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Eleven o'clock in the noon, at Buy YU Technology Co., in the president's office.

Jev has just walked out of the conference room after meeting. Lately, due to Tim's scandal, there are tons of problem in the company's operation. Lots of old clients, who have cooperated for many years, demands compensation or termination of cooperation. In order to stabilize their emotion, Jev deliberately opens this meeting.

After gathering up the old partners of the groups, fortunately, when the meeting is on process, those people in charge are stable, which make Jev relief.

All of the people who walk out of the door are dressed in suits. Jev sent them out by standing on the door with a smile.

While shaking their hands, he promises, "Sandy, Willy, rest assured. No matter what, Buy U has more than twenty years of foundation. It can't be destroyed by one thing. There might be an impact recently, but I can guarantee than your interest will not be affected."

"Jev, we've been cooperating for so many years, it's not that we didn't trust you, but this time you are provoking nobody but Rex. I think we all know who he is, isn't it?"

Although his face is plastering a smile, deep inside his heart is cursing him, "Sandy, I know. We've also trying to solve it. Hanyu hasn't done something on us. It can be solved...."

As soon as he finishes his word, the elevator outside the main door of Buy U opens with a 'ding' sound. A long figure walks out of it and went straight to the main door.

Everyone looks at that direction silently, and freezes in place.

Even when Jev hasn't come to his sense, he watches the man who comes and stops in front of him.

After staying silence for five seconds, one of them recover and quickly steps forward to reach out his hand, "Rex, I've heard a lot about you, glad to meet you. I'm Lexis from Legacy Industry. What are you doing in here?"

Rex glances at the man, his eyes slips over his extended hand and doesn't even hold it, he just nods as a response.

The man could only withdraw his hand in embarrass, and continue to greet unilaterally.

Rex looks at Jev, who is about 50 years old. His posture is ugly, with a mean and cunning appearance. His face could tell that he is not a loyal person.

Therefore, it is not hard to tell why Lily is so miserable in their family. When the above behave wrongly, the below will do the same.

Jev meets the gaze of Rex and he unconsciously wanted to retreat back. Rex's eyes seem to look through him, which make people terrified.

It's not a good thing to look back, this is crisis......

Jev turns his eyes and hypocritically polite, "Rex, Rex, see, why don't you tell me you are coming, I should welcome you...."

After talking, he titles his head and glances at the corridor behind him, it's empty.

Rex tucks both of his hand in the pockets, his posture is very polite, "Stop looking, I'm here alone."

Being caught up, Jev crooks his neck awkwardly, "no no, you think too much."

Rex doesn't even bother what he said and scans through the front door and lobby, finally his eyes fall on the young and beautiful clerk at the reception.

"Not bad, are you interested in working at Han Yu?"

The receptionist girl is stunned. She couldn't believe that the CEO of Han Yu law firm has spoken to herself and also offers her to work there. The blushing smoke appears but she dares not to do anything since Jev is on the site.

After all, there is still one month salary on hold.

Rex doesn't seem to interest in her answer either, and satisfies to see the dramatic changes in Jev and other company executives' face.

Jev almost couldn't hold up his fake smile anymore, "Rex, what kind of joke is it....."

"I'm not joking with you." After speaking, his throat suddenly become hot and itchy and wanted to cough, thus he stops and holds it back, "Should I say it here or inside?"

He shows a posture to settle an account, as long as they are not blind, everyone who is in the site could see it. He just wanted to head-on blow at first encounter with him, letting Buy U lose those partners who are cooperating with them.

At this time, these bosses who originally intended to break their cooperation plan are also not stupid and faded away.

Jev dare not to show his upset face to Rex and welcomes him to the CEO's office.

The best tea is brewed, which smells fragrant. However, the person who is being served doesn't appreciate it.

Jev looks anxiously at the man who is sitting at the sofa opposite him. He tries to remain a calm face at his appearance, but found it hard.

Rex, who has a high fever, is desperately trying to make him sensible. He taps his long fingers on the sofa for a few times before saying, "I heard that Tim is still messing with Lily. As his father, do you know?"

Just a sentence, the intention has been explained.

Jev feels hard but still admits it, "Tim is still immature. If he did something wrong, I hope you can give him a chance, I will surely teach him a lesson."

"I want to give you a chance." Rex's vision fall on the edge of the tea cup, his tone is just right, "But unfortunately, he mess with my family, which makes me a little embarrassed..."

Jev's hand that is holding the tea cup trembles, there is a trace of confusion in his eyes. However, he is an old sophisticate. He quickly calms down, "Did Tim mess with your family? I really have no idea, or else, I won't let him do it!"

Rex knows that Jev is fully unaware, which doesn't surprise him, "In my eyes, whether you know it or not, your son did it, so I come here. If Buy U tech still wants to continue to operate, your son should stop messing with Lily."

Jev puts the tea cup down and laughs twice. The atmosphere becomes a little dignified, which makes him tentatively said, "You're too serious, we're all a businessman, and we make it for the sake of our children! I will definitely talk to Tim. You can rest assured that I won't let him do any outrageous behavior anymore, I promise you."

Jev keeps on using the 'you' word, which is quite disrespectful. However, for Rex, it is like playing a game. What Rex wanted is their entire family to stop messing with Lily, not Jev's promises.

"If so, I also have no choice." Rex doesn't even hear his words. When he gets up, preparing to leave from the sofa, his figure shakes by the fever, but Rex remains steady.

Jev follows him up, expressing anxiety in his expression, "Rex!"

Rex pauses and looks down at the short man in front of him, his eyes gradually sharpens. Jev grits his teeth, "Okay, I promise you. Our family will never mess with Lily again!"

"But--!" Speaking of which, Jev pauses again, "As you know, Lily has taken part of our family assets. Not to mention the role of Han Yu and your relationship, we certainly know it well, but you also can't treat me as a dumb....."

"Dumb?" Rex sweeps through his unwilling to reconcile face, "Whether it is a suffer or deserves, do you have no idea?"

The fake smile on Jev's face finally gone, his shudders, "Rex, why don't you say your terms and condition?"

This time, Rex fades the calmness in his eyes, allowing Tim to see his fierceness and threat, "I want your family to disappear from Lily's sight, even if it only happens by chance. Once I know what you did, Buy U Tech, I'll take it away."

So far, the last layer of paper is also pierced. Tim narrows his eyes, "Are you confident?"

Who knows, Rex smiles indistinctly, which is chilling, "If there is nothing else but only about the company, I'll take it away."

Jev is like being struck by thunder, he supports to the sofa to stand firm. By watching at the man in front of him, his back is full of sweat. He had a hunched if he doesn't stop, one day, this company will be under his name.

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