leaving the Bureau of Civil Affairs, Alice felt that today's gloomy weather was extremely cold and bone-chilling. She didn't come to the Bureau of Civil Affairs for getting married, but the first time she came here was to divorce.

Benjamin handed her a bank card, "As you wish, the studio is half of yours. I will pay you on this card on the first of every month in the future. "

Alice seemed to understand, but it was cold all day, staring at the bank card in her hand at the moment, it was very dazzling, as if it was a skate, it would be cold in your hand and cool your heart It can also hurt your palm if you apply a little force.

In the end, she didn't reach out to pick up the bank card. He impatiently inserted the card into her down jacket pocket. "

Why did she want to bother him? Now they were not married. Even if they were lost again, the police will not contact him.

She was married without knowing it. Now she can get so much from divorce.

"Even if someone calls you to ask you to identify the corpse, you have to tell the other person that there was nothing to do with you Benjamin.

Having said that, Alice deliberately held her head, and she was so angry that she left proudly.

Benjamin stood in the spot and watched her back. He waited until she got out of the taxi before he took a step.

He thought she would go to work in the studio. Even if the marriage was divorced, the two could not separate totally. But she did not leave a note in his office for one year off, and also reminded him that please remember to be on time pay her alimony and a quarterly dividend from the studio.

Benjamin didn't know what to react. He was still thinking about how to find an excuse to leave for six months.

As for his father's case, he did not report the facts that he knew. But due to his good confession and he paid back all the money his father had embezzled, he was sentenced to six months.

Alice did not know this, and he did not want to let her know, adding her worries.

Alice did not go abroad blindly, but went to Queen District, where she had had lived for three years.

Five months later, Benjamin performed well. On the first day of his departure, he received a call from the hospital. "Hello, may I ask, is it Ms. Alice's husband?"

Benjamin took the mobile phone and couldn't answer this simple question for a while.

The other person seemed a little anxious, "Yes, this is the doctor in the obstetrics and gynecology department of a hospital. A few months ago, your wife, Ms. Alice, almost had a miscarriage. At that time, you left this number in your casebook because she had not come on time to check. I want to ask the mother ..."

The more Ben heard, the more he didn't understand. He finally figured out that although he signed the consent form for the operation that time, the child was kept.

"My wife hasn't been here for a while, so I didn't go to the hospital for regular inspections." Benjamin told the doctor who was very responsible on the mobile phone side.

The doctor reminded patiently, "I will go to other hospitals for examination, because your wife's constitution is really bad, and she still has so much blood ..."

At the end of the call, Benjamin stared blindly at the street where people came and went from the window. He seemed to be unable to find her in the vast crowd.

In his mind, at that time, when he thought she lost the child, she did not show extreme sadness. He thought she had matured and calmed a lot. It turned out that it was the child was kept.

Alice, since the child was still there, why did you leave?

When a person was particularly concerned about something, he will be very careful. In the eyes of Alice, Benjamin did not love this child, so in order to keep this child, she must ask the doctor in the operating room to do her best to keep your child.

The doctor told her the fetus and her physical condition were very seriously, but she was not afraid that and she must have this child. This may be the only thought she and Benjamin could not break.

She was really afraid that Benjamin would hurt the child, especially after he even thought that the disaster of his family was caused by her, she decided to leave.

In the delivery room of a hospital, Alice was experiencing the most real and happiest pain in her life. At two in the morning, Chuck sent her to the hospital. ,

Two weeks before the due date, she just returned to New York. It was Marco who heard about Benjamin from her rich boyfriend, and she knew nothing about the past five months.

Coincidentally, when she met Chuck who had just returned at the high-speed rail station, Alice heard about Benjamin from Chuck and she couldn't say a word for a while.

Alice hadn't had time to find a house to live in, because now she wasn't sure what Benjamin would think.

It may be that Chuck thought that she was alone, and he wasn't assure of her living in a hotel with a big belly. He left his business card at the reception desk, so if she went to the hospital when she felt a stomachache, the front desk staff could contact Chuck.

Chuck was anxious and nervous at the entrance of the delivery room. He was not young any longer, but it was his first time waiting for a new life to come.

There are several other family members waiting in the hospital. An aunt laughed and advised him, "Young man, it's OK. Don't be so nervous. When your wife and child come out safely, you must take good care of your wife. A woman who delivered a child is like going to the ghost gate ..."

Chuck just nodded with a smile, but he was thinking in his mind, should he call Benjamin?

He walked to the end of the corridor, stood by the window, dialed Benjamin's number.

At three o'clock in the morning, Benjamin suddenly woke up in his sleep. In his calculations, the due date should be two weeks later. It may be that he thought too much during the day, causing him to dream of Alice crying "Benjamin, my stomach hurts, it hurts. '

Right, she was so painful, just that stupid, when was she going to hide? Although he knew she had gone to Queen District by herself, it was too difficult to find her.

The phone was buzzing and shaking on the nightstand. Who will be this time?

Seeing the usual call, he could not help frowning. Why did this guy call him at this time? They had said that they would get together tomorrow, "What's the situation?"

After hearing Benjamin's voice, Chuck decided not to hesitate, "Come to the Women's and Children's Hospital, Alice has just entered the delivery room."

Benjamin's was instantly stunned, and just one second later, he had lifted the quilt and got out of bed. He ran out with his mobile phone. He didn't have time to change his shoes, and had no time to change his pajamas. He rushed to the hospital.

The road at this time was very smooth. On the way, his heart fluttered suddenly, feeling that a thousand words could not express his mood at this moment.

The dream just now was true.

Alice, who was being pampered from his childhood, was going to be a mother, and he was also a father.

When she came out of the delivery room, he must complain her of giving birth to a child and not telling him this.

When Benjamin rushed to the hospital, Alice was still in the delivery room. Chuck saw his pajamas, even slippers on his feet, and shook his head and sneered, "You are too nervous."

Benjamin stared helplessly at the closed door in front of him, "It is not your baby, of course you are not nervous."

Chuck smiled, "Are you sure it is yours?"

Benjamin shot him a glance.

Chuck raised his eyebrows and deliberately frowned, in fact, he just wanted to relieve the nerves that were too tight, "You knew it was your baby. You still scared her, and let her kill the child. Now, the child was born, you come to be a dad. Why don't you just wait until your child is eighteen to attend the adult ceremony? "

Benjamin gave Chuck a glance. He was too nervous now. Why didn't a doctor or nurse come out? So he could ask the situation inside.

In half an hour, Alice hadn't come out.

Benjamin casually caught a nurse and asked, "Why didn't his wife come out.

There were many mothers in it, and they are not in the same delivery room. She really don't know.

Benjamin had to wait, and finally heard a female voice, "Alice's family, is Alice's family here? Mother and child are safe."

At that moment, the heavy rock in his heart finally fell. Watching several medical staffs pushing Alice lying on the hospital bed out, thousands of words could not describe his mood at this moment.


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