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Thus, after coming down from the second floor, Karl doesn't even drink water and walks out of the Villa instantly. Sally puts on her coat hurriedly and follows him. She hops inside a second before the engine start.

Karl steps on the throttle and the car flee from the Villa, then drives into the main road.

The speed is as fast as Sally's heartbeat, getting faster and faster.

She unconsciously glances at the man next to her. Although she knows that Karl is harmless to outsiders, he is definitely not a man of ecstasy, but his bitter face like this.... this is the first time she see it.

After thinking for a moment, she still decides to start a conversation.

"Boss, where are we going?"

The woman's clear whispered voice ring in his ear, but the man who is driving doesn't move at all, "Back to the hospital."

The tone is very impatient.

The expression is even more impatient than the tone.

As if saying, isn't it nonsense question?

Sally clears her throat and touches her nose awkwardly, "Boss, relax, I won't take it seriously."


Sally's expression is a little awkward and it takes a long time to find her voice, "About what Rex said, I won't take it seriously, just relax."

"..." Karl's hand that is holding the steering wheel tightens. Why did she explain it, which made him more upset than before?

Sally is even more innocent and looks at his boss' stinky face. The whole person is in a bad mood.

There is nothing wrong with her word, isn't it?

In the intersection, the car stops behind the zebra-cross. Karl slightly turns his face to the side and his vision falls on the woman's white face. By looking at her blank face, he is even more indignant, "I'm in a bad mood, not because of you, don't think too much."


Sally blinks, when, when did she think too much?


After an IV drop, Rex's fever immediately cools down. His heavy body feels a lot more relieved, even his spirit is much better. The only thing is, even after a high fever, the man is still a bit dull.

After lying down for quite some time, he is a little bored, thus he pulls out the needle and puts on his clothes to go downstairs.

Lily knows it is about time for him to get up. She has just warmed the congee and serves a bowl on the dining table for him, "Eat some."

The man stands still in the living room, one hand on the back of the chair, looking at her with a serious face.

His sight are too focused that Lily thought there is something on her face. She then raises up to touch her face, "Is there something on my face?"

He shakes his head, "No."

Lily's face is hot, "Then what are you looking at?"

"Just wanted to see."

Just wanted to see?

Lily first frowns, then suddenly laughs and takes two step forwards to look up at him, "Is that your answer?"

Rex pulls her directly into his arms. The tall muscular body could almost cover her, even if she tiptoed, she could only reach his shoulder.

Lily reaches out to hug the man in front of her and gently pats it twice, then asks gently, "What's wrong with you?"

"Nothing." Rex leans his head across her neck, "Just thinking that now you are done with Tim, I'm very happy."

Lily smiles, "Me too."

"No." The man loosens her a bit and backs off for small steps, so that he could see her face clearly, "I'm happy that you finally belonged to me, either from a personal or legal point of view."

Lily is stunned for a second after realizing his real meaning. He is very happy, not only because of her lawsuit, but because of she has no other man except him.

There is a song, how to sing it?

Completely end with him, before re-start.

Even though Tim and her are just a couple without having sex, when this relationship torn apart, it still makes people relief.

She and Rex finally have a chance to be together.

"I've mistaken you before." Lily blushes. Although she is just teasing him, she is also the one who embarrasses.

He drops his head, "Then compensate me."

She has heard this word too often that when he said it, Lily shrinks in reflex, "You are still ill, what if you infect me?"

There is a hint of smile in his eyes, "What are you thinking, only sex in your mind."

"Who thought of sex..." Lily aware that she has been played and glares at him madly, "I think you've no more fever!"

Rex hooks her into his arms again and drags her to sit in the chair, "Sit with me."

Lily hasn't eaten for the day. In fact, she is hungry long ago, which makes her filled herself with a bowl of congee and sits down beside him.

"Oh right." Lily recalls what Smith said and turns to ask him, "Now that it's over, did Tim have to give me half of his property for me?"

"Yeah, it will be executed according to the verdict."

Lily's hand that is scooping the congee stays still, thinking.

Rex glances across her face, "Why, you don't want it?"

He still remembers when he first met her, she came and said that she wanted to fight a divorce lawsuit with a firm tone, saying that she wanted Tim to lose his wealth and ruined his family.

Lily is a bit emotional, "I just feel that the money makes me uncomfortable."

Hearing her reason, Rex pouts his lips, but the tone is still the preaching tone, "it's a fair game, but if you don't want it, then you're stupid."

"I know." Lily understands what he meant, but, "It's a fair game, but I still feel wronged."

Although the money should be given to her legally, it isn't earned by her, after all. In just more than a year marriage, she ends up with Tim's cheating. Even if she is a victim, she is also the person who received a high compensation. This is what people always dream of.

"I suddenly felt lucky that you fight for me, or else, you might misunderstand me." Lily smiles helpless while glancing at him, "Actually I have a particularly unrealistic idea."

"Say it."

"I want to cash out all the assets from this divorce and donate part of it."

"In what ratio?"

Lily thinks, "fifty percent, half of it."

Not everyone is a sage. She is just an ordinary woman. This is all she can do. As for the rest of the money, she still has leave part of it for her parents to decide.

In case one day, Rex wants to leave her, maybe she will never marry again. She hopes her parents will not suffer with her.

Rex puts down the cutlery from his hand and pulls out a piece of tissue to wipe the corner of his mouth elegantly. He closes his eyelids to block the complex emotion under his eyes.

As the matter of fact, he aware of what she is thinking, she feels insecure. Now that she knows the old people's resistance, she must be more flustered. However, what makes Rex feel powerless is that he doesn't dare to persuade her to make other choices.

The relationship between them are too complicated yet too fragile. Even though he is confident in himself, not with the unexpected things.

After a while, Rex finally nods, "I'll help you."

Lily stares at the white congee in the spoon, suddenly losing her appetite, "Okay."

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