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Selina was playing with Vivian. They were tired and went back to take a bath.

They threw aside their clothes, and was holding a cup of hot coffee, feeling the quiet afternoon time.

If Selina did not speak, Vivian would feel better.

"Tell me, who bullied you again."

"No one." Vivian's eyes flickered and she pretended to be silly.

Selina stretched out her slender and white hand and put it in front of her to enjoy it. She said in a low voice, "Vivi, what do you think of my nails today?"

Vivian took a look at her nails and swallowed her saliva and replied, "Well It's shiny..."

In particular, the little broken diamond could give out dazzling light in the absence of sunlight.

"I'm quite satisfied, but it would be a pity if it breaks later." Selina said with an exaggerated sigh.

Vivian immediately understood the meaning of her friend's words, and sighed, "Selina, can't you pretend that you don't know it?"

"No, if I don't ask again, I won't be surprised if I find you in a mental hospital one day."

Vivian managed to stay calm, "I was looking for myself in the nature."

"Vivi, when did you learn to lie through your teeth?" Looking for herself in the nature, Why not taking off the clothes, and being primitive?

"It's not as exaggerated as you said, that is, Vanessa came to talk to me." Vivian was little bit vague.

Selina's teeth were clenched, "Why don't you say that Vanessa is looking for you to drink coffee, and she is going to take you to Tokyo to see the snow and the moon, from poetry and Ode to Philosophy of life?"

"Ha-ha, this is OK. I'm losing." Vivian thought it was very funny.

"..." Selina couldn't describe her mood at the moment. Vivian was not normal at all.

"Vivi, why don't we go to the hospital later?"

"What are you doing there? Do your relatives in hospital?" Vivian continued.

Selina looked at the abnormal Vivian and was worried, "Are you ok?"

"I'm ok, I have no fever, I'm not sick, my injury is better. I can go to work tomorrow." Except for the invisible injuries, she was really good.

Selina leaned side by side on the sofa with Vivian and looked ahead. "You're going to work."

"Yes, it's not good to ask for leave again." It was easier to think nonsense when you were alone.

After a quiet moment, Selina asked again, "Don't you really want to tell me what Vanessa have said to you?"

"It's just that." Vivian sipped her coffee and said lazily.

"That's right." Selina also took a sip and added, "Did she give you a check?"

Vivian said honestly, "Yes, but only 500,000 yuan on it."

"It seems that William is not so valuable." said Selina.

"Yes." Vivian nodded and agreed.

It was easy for William to promise her five million yuan.

There was another silence, then they spoke with one voice, "Vulgar."

They looked at each other and understood each other. They couldn't help but look at each other and smile.

Selina said bitterly, "Well, I want to have a baby girl, it's too late to have a baby girl."

"If Roe likes it, why don't you wait for ten years? Love can never be stopped by age." Vivian patted her on the shoulder sympathetically. After all, it was really intolerable for a 28-year-old "leftover girl" to talk about this.

She wanted to laugh.

"Vivi, come on." said Selina, gnashing his teeth.

"Ha-ha, I didn't really want to laugh, you made me laugh, and I remember our last bet. You lost." Vivian's hands began to shake and she almost spilled her coffee.

Selina said cheerfully, "well, the bet is not over yet, and you didn't say what you want at that time, so the bet was not established."

"I'm 25 years old, and I've already started to preserve my health in advance. Chinese wolfberries, red dates and longans, please bring them to me." Vivian said and beat her chest and coughed twice.

Selina couldn't calm down at all. "Vivian, you dare to make fun of my pure sentiment."

"I'm just joking. Don't be angry. That cup is very expensive." Vivian jumped up from the sofa and hid away, her hostage was in her hand.

"Isn't this the school day prize you have kept for many years? I remember it is precious." Selina looked at Vivian's sad face and stroked the cup slowly. She was like treating her beloved lover.

How shameless it was.

"Selina, can you put down the cup first?" Vivian was really distressed. The cup was precious to her.

Selina grinned, "It's OK to put it down, but you should help me persuade William to accept my interview tomorrow."

"What? Do you want to interview William?" Vivian couldn't understand why she wanted to interview William. What's the reason for her to interview him?

"Do you think I want to interview that big iceberg? Now I'm not in this business. I'm not willing to do this. But I still have to do that."

"You're talking nonsense. Can you give me a point?" Asked Vivian.

Selina nodded, "Well, to be brief, that is, the cover of the magazine this month is William."

"Why him?" Vivian still didn't understand.

Selina shrugged and said, "I don't know what the editor wants, I think William is the only young and promising man in the city with a successful career and excellent appearance."

"Then why don't you just tell William?" Instead, she told her.

"I asked, and he refused."

Selina's straightforward answer made Vivian don't know how to answer for a while. She paused and said, "He refused you, what if he refuses me?"

Selina said with a meaningful smile, "Don't worry, he won't refuse you."

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