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"Benjamin, I have a bottom line in my heart."

Benjamin chuckled coldly, "Where is your bottom line? Why did you lie last night and who did you meet before you went to the mall?"

Alice understood that he did not doubt her, but determined that she did everything, which was ridiculous.

"Yes, I did it. My dad has committed suicide. Why is your dad still free? I just want your dad to end like my dad. I want your family ..."

A "snap", so harsh, echoed in a space that was suddenly suffocated and generally silent.

It was the sound of a slap in the face, it was him, but it wasn't Alice's face that he hit. He hit himself. He hated himself.

Alice didn't expect him to be like this. She looked at him with a constant expression, panicked, and opened her mouth to explain for herself, but she was suddenly scared when she watched his powerless gaze at this moment.

"Ben ..." She called him and wanted to pull his hand, but he refused.

He smiled sadly, "All you want is to divorce me. Alright."

Alice shook her head. What she wanted was never indispensable.

This day still came, but it was earlier than they expected.

Benjamin's father was reported of corruption and bribery and was sentenced to 20 years in prison. At his age, 20 years was half the rest of his life.

Benjamin's mother Joan's company was investigated and found that there was a good real estate that was promoted by George with his own rights. She was issued an investigation and fined more than one billion dollars. She also withdrew Joan's CEO and only retained ten percent stake.

These things were read by Alice in the news. For a week, Benjamin never returned. She wanted to say goodbye to him before she left.

He bowed his head, stretched her hands and caressed her lower abdomen comfortably. Maybe she could see him again.

As soon as Alice was going out with her luggage, Benjamin came back from the outside just as if it were the right time.

The two met, and both of them were stunned. He looked very tired and didn't have to think about it. He had not been easy in the past week. She had the same experience three years ago.

For a moment she thought she was very bad, even thinking of leaving him at this time.

Benjamin frowned, approached her with a look of indifference, took the luggage from her without saying a word, and threw her suitcase on the sofa.

The atmosphere was very depressing for a while, Alice had to sit on the sofa and wanted to talk to him when he calmed down, but he didn't give her that time.

He looked at her with hatred in his eyes.

Alice felt that her shoulders clamped by his big hands were almost broken, twisting her eyebrows, and whispering to him, "Benjamin, you hurt me."

Instead of getting his relaxation, he was exacerbated by his changes. He laughed angrily and sneered, "Alice, do you know how it hurts? When you put a knife in my heart, have you ever thought about it, I will also hurt? "

Alice looked at him. The look in his eyes was not hate, sorrow, or pain. She didn't know why he suddenly brought up the matter. For them, some things were scars of a lifetime and they could only pretend to ignore them. Once touched, it is painless.

Stubborn as she was, she revisited the past, she took a hard turn, and she smiled coldly, "Yeah, I wanted to leave at that time, and I was not allowed, so I stabbed you. I was free for three years, now your parents finally get retribution, I want to go, and you still didn't allow me. Should I stab you again, so as to give myself a freedom? "

She really didn't care.

Benjamin glared angrily at her, "Is it all your carefully designed revenge? Isn't your Alice never sincere to me?"

Retribution? She felt that his parents' situation today was retribution. She had forgotten her father's death three years ago had some relationship with her mother.

Suddenly, Alice couldn't understand him, what he heard in the past week, and the least trust in her was gone.

She laughed helplessly, "If you think so, then it is."

Her explanation is tacit, "Alice, I can pamper you for more than 20 years. Similarly, I can make your life worse than death."

"Then I choose the latter." If there was no choice.

He fought against her and wanted to invade her body, and she desperately resisted, because now she can't.

Benjamin was so tired of her resistance, his clenched fist thundered and fell on the arm of the sofa behind Alice ears, and hoarsely snarled, "What are you resisting for?"

At this time, she couldn't tell him the truth. She bit her lips and found an excuse to stop him. "I'm in the period."

He stared at her with a pair of bottomless eyes for a long time. He knew that she was lying, but he couldn't convince his hurt heart.

He smiled sadly, got up, and left.

As he approached the bedroom door, he left a sentence, "Alice, don't leave, stay here. I want you to see my wedding with another woman."

Wedding with another woman? Who is it? Is Dr. Ran's favorite Penny? If so, she confessed.

He didn't come out during lunch time. Alice was worried about him. When he came back in the morning, he didn't look well, and he was angry with her.

Fortunately, the door of his room was unlocked. She opened the door, walked lightly, and watched him lying on the bed, wearing a white bathrobe.

Alice saw that he was asleep, so she didn't wake him up for dinner. She helped him cover the quilt, and didn't leave in a hurry. She sat on the long-haired rug beside the bed. Her chin resting on the edge of the bed, and stretched out her hand to smooth his deep-fried eyes.

He said he was going to get married. But they haven't divorced yet. Isn't she still his wife now?

Why did he suddenly want to marry another person? Just to anger her?

"Benjamin, do we really fail to be lovers?" Janice said before that it was because she was not working hard enough, but gradually, she found that it was not because of not working but because of her powerlessness.

When Alice got up and left, Benjamin, who was lying on the bed, opened his sleepless eyes, staring deeply at her thin back. Many words were spoken in his heart.

In the afternoon, when Molly appeared in front of Alice, Alice seemed to understand what Benjamin said in the morning.

Sure enough, that night, Molly stayed in her own villa, and Alice went to Benjamin in the study to talk.

A word from Benjamin made her speechless, "I said it, I do what you want me to do. A long time ago, didn't you just hope that I was with Molly? "

Alice was not stupid, knowing that there is a reason for all this, but he did not say, and she did not ask. The focus of her concern was, "Is there no alternative?"

Benjamin responded, "No."

The next day, after Benjamin worked from the study to dawn, Alice was not found at home. Molly handed him a document. It was a divorce agreement left by Alice.

The whole villa was almost spotlessly cleaned, leaving almost no presence of her.

Benjamin frowned. "Why are you still here?" He remembered reminding her last night and letting her get away quickly.

Molly smiled, "It was Alice who made me stay, and said that I would stay here to take care of you in the future."

The truth in Molly's words was only known by Alice, but Alice left.

Alice thought that this could be over, so when she was alone in a foreign country, she realized that she was too impulsive, as she had never passed the fourth level of English, because she didn't know any English. She went to the UK where she craved for more than three years ago.

She didn't know the street sign, and lost her way two hours after she left the airport. She couldn't pronounce it well and couldn't speak English. And no one could understand what she wanted to say.

Because she was afraid that she lost her luggage the first day she left home, as she has seen in the idol drama, so she paid special attention to her wallet and passport.

God bless her and let her find the police station before dark. After that, the police asked her what she didn't understand, and gave the police the things that could prove her identity.

Later, the police smiled at her and nodded. Although Alice still didn't understand what would happen next, she probably knew in her heart that she might be saved.

So, after Alice held her luggage tightly and waited for twelve hours on the resting sofa chair of the police station, a familiar voice spoke fluent English came into her ears.

Looking at his familiar back, her eyes were wet all of a sudden, and she wanted to run over and hug him from behind, desperately saying nothing, just holding him hard.

The policeman looked in the direction of Alice, Benjamin turned around, a pair of deep bottomless eyes, and they were separated by a few meters, and four eyes met.

Alice knew that she was wrong, and he approached her expressionlessly. When he was next to her, he pulled up the suitcase and a large backpack beside her and said deeply, "Let's go."

Alice looked at the policeman, and the policeman smiled kindly, knowing that she couldn't understand him anyway, so she didn't talk much.

Alice was still grateful to smile at the police officers. "Thank you, bye"


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