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She only cared about thanking the police, so she ignored the gloomy and angry face of someone at this moment.

After leaving the police station, Alice, like a child who had run away from home doing something wrong, vowed to never see him again, but she was retrieved only after 24 hours. She could only follow him obediently, afraid of getting lose again.

The winter here was colder. Fortunately, she wore many clothes, and walked like a penguin. How can he wear so little, such a cold coat was still unbuttoned?

Alice trotted and caught up with him, stood in front of him and stopped his hasty steps. She looked up at him, his eyes fixating on her coldly.

Alice bit her lip, unwrapped her warm thick scarf around her neck, and then slightly twisted his coat around his neck twice, then tied it.

Benjamin just stared at her for a moment, without saying a word, thinking that he could go. Alice stopped him, "Wait."

She began to help him to fasten his coat, and buttoned all the buttons on his coat. She smiles satisfactorily for what she had done.

"Well, it's not cold now. No one here knew you. You don't have to look so handsome."

Benjamin still didn't speak. Just when a taxi came over, he beckoned, and the taxi stopped in front of them, Benjamin put her luggage in the trunk first, and pushed her in the car.

In the car, he spoke fluent English to the driver, and the driver returned to him, "ok."

Alice was guilty of embarrassment. After twenty-four hours, Alice forgot about the current situation between the two for a while.

When she heard him speak English, his voice was very good, and his expression was very charming, so she looked at Benjamin obsessively, "Benjamin, you are so good. Your English was great."

Benjamin, who had always been expressionless and unwavering, finally reacted, but he was disdainful, without any language.

In fact, Alice regretted coming to Britain. Even if she regretted that she did not study with him three years ago, she can't help but come here like a gimmick.

Even if she wanted to run away from home, even if she was hiding in the same city, she would not find him if he didn't want to find her.

He had a lot of things these days because of his parents' affairs. She had traveled to other country to make troubles, "I'm sorry ..."

Benjamin, as if he hadn't heard it, leaned halfway on the back of the car seat, closed his eyes. His eyebrows have been twisted ever since.

Alice looked at him with distress. Over the past seven days, he had lost a lot of weight, and his dark circles were also obvious. Instead of becoming the woman behind him who gave him energy, she caused him trouble.

She thought he would take her directly to the airport or to the hotel, but she didn't expect the taxi to stop in front of a beautiful garden villa.

He paid the fare, but he still had luggage, and Alice behind him asked curiously, "Is this where you live when you studies abroad?"

Benjamin took out a key and entered his fingerprint for opening the door, "Yes."

Alice was inexplicably astringent in her heart. If the incident three years ago didn't happen, she would also live here and stay with him.

The home in the villa was covered with dust cloth.

Benjamin put down her suitcase, made a phone call, and still spoke in English. Then he said to Alice, "I ordered the takeaway. After a while you open the door and get it."

He said this, Alice suddenly panicked, walked to him, two little hands pulled his sleeves, "Where are you going? If you go back, take me with you."

Benjamin lowered his eyes and looked at her without a wave. "I'll go to sleep, and leave at dawn."

He looked really tired. Alice's hand on his sleeve was loosened, and she nodded obediently.

Benjamin didn't say any more and went upstairs silently.

Alice looked around the villa. He just said that it was dawn and she just opened the dust cloth on the sofa.

When the delivery came, she went upstairs to find him. It turned out that there was a name on the door of each room. On this floor, there were Chuck and Jim. There was no name on the door of the other room. She didn't know if it was Benjamin.

She didn't know if it was because of curiosity. She went up to the third floor, and there were two rooms with names on the door, Janice and Molly.

She couldn't help laughing, what was she expecting when she came up just now? She wanted to find her name, but failed.

Finally, Benjamin was found in the unnamed room on the second floor. He may be really tired. He didn't take off his clothes and shoes. He was lying on the bed like that, with the bedding under his body and his arms around his chest.

Alice whispered to him, "Benjamin ..."

Sleeping in bed, he didn't respond. She didn't know if he was asleep, or he wanted to ignore her.

Alice had to walk over, "Eat something and sleep."

There was no response.

Alice leaned over and pushed his shoulder gently with his hand, "Benjamin ..."

Before the hand on her shoulder had time to retract, she was suddenly held by his big hand, scaring Alice's whole body, and she accidentally fell to the bed.

For a while, she was embarrassed, struggling to get up on his strong body, but was locked in his arms

"Benjamin, it's time to eat."

Benjamin did not let her go. His deep sigh spread over her head. She felt the obvious undulations in his chest. He suddenly said a low voice. "You know, when the police called me, what is he talking about?"

Alice shook her head in his arms in shame, "I don't know."

Benjamin relaxed his strength, "The police said, your wife is with us, please come and take it."

At that time, the police felt that a person who could not understand a sentence in English was alone and must have quarreled with her husband, so when they found her document material, they found that she was married and her husband was found. The first contact was Benjamin.

The police said that. In fact, they wanted to make a joke, but Benjamin didn't think so at that moment.

"I thought you were kidnapped." It was true. At that moment, there was a flash of such a picture in his mind. How anxious and worried he was at that moment, only he knew it.

He caressed her head with a big hand, and his voice was dull mixed with the sorrows that had accumulated in his heart for many years. "Alice, you never know how important you are to me."

Benjamin's words made Alice's eyes red for a moment. She raised her in his arms, chin on his chest, and apologized sadly to him, "Benjamin, I'm sorry."

Benjamin seemed to have seen a profound smile, "Does apology work?"

Alice's heart was stunned, as if he could also feel his hurt.

His big hand was soothing up and down and stroking her head.

He didn't eat the take-out. He said he was not hungry. Alice thought that he didn't want to see her, so she took the take-away to his bedroom. A full takeaway was left intact.

Alice sighed.

She was thinking about sleeping on the sofa tonight in the living room. But she felt a warm breath on her face during a light sleep, and was not irritable.

She slowly opened her eyes. In front of her eyes was his magnificent handsome face.

"Sleep in bed." He has already hugged her and walked upstairs.

Alice matched her hands around his neck, raising her eyes only to look at his perfect chin and sexy, she involuntarily called him, "Benjamin ..."

"Don't fool around in the future. In this world, you can't live someone just to live a better life. Likewise, you still can stay alive when you leave someone."

His words contained a double meaning. Alice's eyes were sore for a while, and the hands around his neck were tight. "What about you? Why did you come to me?"

"Take you back to divorce." He said decisively and could not hear any emotions in his heart.

She left the divorce agreement. When she heard his words, she was still stiff.

It was ridiculous. In the past, they were just best friends, but they often slept in the same bed for various reasons, but now they are about to divorce, they were still slept in the same bed.

But during that short marriage, they often had a bad temper and sleep in different rooms.

Late that night, he said, "Alice ..."


Benjamin asked, "Have you ever loved me?"

"..." When breaking up, shouldn't all such questions be asked by the woman to the man, Alice didn't know how to answer him, she still loved him, and the fact hadn't passed yet.

Benjamin thought, maybe from the beginning, she didn't love him, she stayed with was out of a kind of habitual dependence.

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