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When Jev goes home that night, he spontaneously calls Tim to his study room. The father and son confronted each other across the table, even the air seems condense.

Susan stands outside the door of the study room, twirling anxiously.

The last time Jev was that mad is when the company faces a major problem of capital expenses, this time... It isn't easy either.

"Well, since you have that skill and went directly to Rex. Did divorce damage your brain?!" Jev screams.

Tim stays calm and only sneers at his lower lip. "Dad, is it because that you're old that make you have a poor endurance? This is only a little thing but you make it like a big issue. Are you that afraid of Rex?"


Jev slams his palm to the table fiercely, "You aren't afraid of anything and keep on making a mess! After taking over the company for this long, do you have any achievement! Do you success to make a perfect project! The company has already burned down since you press on Rex. He has directly come to the company today!"

It is hard enough to plaster a fake smile in front of the old partners, and it's smiled gone, because of Rex's sudden visit. Now the company is in jeopardy. If it is really terminated again, it may be difficult to maintain.

"Rex came to the company?" Tim's pupil tighten, little did he expect for the sake of Lily, Rex will did this far, "It's something that I didn't want; he is really one of a kind!"

"Not only one of a kind! Rex is too overwhelmed by Lily's soul. If you continue to trouble Lily, you might lose more than now, this house and perhaps Buy U will be under his name one day!" Thinking of what might happen, Jev feels uneasy and cough violently.

By looking at it, Tim's is upset, yet still doesn't reconciled, "Dad, did you see Rex as a God, can he cover the sky with his hand? This city is not only him..."

Jev snorts coldly, "What do you think? This city is not his own, but no one dare to challenge him."

Tim keeps silence. The whole person is overwhelmed by Jev's word.

"I know you don't want to reconcile, but people are like this. Since they are not as good as others, they can only bow their head. Tim, Buy U is the result of my effort for a lifetime. For the sake of your father, don't continue to provoke him." Jev says in hard yet soft way, there is a praying in his tone, "The good and bad between you and Lily is all in the past. Don't lose more. this is enough to squander you!"


No one knows a man better than his own father. Knowing what Tim would say next, Jev raises his hand to interrupt him and takes a document from the drawer and hands to him, "Look by you."

Tim takes in puzzle and briefs through it. It is the company's internal financial statements for the past two months, very detailed...

He briefs down line by line. The more he looks, the deeper his face is.

After he looks through all of it, he understands why Jev had such a big temper just now.

About the company's situation, it is more serious than he though. After reading it, he knows this is really bad.

"Dad, this...why did the company become like this!"

"That's right." Jev's face completely darkens, "So please don't make any more trouble. If you still did it, you might lose Buy U, do you understand?"

At this moment, even if Tim is still unwilling to let it go, he couldn't say anything else. Comparing with the company, he can still endure the other.


"Dad, then are we letting Lily go easily? If it wasn't for her, our family wouldn't be like this!"

Jev sighs deeply, "Tim, forget it, forget it..."


After coming out from the house, Tim hops in the car in a bad mood.

Inside the car, Jade is sitting in the co-driver seat. In the recent days, Tim's emotion is quite unstable. He often loses his temper for no reason. Thus, she needs to observe his face every time she speaks. Although she has move in the Villa smoothly, she is still cautious, feeling very tense all day long.

At this time, by looking at his bitter face, Jade doesn't even dare to take a breath.

After hopping in the car, Tim doesn't start the car immediately, yet smashes his right hand fiercely to the steering wheel.

Jade who is sitting next to him, trembles in shocked and whispers, "Tim, what's wrong?"

"Damn it! Lily! Lily! Lily!" Tim shouts Lily's name three times in a row while gritting his teeth into his bones.

"Lily... What's wrong with her?"

"About the property division, the old man asked me to agree!" Tim says in a tone of anger, he is even more upset after thinking about everything.

More than half of his money and house are now belongs to Lily. All of these things didn't come from a strong wind! It's like cutting his flesh piece by piece.

Jade secretly surprises, her pupils shakes, "Is there no other way?"

"There is no way left! Today, Rex spares no effort to come to the company. If I continue to do so, I might lose Buy U!"

"Is it that serious!?" Jade's eyes turns around to look at the Villa of their family, feeling a little panicked.

Did Tim is that weak?

That man called Rex might not be an easy one. Even the old man and Tim are terrified. If this is the case, did all of her effort is all in vain...

Thinking of it, Jade couldn't help but shivers. She turns her head slowly to face at Tim on the side. When this man is with Lily, she is jealous, for the reason that he is young and rich, with a handsome face, hence, she betrays her friendship and chooses to be with him.

But now, she feels powerless and seeing an end with this man.

Despite her anger, she desperately wanted to knock him down, but couldn't do anything.

If the property is really divided by half, what is left for the Tim's family? No, what matter is what their family will leave for her.

With the slyness of Bree and Harry, they might will be more aware of her existence.

Jade is daydreaming. She doesn't even realize that Tim has driven back to their Villa.

"What are you thinking, get off!" Tim's wicked voice come out, regardless of her reaction, he opens the door and slams it again, grunting, "What the fuck....."

Jade purses his lips and swallows hard then follows him into the house.

"Pack you stuff in this two days. We need to hand it to the court." Tim stretched out to pull his ties while sulking.

Jade stops the movement to change her shoes, "What, What!?"

"I'm telling you to pack your stuff, are you deaf?" Tim's voice is bad that he almost regard her as a vent.

"But where do we live if we move out?"

"I don't know!" Tim is so upset that he doesn't want to say anything at all, "Let's look for an apartment."

The Villa is replaced by an apartment. Jade feels that the string in her heart has finally broken because of his word.

She looks up and scans around the Villa and finally looks at Tim again. It's over, everything is over, the lawsuit has lost, not only money, but everything, he completely lose everything.

Suddenly, a terrible cognition pops up in her head. If Tim keeps on like this, she might have nothing.

Jade panics and turns around to the second floor. When she enters the bedroom, her face is really sulky. By thinking of Lily, she hated and also thinks of Rex.

She turns on her phone and finds a number that is set as an important label. Before Tim went on to a private investigator, she has secretly investigated it.

Now, the time has finally arrived.

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