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Once she read a passage in one textbook...

A powerful woman keeps man's money.

A good woman keeps a man's dignity.

A smart woman keeps her dignity.

Julia Patrick was a very kind woman, although she despised such a man as Robert Walker. But maybe, just after seeing his tears, she has forgiven him due to her kindness.

People's happiness is not because of the amount of money, the strength of power, the level of status, but because of desire.

People who are easy to satisfy are easy to be happy. People who are not easy to be satisfied are not easy to be happy!

Bella's mobile phone rang. It was Amelia's call. She smiled and answered the phone.

"Bella, where are you now? Finally, the emergency training is over. James Grayson is a King of Hell. I made the wrong decision to come to work in the military region. I couldn't find my boyfriend, but I feel becoming like a man." Amelia complained.

Bella was amused by Amelia. "See you at Moon international. I'm going to find a place to have dinner and will tell you the address."

"OK, I'll join you later," Amelia said.

Bella put the phone in her bag. The police chief didn't know how to thank her.

"Thank you, Miss Bella. If it wasn't for you, the case wouldn't be solved so quickly, we thought it would be a mystery." The chief of the police smiled and complimented.

"I also work at the Research Institute. It's my duty. You are welcome, director." Bella said gracefully.

"Miss Bella's name is very popular in the world. I want to hold a celebration dinner tonight. We will be honored with your presence if Miss Bella can come?" The director warmly invited.

"I just returned home today, and I have friends to see, so I will not attend. Thank you for your kindness." Bella nodded.

"Then. I'll drop you there."

Sometimes refusing too much will lead to a desperate situation. Sometimes when we timely agree, it also saves the face of the other party and allows the friendly relationship between the two sides to move forward.


Bella reached Moon international and went into a coffee shop with a good mood.

She sent the location to Amelia, chose the box and sat in it. The door of the box was a curtain, from inside you can see outside.

After a while, Amelia hurried to look at Bella and said happily, "Bella, you are so beautiful now. You are more beautiful than before. I'm falling in love with you."

Bella smiled. "No matter how beautiful I am, I can't compare with your present heroism. I am just an ordinary woman."

"Hahahaha, I like this sentence very much." Amelia hugged Bella.

Bella felt a little emotional. She has been missing this warmth for long!

"Bella, I missed you so much." Amelia's voice choked.

"Amelia, I missed you too," Bella said softly.

"You don't know how the bastard James Grayson is. He didn't look at me directly. He and Anna Wilson are a couple. I often really want to slap them. He is worse than David Wilson.

By the way, David Wilson has become better. In the past three years, he hasn't done anything wrong. He often asks me about you." Amelia said a lot.

Bella's eyes were still as deep as the ancient pool. No one could see what she was thinking.

The waiter served red wine, steak, vegetable salad, and different snacks. Bella shook the red wine glass gracefully. Amelia was hungry. He ate the food and drank red wine.

"Scars stay in the heart, with time they seemed to fade, but the mind never forgot the pain. I have no desire to see my past again. Men are like a textbook. David Wilson made me learn to be sad and angry. I have no desire to learn it again." Bella said, sipped a sip of red wine.

This Bella was full of intellectual light.

Amelia looked at Bella admiringly and said, "Bella, after going abroad to study psychology, you looked more groomed."

Bella smiled and nodded Amelia's forehead. "Now I am eating this bowl of rice. But it feels like having chicken soup. Hahahaha. Basically, 60% of it is what we pretend."

"I don't feel like you're pretending. You're groomed. We got influenced by culture. I'm in the military area every day, and I feel like my male hormones are overflowing."

Bella was amused by Amelia again. They had a good time talking. They drank a lot of wine, and Bella paid the bill.

Two people hand in hand go out, looked at each other and smiled.

A tall man came and stood in front of Bella. Bella narrowed her eyes and looked up at him.

David Wilson was very excited. He looked at slightly drunk Bella's red face with burning eyes. "Bella, you are back."

"Oh." Bella smiled, "Better to miss than to meet."

"Better forget than miss." Amelia naturally took over and pushed away David Wilson.

David was motionless, he held Bella's arm. "You are all drunk. It's raining hard outside. I'll take you back."

"Mr. Wilson, you have an appointment with Mr. Henry of the giant international." The assistant reminded.

"I'll come back later." David twisted his eyebrows and took Bella's hand.

The strength of the two girls was not equal to him, and he pulled them to the car.

"Where do you live?" David Wilson asked.

Bella knew that with David Wilson's ability, even if she didn't say it he will get to know in one when day about her residence. Now she has come back home she should be ready to face everything.

"Abrinam international hotel." Bella said.

David Wilson drove.

Bella called Paul Watson. "My friend and I are drunk. Meet me at the door of my hotel."

"Who was on the phone?" David's facial expression was inexplicable.

"My boss," Bella said and closed her eyes.

David Wilson drove to the hotel. Before getting off, he came down and opened the door.

Paul Watson was already there.

"Please drop my friend to the special military region. She has to go to work tomorrow morning." Bella looked at Paul.

"Well, Okay." Paul Watson sat next to Amelia.

Bella was also a little uneasy, and said, "Don't dare to move my friend's thoughts, or I won't let you go."

"I got it." Paul Watson's tone was helpless.

Bella looked at David Wilson, who has been staring at her all the time. Her attitude was indifferent, "Thank you."

"I will contact later." David Wilson said it and did not force her again.

Bella walked back to her room, opened the door, and a dark shadow rushed in. Before she could react, he pushed her against the wall.

His hot body clung to her, and his voice was deep, "do you know how I deal with the woman who plays with me? Let me fell asleep and ran away. Do you call yourself a doctor?"

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