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What did he mean by saying that she let him fell asleep and ran away?

This sentence sounded too ambiguous. It stabbed the little secret hidden in her heart. Bella pushed him away, but she couldn't get rid of him.

She explained helplessly, "It's your people who told me that you haven't slept for a long time. So I didn't disturb you when you were sleeping. I have something to do, so I left the place."

James Grayson held both sides of her face and made her look at him

His eyes were burning, and even the breath on her face was hot, "You do seem to have a glib tongue. You just let me sleep and did nothing."

"I wanted to do something. But you were in a deep sleep so I can't do anything." Bella pushed him away.

Instead of going away, he leaned closer. "What did you want to do with me?"

Bella put her hands on his chest and stopped him from coming closer, "Of course, your treatment. What do you think?"

James Grayson pursed his lips and looked at her with his deep eyes. He was seeing his reflection in her eyes. He didn't speak, but Bella felt guiltier as if he could see her heart through her eyes.

She lowered her eyes and covered the window of her heart.

"Look at me." James Grayson was domineering.

Bella thought that if she avoids eye contact with him he will feel that she admitted defeat. But she could not admit defeat, with eyes filled with anger, she looked into James's eyes.

"You admitted we had slept before, right?" James Grayson asked directly.

Bella didn't expect that he would mention it. In an instant, he defeated all her defenses. She couldn't deny, "What do you want to prove?"

James Grayson raised his mouth. His eyes were dark and sharp as it could cut people into pieces.

For more than three years, he often had the same dream.

In the dream, he saw a woman who didn't have her little finger he couldn't see her face clearly but he could feel that she was in so much pain. She looked very sad and kept repeating this sentence, "James Grayson, where are you? I miss you so much. Can you come back? James...."

He always suspected that the woman in the dream was Bella.

Since the first time they have met, she has been indifferent.

From their unclear relationship, their strange thoughts and the way, she tried to keep a distance.

From her suicide, to leaving the country and studying abroad.

She didn't know that he had been to her school many times, to see her and to observe her. Her character has been very cold, she didn't make friends and didn't speak much. Besides talking in class and thinking logically clear in case sorting, she was like an autistic person.

Because of this, he went to the United States more often and began to visit his cousin's home more often, that's why he was taking his cousin back home.

Otherwise, with his identity, status, and busy routine, how could he just go to bring his cousin back home?

He was now certain that he and she had an intimate relationship. He was a clean person. He didn't do it with Scarlett Evan, Anna Wilson, but he did it with her. That meant he used to like her very much.

"Why did we break up?" James Grayson asked directly, examining her expression.

"Incompatibility of temperament, different habits, status gap, and many other aspects," Bella said coldly, using indifference to cover up the most real emotions in her heart.

"Sexual incompatibility?" James Grayson asked, twisting his eyebrows.

Bella clenched her fists and hesitated to answer.

If she says no, she would annoy him.

If she agrees, she will encourage him.

"I don't want to talk about the past." Bella skipped the question.

James Grayson lifted her easily.

His arms were stronger than they were three years ago. Bella can't get rid of it. She has been put on the bed by James Grayson.

He put his hands on both sides of her body, looked down at her and controlled her in the sphere of influence, "But I want to talk. The more detailed the description, the better."

Bella was worried. She thought it was too...ambiguous. He made her breathless.

"I don't have any kind of relationship with the chief now, don't you think your requirements are too unreasonable?" Bella refused.

"What kind of relationship do you want?" James Grayson asked.

"I don't want any relationship." Bella pushed him.

James Grayson held her hand and pressed it on her head. There was no love in his eyes, there was just coldness. "I want to find out several things.

First, what's the matter with your finger and mine?

Secondly, why did I break up with you?

Thirdly, what happened to you and me? I'll let you go if you tell me all about it."

Bella gave up the struggle.

Why is she struggling?

What is she afraid of?

If she told him these reasons, he will let her go.

He was not worried about the feelings between her and him. He was just curious about his lost memory. There was just Scarlett Evan in his heart. He came to her to get these answers.

However, the heart was still painful, but the eyes were covered with a layer of invisible gauze that covered her whole mind.

"I met you before because of a pregnant woman that has been held hostage. Some drugged you and you forced me to have a relationship. Later, you regretted your mistake and felt sorry for me, so to compensate for that you were very good to me.

Once, we were caught together by your enemies, and they cut off our little fingers. Your job is too dangerous so I broke up and my fear proved right. In a mission, you had an accident and lost your memory." Bella said lightly, gazing at James Grayson's expression.

She was a psychology expert, but unfortunately, she couldn't see what James Grayson was thinking at this moment.

"Who drugged me?" James Grayson asked.

His voice was cold and resolute, as a fierce leader, definitely not like James Grayson in her memory.

"I don't know. You have a lot of enemies. You never told me, and I never inquired about these confidential matters." Bella said calmly.

"Who caught us?" James Grayson asked the next question either.

"I don't know either." Bella refused.

More words are equal to more mistakes, and more actions are also equal to more mistakes.

James Grayson was also a little annoyed with her attitude, and her pupils shrank sharply, "What kind of posture do you and I liked?"

She didn't want to recall these memories. The reality was so cruel like a sharp sword that was cutting the flesh on her heart.

"Back." Bella casually gave an answer.

The time when he forced her was this posture, so she couldn't see his face at all.

James Grayson raised his eyebrows and there was a vague look. "I'll..." he paused, he was a man, but it was still a little difficult to say, "mouth * no?"

"No," Bella said without thinking.

James Grayson held her chin. "You're lying."

Bella was so angry that he broke her guard. She pushed away his hand and impulsively said, "It's an old thing. I've forgotten it."

He was just checking her and this sentence unconsciously gave him a positive answer.

They really did it. He couldn't have done that if he hadn't loved her.

She is lying to him!

However, why is she lying to him?

"Then let's review it."

Before Bella could understand he kissed her lips.

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