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"Alice, don't cross the line. Your dad's death had nothing to do with us, that's because your mother ..."

"That's enough, it's all over. If you come to me just to let me leave your son, then you should find your son first."

She got up and said politely, "I'm leaving now."

Alice didn't go back immediately. She went to the mall by herself. Whether she was a child or a grown up woman or after she was married, she didn't take good care of him once.

He treated her well, and she can't forget it all her life. When she knew she was pregnant, she thought they would finally be together for a lifetime, but ... there was a difference between imagination and reality.

When facing him now, she felt guilty, fearing that her concealment would be seen by him, and she had no choice but to leave.

Before leaving, she also wanted to be a good wife.

She helped him to buy clothes, shoes, ties, and walked through the men 's underwear and panties counter. She hesitated, and finally got courage, and went in with some blush.

Benjamin at home stared at the constant swiping of the messages coming to his mobile phone. She was going to burst his card tonight. Just let her do so.

When Alice came out of the supermarket, she found it difficult to get her back with these things.

Sitting next to a pile of things, she took out his cell phone and called him.

Benjamin answered the phone and said, "What? The card burst." In fact, he knew it was not.

Alice directly stated her purpose of calling, "I'm at the entrance of Central Building, and you come to pick me up."

Benjamin looked up at the wall clock, "No, I'm already asleep."

"Benjamin ..." Before she continued, the line cut off at the back. This bad guy.

He won't come. And she'll just sit here and wait, if she didn't go back an hour later, see if he came to pick her up.

A seductive scent followed the cool breeze, and she hadn't eaten yet. Looking at the food street far from herself, she bit her lips and drooling.

But it's too much trouble to carry these big sacks in the past, and she can't eat them. What should if she left these things here?

Just wait for Ben.

For half an hour, on this cold winter night, she was like a fool, wrapped in a coat bought for him, only showing her two eyes and looking left and right.

This guy won't really be asleep. Won't he come over?

Alice was hesitant to take a taxi directly to go back, she was really afraid of freezing herself.

"Can you exaggerate a little bit more?" A thick, familiar voice passed from overhead to Alice's ear, and she smiled instantly.

Looking up, smiling at him, she knew he was coming.

With the colorful lights shining, the smile on her face was particularly good-looking. She came out to eat the wrong thing, and smiled at him so well.

"Get in the car quickly." Silly or not, she's sitting here waiting on such a cold day. Can't she find a shop and wait for him to come?

Alice stood up, her two feet were numb and couldn't walk, and put his coat on her body. "I bought it for you. It's warm, isn't it?"

Benjamin stared at her for a while. For the first time in many years, it was for him. He had bought her clothes many times, and even the innermost.

Without talking, she wrapped his warm coat back on her, "You get in the car first."

Alice pouted her mouth, looked at him coquettishly, "My feet are numb."

Benjamin frowned, knowing what she wanted to express. He bent down to hug her and went towards the parking direction.

Alice was rumbling in his arms, "Hey, those things are ours, and no one is allowed to touch them."

Benjamin was speechless, and quickly hurried the shameful guy into the car. He went back to pick up things again, and God knew what's wrong with her. She suddenly bought so many things.

As soon as Benjamin got into the car, before the seat belt was fastened, she quickly dragged her sleeves coquettishly. Without looking at her, he could imagine that she was staring at him at the moment and wanted him to promise her something..

"What's wrong?" Benjamin buckled up his seat belt and was about to start the car.

Alice quickly snapped the seat belt and opened it again, requested, "I want to eat roasted sweet potatoes."

The request was too weak. It's more than ten o'clock in the evening. What to eat sweet potato, "No."

It's impossible to eat baked sweet potatoes. The next step was to make her as pitiful as possible. "I haven't eaten dinner. Those things were bought for you. I bought you so many things. Please buy me something. Can't a roasted sweet potato work? Benjamin, you can't be so impersonal as a human being, anyway. I ..."

Benjamin had gotten off the car, and he can recite her words when she was coquettish. When she wanted to get something before, it was always this harmless look.

It was Benjamin who entangled herself so that he could not refuse all her requests, whether rational or unreasonable.

Alice, who was sitting in the car, watched his back as he walked towards the food street. Her heart was warm, her hands involuntarily placed on her lower abdomen, and the corners of her mouth slightly tilted.

He still can't stand her stubbornness till now. He was like this when he was a kid. No matter how cold he insisted on the process, he would still compromise with her coquettish formula without a bottom line.

She saw that he bought it and walked back. The roasted sweet potatoes should be quite hot, but instead of holding the bag, he was holding them in his hands, probably because he was afraid of getting cold.

He was so warm, but when he got on the car, he threw the roasted sweet potatoes on her lap with no expression.

Alice didn't care about his disapproval. Even if he disapproved her again, he would still be the best man in the world for her.

The compartment was full of the smell of roasted sweet potatoes. He looked ahead and drove carefully. She ate deliciously and did not forget to comment, "Well, it's delicious, Benjamin, do you remember when we did not finish homework in the winter vacation, and we ran out of the class after school, and we sat on the street eating roasted sweet potatoes like a fool. "

Benjamin politely modified her erroneous memories, "It's because you haven't finished your homework, and you have to eat roasted sweet potatoes and squatted on the street."

Now thinking about it, because of her, how many unreliable things he did, too.

Alice disagreed, "Which one of my homework was not done by you, so it is your problem not to finish my homework."

Can she be ridiculous again?

Alice reached for his mouth with a baked sweet potato, "I'll give you a bite. It's delicious."

Benjamin didn't open his mouth, and Alice had put sweet potatoes on his lips. "Take a bite. It's really delicious."

Benjamin took her hand away. "I hate that drool."

Alice grimaced at him, "Well, when you kissed me, why didn't you hate my drool?"

Uh ... can this be compared?

When she got home, she got out of the car by herself and didn't plan to take those things that she bought back. Benjamin didn't expect her to take them either. It was all a habit.

After entering the house, Alice stood on the sofa and poured out everything bought in the bag. "Look, this is the sweater I bought for you, this is your tie. This is the most popular style today . "

Benjamin stared at the flickering panties in her hands, and he really had the urge to put the thing directly on her head and cover her face.

After all the things were displayed, Benjamin found out that these things belonged to him alone, and could not help but have a bad hunch. She was abnormal today.

Benjamin vacated a corner of the sofa and seriously asked Alice, who was helping his new shirt with a tie, "Why do you have to divorce?"

Some time ago, she cried and said, in this world. She was the only one, and she only wanted a simple and warm home, and the male master of that home was him.

Was it because of an abortion?

Alice's hand shook a bit. She thought about going to see Joan tonight, and she gave a random reason. "I'm afraid your dad will be reported one day, and then I will have nothing, and where can I go then?"

Benjamin looked at her and didn't speak. The excuse was simply a lie.

Alice went on to say, "I have had enough hardships, so you give me money and I will leave."

"What if I don't let you go?" Benjamin's low voice was already mixed with anger.

"I have long legs and I want to go. You can't stop it."

Benjamin sighed. She was so blocked in her heart that she didn't continue to discuss the topic with her. She got up and said, "Go to bed early, I'll clean up here tomorrow."

The next day, Benjamin got up and found out that the mess last night in the living room was gone. It was almost neat and spotless. In the kitchen, Alice was surrounded by an apron and was busy making breakfast.

As soon as he was about to enter the kitchen, his cell phone rang in the bedroom, so he had to answer the phone first.

At the beginning of the call, Benjamin's hand holding the mobile phone became tighter and tighter, and the call was soon ended.

He walked out of the bedroom with his mobile phone. Alice came out of the kitchen with two Western breakfasts. When she saw Benjamin coming over, she smiled at him and said, "My love, breakfast is ready."

It was indeed a love breakfast. The fried eggs are heart-shaped.

It was only that Benjamin was not touched by her at all. It turned out that everything was in her plan, including suddenly being kind to him.

"Why are you doing this?"

Alice thought he was asking for breakfast, "Of course to make you happy, I got up at five o'clock. Didn't you find that the house became super clean?"

She wanted to get his praise and approval, although she also thought it was very naive. Every woman in that family was well-organized three meals a day.

Benjamin suddenly yelled at her, "I asked you about my dad."

"Your dad ..." What happened? Alice thought about it for a while, "It looks like something is wrong with your dad."

Her light tone angered Ben. It was apparently she did it secretly, but she could behave so easily.

"Alice, I really underestimated you. This is why you are in a hurry to divorce me. You really have taken great pains."

What did he mean? He suspected it was she who reported her dad.

"Benjamin, I have a bottom line in my heart."


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