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She is in a maze for a moment, and recalls her thoughts.

"What did you just say? Have you on a business trip?" Karin asks inquiringly.

Charlie nods, "Yes, I have gone to France and came back yesterday."


She is happy secretly. It turns out that he is not drawing a line with her, but is on a business trip...

The car stops in front of a magnificent hotel, and she follows him into it. The doormen on both sides bow together and say, "Welcome."

The lobby manager is an Englishman and he comes forward and says in English, "Charlie, your friends are here."

Charlie nods, "Well, I see."

Karin is slightly surprised. She stops abruptly, "Aren't we two eating?"

"And some of my best friends."

"Then I don't want to go..." She feels a little embarrassed. How does he treat her if he takes her to eat with his friends?

"Don't worry. They are all British and they get along easily."


"But it's already here. Do you want them to be stood up?" Charlie jokingly answers.

After a short struggle, she lowers her head and says, "... All right."

Take a deep breath and follow him into the private room.

"Charlie, you always keep us waiting. let us!"

In the private room, there are three young men. And their behaviors and dresses tell that their family is superior.

"Well, thing are strange today, and someone brings his girlfriend over."

"Yeah, and the girl is so pretty."

Karin's ears are hot, but she still keeps a polite smile.

"Haven't you ever seen a woman?"

Charlie stares, several people quickly shut up, he introduces, "This is Miss Karin, an international student at the University of Zurich."

Then, he introduces his three friends one after another, and they are all from a wealthy family.

Karin thinks to herself, if she did not happen meet Charlie, perhaps in her life, she would not have any contact with these people.

"Miss Karin, I also graduated from the University of Zurich. We are still alumni. What major do you study?"

The man closest to her asks with a smile, and she whispers, "Economics."

"Economics is good, especially for girls. In the future, you can keep your husband's money tight."

Karin is speechless. She doesn't study economics to manage men' s money.

"Can't you talk seriously?" Charlie knocks on the table and turns his voice down. "They are like this. Don't take it seriously."

"It does not matter. I do not mind."

She bites her lips, two beautiful dimples bloom on her cheeks like flowers, and the three men on the opposite side blink like getting an electric shock.

Charlie watches this scene quietly and understands the misbehavior of the three friends, because he has also lost in it.

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