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Fortunately, the waiter starts serving, and the atmosphere immediately returns to normal.

"I'm going to the bathroom."

Charlie stands up, and as soon as his back disappears, the three men gather around.

"Miss Karin, could you tell us what's your relationship with Charlie?"

"Where do you come from? How old are you?"

"Here is my business card. If you have any difficulties, look for me instead of the police."

Karin grins, "You three ask together, who should I answer first?"

They look at each other, and one of them says, "What's your relationship with Charlie first?"

"We are just friends."

In order to prevent them from having the same doubts as the housekeeper of Charlie family, she adds in real time, "It's just a normal friendship."


For a while, Charlie has returns, "What did you say?"

"Nothing..." The three of them will each take their place, and the dinner officially begins.

After eating a meal, it is already more than nine o'clock in the evening. Karin thinks she is going back, but she doesn't know who suggests first, "It's still early, let's go to the nightclub."

"Okay, that's a good idea."

She quickly turns her eyes to Charlie, but apparently, he doesn't mean to object.

In this way, Karin reluctantly follows them to the nearby night club and gets out of the car.

She suddenly misses home. She hasn't been home for a year and a half. In order to save money, she only calls her parents once a month or two.

In the large box, she sits quietly in the corner. Charlie's three friends are very active, singing one song after another.

"A glass of juice."

Charlie takes a glass of mango juice and sits beside her. She says thank you

"Do you want to sing?"

"No." She smiles. "I'm better at listening to others singing."

"A few of them are usually busy, and when when they have time, they will not rest if they are not exhausted."

"Then when can we go?"

She is anxious because the school has new rules and she has to return to school at twelve in the evening, otherwise the school door would be closed.

"What? Do you have something urgent?"

"No, it's just that I have to go back to school before twelve, otherwise I won't be able to get in."

"New rules?"


Charlie takes out his mobile phone, "It's okay, I'll make a call and cancel this rule."

"No!" Karin quickly stops, "I can't break the rules of the school only because of me."

"You are adults. You don't need to be so constrained."

"I want to graduate without any troubles. Don't let me be a sinner in school."

He chuckles, "If these guys can't enjoy themselves, we can't go."

Looking at the time, "It's only eleven o'clock. It you do can't go in. I won't let you sleep on the road."

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