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When Lily wakes up, it is already half past twelve in the noon. Since the early morning till now, she hasn't eaten anything yet, which makes her stomach empty and extremely starving right now.

By the time she opens her eyes, there is nothing but only a cold air around her. Where is he?

Lily puts on her shoes after getting out of bed and goes to the first floor, no one. She then climbs to the third floor, it is also the same.

Thinking of his feverish body, she inevitably worries and picks up her phone to call him.

After a few rings, he finally answers it. His voice is even hoarser than before, "Are you awake?"

"Yeah, where are you?"

Rex glances at the time on the dashboard and steps on the throttle more than before, "I've got something to do."

"What thing?" Lily twists her brows, "You are sick and have a fever now, what are you doing?"

"Business affairs."

"Where are you now?" Lily says while wearing a cloth, "Do you want me to pick you up?"

"I'm on my way home, just waiting for me." Rex is afraid that she really comes out, and simply tells her to do something, "Cook porridge for me."

"Porridge..." She opens the refrigerator and looks at the ingredients inside, "What kind of porridge do you want?"

Actually, Rex doesn't want to eat it. He feels very ill and doesn't feel like eating anything, but only wanted to find a place to lay down, but he still manages to find an excuse, "Chicken Mushroom congee."

"Okay, I'll cook now so you can eat it as soon as you arrive." Lily still worries about him and asks him again, "Are you driving?"


"Then drive slowly, don't need to rush...."

"I know." His helpless and indulgent voice comes out, interrupting her nagging, "I'm on my way now, don't worry, okay?"

This time, Lily nods, "Okay, I'll wait for you."


Forty minutes later, A Bentley Bentayga stops in front of the Villa. The man pulls the door and walks coldly to the Villa.

His fingertip touches the fingerprint lock and with a 'didi' sound, the door opens. As soon as he walks in, he is greeted with the fragrance from the kitchen nearby.

"You're back." Lily, who is still wearing a blue and white strap apron, hears a sound coming to the kitchen. Her hair is tucked loosely behind her back, leaving a few strands behind, giving a sense of softness.

Rex only feels that once he sees her face, all of his anger disappears. Lily leans forward and touches his forehead while tiptoeing, and surprises, "You...."

This temperature could fry an egg.

Rex waves off her hand and wants to hug her, but Lily escapes. Without any negotiation, she picks up the phone on the table to call Karl, "Karl, Rex has a high fever now, and can you come over and look at him?"

On the other hand, Karl's hand that is rubbing his neck stops, "High fever? How come?"

Lily glances at the person who is walking to the kitchen. "I don't know. I think it's because he doesn't have a good rest lately."

"Then there may be an inflammation in the body." Karl secretly sighs, "I'm on my way now. Let him take a rest, don't worry, it's not a big deal."

"Sorry to bother you, thank you." "Don't be."

After hanging up, Lily went directly to the kitchen to catch him, who secretly eats a spoon of the congee. She feels a bit gloomy, "Go upstairs and rest. Karl will be here soon."

Rex actually doesn't like others to intervene his own business. However, by looking at Lily's face, he can do nothing else.

Even if she arbitrarily calls Karl, he feels fine. He is so patient that he himself is also surprised.

"Support me." A man with one meter eight tall pampers himself, without blinking.

Lily looks at his fever blushing face and softens up. She then walks over to take his elbow and support him to the second floor.

Without knowing whether he is intentional or not, he rests his hand on her back. Lily glares at him for a while, but still facing the indifferent face of him.

After an effort, they finally arrive and Lily still has to sweet-talk him to change his clothes.

Rex lies on the bed and looks at the little woman who is kept wandering around. His heart is lingering a warmth sense and then grabs her small waist, "Don't worry about Tim's family, I've taken care of it."

Lily's eyelid moves slightly and looks at him, but says nothing.

"Lily, you don't have to care about others, the only thing is that you have to be strong-- " his voice is firm, "that is to be with me."

He is strong and powerful enough to protect her from the wind and storm. The only thing that he is feared of is that she would change her mind, which means all of his efforts will be meaningless.

Lily clearly sees the perseverance in his eyes, which makes her touched. Well, he has already done this far, why should she retreat?

What he wants is not her understanding, but the loyalty with him.

Lily is touched, which makes her hold his big palm. Although it is merely a touch, it is enough for him to feel it, "I know."

She will stay with him, until the day he tells her to leave.


When Karl comes over, he has just finished a lecture class. With the limited time, he doesn't go back to the hospital. Thus he also brings Sally along.

Lily's impression of Sally is very good, which is cheerful and friendly.

Once the door is pushed open, Karl comes in with a heavy breath. He walks to the bedpost and takes the thermometer to measure him. After it's done, he glances at him, "Thirty-eight point nine degrees. I'm getting more salute to you."

By hearing his sarcastic voice, Rex looks up with his tired eyes, "Do doctors always speak like that?"

"Stt!" In the meanwhile, Karl has prepared the medicine, "I'm worried about you, I'm too worried okay?"

Pulling out the needle cap and pushing a little in the air, Karl inserts to the pointed vein and releases the syringe after seeing the bright red blood suck in.

The pale yellow liquid burst out little by little, not too fast.

Karl packs up the needle. After everything is done, he finally questions him, "I heard you just went out with this fever, why is it so urgent?"

The dry lip speaks out, "I'm looking for Jev." "Jev?" Karl is unfamiliar with the name. "Tim's father."

"Oh.... Why don't you let your subordinates handle it? You must really care about Lily and have to handle everything by yourself."

In the eyes of Karl, Rex and the gang people like Tim and Jev are nobody but only a piece of cake.

Although his words are true, Rex is not very pleasant to it. He feels that Karl comes here to be sarcastic.

"if nothing else, you may leave." In a bad mood, he directly made an order for him to leave.

Karl raises his eyebrows and doesn't bother to refute his patient. When he is packing up the medical box, the bedroom is knocked.

After getting permission, the door is pushed open. Sally walks in and hands the phone to Karl, "Karl, Lily asks me whether you can eat all of this."

Karl pauses his movements, really wants to roll his eyes, but holds it back, "This one and that one, I can't eat."

"Okay, I'll tell her." Sally then turns to leave.

When she has just reached the door, Rex suddenly calls her out, "Sally."

Sally immediately stops and turns around and points to herself "Are, are you calling me?"

"Yes." Rex, who sits on the bed, looks at Karl meaningfully, then looks at her back, "Your dean has never fallen in love, but he is really interested in you."


The words pours out, which make both Karl and Sally stunned, especially Karl, "What are you talking about!"

When did 'I' have a feeling for her, why didn't 'I' realize it?!

Rex doesn't even look at him and keeps on talking to Sally, "He won't confess, I'm just telling you, you may go now."

Sally is almost petrified and even forgets to close the door when she goes out.

Karl's heart is like a horse running in a field full of grass and mud, he really regrets to treat Rex as his patient, he should have burned him alive.

Burn him to be vegetative, encephalitis, making sure he tortured slowly!

"Why are you looking at me?" Rex re-lies and closes his eyes, which is really annoying for Karl, "You bring her to my house. Don't you have any idea what you're doing?"

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