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Rex's fever come in a sudden, yet gone in a sudden, he is back to normal on the next day.

The first thing that he does after healing, is to cash out the divorce's property, and then contact the non-profit organization to donate part of the property after it is divided.

He deliberately publishes the news, and soon it appeared on a social media, which dramatically change Lily's image and becomes popular just in a second.

This is what the netizen so-call 'washing'. Although she has nothing to wash, she has to say that she has received a lot of compliment.

No matter what, people resonate with the good side of human nature.

After the incident, Lily goes to work to Han Yu as usual. The two of them involve in the same business and experience a lot of things. The suspicions gradually disappeared around her, which makes Lily feels much better.

As the matter of work, if she has any question of the work, she asks Rex and the latter is happy to teach her, but always with some conditions.

For instance, tonight for the first time, Lily is solely responsible for a case. It is inevitable to be cautious and careful. There is a hard place to deal with, which makes her goes to the study room to ask him.

He is on a video conference. After waiting for ten minutes, he finally hangs up.

The man takes over her file and briefs through, then says in a faint tone, "I've taught you before about this situation, you still don't understand?"

Lily is a bit embarrasses. "... They are not in the same situation, aren't they?"

"What's the difference?"

Lily makes an ambiguous statement, not answering.

He waves, "Come here."

Lily who has an experience, stands still, "Just tell me."

Rex squints, "Is that your study attitude?"

"You understand it so just explain it to me. Why do I have to beg you every time......"Lily grumbles in dissatisfaction, a little unbalance in her heart.

Rex laughs, "You've asked the same question for more than once. It's your fault, who to blame?"

Seeing her silence, he doesn't force her either. He marks the files with references and hands it to her, "Read it by you."

Lily takes it and this time, she feels more comfortable. She always feels that he had a bad temper, but now, she is kind of used to it......

There is everything in the study room. Lily is easy to find and it's convenient to deal with it in the moment.

By sitting on the sofa, she looks at the figure of the handsome man, his nose is sharp, his eyes are deep, and the entire complexion is three dimensional. Just by looking at his appearance, he is qualified to be an actor, especially with his charming eyebrow.

Lily is a little obsessed with it and doesn't even notice how long she has been staring, until the man behind the desk turns to look at her, "Your man is really handsome, isn't it?"

Lily is almost choked on her saliva and hurriedly looks away. When she has just wanted to slip away, she is blocked in the door, "I'm talking to you. Didn't you hear it?"

He always raises his eyebrows whenever he questions her, like a bad boy. Lily's heart thumps, she then clears her throat, her face is a little hot and refute like a dead duck mouth, "I'm not looking at you."

"Is there any other people in this room?" The man steps forward to get closer to her, there is a refreshing smell on his body, which mixed with the unique hormonal atmosphere that is lingering around her, "It's late, are you done?"

This sentence, Lily has heard it countless times, how can she doesn't know what he meant, she then waves her hand immediately, "There is still one to be done...Ah!"

Before she even finished, she is hugged by him, not like a princess, but with her arms wraps around her hips, she is hugged vertically.

Lily is lifted easily and the petite figure looks at the man in her widen eyes, "What are you doing!"

The man looks up at him, wondering is it because of the light above her that makes her eyes glow in sparkle, "What do you think I'm 'doing', huh

He deliberately stresses the word hard, trying to hint Lily about it.

The woman's white and tender face turns red instantly and murmurs a few words, "It is still too early..."

"Leaving after asking a question, isn't it too ruthless?" Rex teases her, glimpsing that even her ears are dyed in bright red, he then couldn't help but hook his lips, "How can you still shy after being together for so long?"

With his words, Lily is even more embarrasses and reaches out for his shoulder, "Let me go!"

Not only did Rex not let her go, but he directly walks out the study room with her in his arms. He always exercises every day that trained his physical strength. He hugs her from the third floor to the bedroom on the second floor, as if only hugging a pillow, he doesn't even panting.

The bedroom door opens and several lamps on the wall are turn on. Under the dim light, Lily is placed on the soft big matrass.

The man's body leans down, buries his neck under her delicate neck and kisses deeply, flickering all of her sense.

Lily couldn't bear it. With a small moan, the man completely leans against her body without her awareness, which make her hums with a nasal voice, "You're so heavy..."

When Rex hears it, he slightly props up his body. He has been busy with too many things these days, which make him has a less chance to concentrate on things like this. He has been restrained for a while and finally unable to restrain anymore.

He likes the most when she turns into water under him, it is unbelievable soft, beautiful and touching, her pure and beautiful, can only be appreciated by him.

Rex foreplays his feet, patiently induced his little woman, "Baby, you're so beautiful."

His deep yet dumb voice passes into her ears, tapping into her eardrums, "Easy..."


The night is dark outside the window, even the wind is quiet. Inside the house, they are making love and sink to the fullest. It is the home of mind and body.


With these 'encounters', Lily learns well. If it wasn't that necessary, she will not look for him anymore, otherwise, she will be greeted by a long 'torture' again.

Few days later, Tim's appeal is dismissed by the court, upholding the original verdict. All of Lily plan is preceded as scheduled. About half of her donation, she decides to donate it to an orphanage and wants to go by herself.

At first, Rex plans to go with her, but he has a business trip to the other city for two days, which make him no choice.

Before he goes, he has arranges everything, the team, suppliers and also some donation affairs, he is afraid that she could not handle it.

On Saturday morning, Lily follows the team to the orphanage. It is located in an old town of the city. The surrounding building is very shabby. The outside of the orphanage looks relatively new, however the facilities and environment inside are not adequate.

Lily coordinates everything with the team. She doesn't want any occasion or photo session. Thus, she simply sent the things over and observes the situation.

About photography or ceremonies, which can make people feels more inferior, she doesn't need them.

"Aunties, are you the new teacher, your hair is so beautiful!" Suddenly , her legs is embraced by a pair of small hand and a soft voice came.

Lily looks down and finds that the hanger is only four or five years old, which is only her thigh tall. She smiles and crouches down to balance their height, then touches the little girl because of malnutrition sparse hair, "Wait till you grow up, your hair will be like mine."

"Really?" The little girl winder her eyes, asks innocently.

Lily nods, "Yes, it must be. As long as you eat and sleep well."

"That's great!" The little girl claps her hand, very excited and turns her head to see her little friend then runs away. While running away, she turns back to wave at Lily, "Bye~"

Lily stands still and looks at the little figure. There is something some uneasy feeling in her heart, a little sore. In fact, there are many unfair things in this world, which is far more painful that what she had suffered. Such a small child is abandoned, they did nothing wrong.

"Eat and sleep well? This auntie is talking lie." A playful voice comes from behind out of the blue.

Lily is trapped in her thought that makes her shocked. When she turns around, she sees a face that she doesn't want to see in her life.

The dark night, the cold lake water and the thick bloody smell...

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