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Before Charlie has time to answer, his cell phone rings.

He glances at the number on the screen, his expression hesitates, but he presses to answer it.


"I want to see you."



Perhaps a very important person, he does not refuse, "Okay, I'll be there later."

Hanging up the phone, without waiting for him to speak, Karin says kindly, "You should handle your business first. I'll just find a hotel tonight."

He turns the car in a direction, "It's me who delays your time to back to school, how can I leave you alone in the hotel."

"Where are you taking me?"

"You will know when you arrive."

Karin doesn't ask who he talked with just now, because she knows she shouldn't. ask this question.

More than ten minutes later, the car stops in front of a villa. While Charlie rings the bell, she carefully looks around.

A moment later, the door opens, and a beautiful woman in her thirties, comes out. She yawns lazily, and says, "Well, Charlie, what time is it now? You don't need to care about me."

Charlie smiles, "Don't make mistakes." He turns around, "I have a friend here, please help me take care of her tonight."

The beautiful woman realizes that there is a girl standing behind him. Her head lowers slightly, and she seems a little shy.

"Oh my god, Charlie. Did I mistake your words? You bring girl to my house and let me take care of her?"

"I have something else to do."

"Who is she then?"

"A friend."

"Just a friend?"

"So, will you?"

Karin is extremely embarrassed. Fortunately, it is late at night, any expression on her is hard to detect.

"This is my second eldest sister, Lily." Charlie introduces in time.

She looks up in surprise, and she bows her head, "Hello, nice to meet you."

"I'm glad to see you too." Lily looks at her vaguely, "Come in quickly."

As soon as he is about to step forward, Charlie grabs her and says, "I'm sorry, I have something else to do temporary. My second elder sister is very nice, just tell her what you need."

"Well, it's okay. You handle your things first. I'm fine."

"I will let Robert come over to take you to school tomorrow morning."

"No need to bother him, I can take a ride by myself."

Lily sees the two mumble, and teases, "Is it so difficult to separate you two?" She takes a step forward and takes Karin's hand, "Well, come with me.? . "

"Then I have to go first."

"OK, bye."

As soon as Charlie leaves, she is hurriedly pulled into the living room by Lily, and Lily then asks urgently, "Miss Karin, could you tell me, what is your relationship with my brother?"

Karin sighs, why is everyone so curious about her relationship with Charlie? Shouldn't a man and a woman be purely friends?

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