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"Selina, how can you be so sure that he won't refuse me?" Compared with the determination of friends, Vivian was not sure.

"Because he feels sorry for you. Anyway, if you listen to me, he will agree." Of course, Vivian couldn't say she knew it.

She looked at Vivian's hesitant expression.

"You don't know that how hard it is to interview William successfully in our magazine office. They want to take his interview without success. Now this arduous task falls on your best friend. Do you want me to be fired from work?"

Vivian looked at her exaggerated expression. If she didn't hold the cup in her hand, she would applaud her performance. "Selina, didn't you say they feel proud if you go to work at their magazine?"

"Ah, that's true." Selina turned away from her eyes and said, "You know that I like helping others, so I took this task without hesitation."

"Oh." Vivian nodded to show that she knew.

Selina looked at Vivian as if she was saying, "Great, keep it up." And then there was no following.

She thought that she should use her 'unique skill', "To tell you the truth, as long as William received this interview and the bonus is 100,000 this month, we will..."

"The bonus is four to six. I agreed." Vivian smilingly continued Selina's unfinished words and softly added, "I get six, and you get four."

Selina choked and asked helplessly, "Vivi, is it really good?"

"Very good." As soon as she heard that she could earn money, Vivian immediately turned into a monster of earning money. Because of Roe's health problem, this had become her habit.

"Well, well, it's a matter of killing two birds with one stone." Selina waved her hands and told herself in her heart that money was the son of a bitch. Money was the most evil thing.

To see money as dirt, to...

No, she couldn't make it up anymore.

"Well, plan sets." Vivian agreed happily.

Naturally, she was happy. She didn't expect to get so many bonuses for interviewing William. She would go to the magazine to work too if she knew that. And the working time is flexible.

"Selina, is your department still short of hands?"

Selina knew what she was thinking in her mind. "No, it's not easy to work there. Actually, you are lucky."

If William didn't permit, it would be impossible for her to work in the office. This silly girl should have known it.

Vivian didn't think so much. She asked for the second place. "Who will be interviewed next time? I can help you."

Selina thought and said, "There are several, but William is the most expensive one, which has been taken by you. The rest will be notified next month, and of course, you can volunteer."

Vivian was eager to try and said, "Next time you have some problems, you can find me."

Selina didn't want to talk to her who fell into the hole of money. Since the interviewers were difficult to conquer, they must have a strange temper, or they just didn't like being interviewed. It was not so easy to persuade them.

"Well, I have to go. I haven't returned to clock on yet."

"You can go back. I'll pick up Roe today. Just give me the pick-up card." She hadn't seen her 'bun' for days.

Selina took a card out of her bag and said, "Well, here you are."

Vivian reached for it and put it in her pocket to avoid forgetting.

"I'll go first." Selina put on her limited edition red shoes, and had a heartache. She didn't know if it would break as she soaked it in water at noon. She shouldn't have played with Vivi at that time.

This pair of shoes cost tens of thousands.

"Well, drive slower on the road."

Selina waved to show that she knew.

Vivian washed the two cups, wiped them, and put them back. Next time, she wouldn't take them out to casually.

At 4:20, Vivian went out to pick up Roe with the key.

Kindergarten classes would be over early. Teachers had brought a group of children out on time at 4:30.

She could see Roe at a glance from afar, but he didn't seem to be very happy. His two little eyebrows were still wrinkled together.

Vivian first gave the card to the teacher.

After the teacher confirmed, he called out to the guardrail, "Roe, your mother has come to pick you up."

Vivian clearly saw that Roe was very happy when he heard that it was her to pick him up. He walked out happily.

At that moment, Vivian felt sad. Was Roe unhappy because she hadn't seen her for several days?

Roe pulled Vivian's sleeve and said, "Mom, you've come."

"Well. I'm so busy these days that I ignore you." Vivian touched his lovely little head.

"I know. Auntie have said that. Do you need to work today?" Roe was not happy for several days. Now that she was here, he became happy immediately.

"Well, mom isn't busy today. Shall we go to have your favorite beef noodle?" Vivian couldn't tell how she felt in her heart, she just wanted to stay with Roe all the time and never go anywhere.

It was just that sometimes the reality was cruel. She still had to work hard to support her child.

"Good." Roe nodded happily. As long as he was with her mother, he didn't care about what he ate.

Vivian held Roe's small hand, and when she talked to him, the heaviness in her eyes had been replaced by relaxation. "Let's go and eat beef noodles together."

They ordered a large beef noodles, Roe could not eat too much, and Vivian asked the boss to give her a small bowl.

The owner of the beef restaurant was a man almost 50. He touched his little head and said, "Roe has grown a lot."

"Yes, he has grown a lot." Roe was just the time of growing. He needed nutrition.

Vivian took a few pieces of beef in his bowl and said, "Roe, you can't be picky."

Although Roe liked beef noodles, he was not very interested in beef.

However, Roe still ate them.

"Vivi, you are still so strong."

He knew Vivian and Selina for a long time. The teenage girl became a mother in a flash. He still hadn't heard the man's name from her, even if he asked, she only answered in silence.

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