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"This man surnamed Wu is truly repulsive. Fabricating a letter and actually using Father's name to marry Eldest Sister... truly infuriating!" Mo Caihuan uttered hatefully. Her despise for Wu Jianming was bone deep.

"Fortunately, it only mentioned your Eldest Sister. If the person that he had requested to marry was either you or Fengwu, I would truly not know what to do! With both of your temperaments, how could either of you possibly endure and falsely cope with this person?! The only one who has to suffer is Yuzhu. I don't know when Lord Husband will return, and whether or not he will blame this mother", Lady Yan softly told her daughter and sighed.

"Mother, how could Father blame you? Wasn't it Eldest Sister who took the initiative to socialize with the man surnamed Wu?" Mo Caihuan immediately consoled Lady Yan.

"Foolish child, Yuzhu has no option but to do this for the sake of the Fearsome Flood Dragon Association and the Mo Estate! However, the most Mother could do was have your eldest sister interact with that fake. There is no way I can truly marry your eldest sister to him. If we cannot delay the wedding, then we will be forced to be hostile and capture him!" Lady Yan's voice grew cold as she spoke this last sentence.

Once Lady Yan uttered these words, the room's atmosphere returned to a state of calm. It was clear that this mother-daughter pair knew what hostility would entail.

"When will Father finally return?" Mo Caihuan faintly asked a moment later.

"When your father left, he had said that the latest that he could return would be five to six years from then, the earliest being two to three years," Lady Yan sadly replied.

"However, it has been almost ten years. I can no longer clearly remember my father's appearance!" Mo Caihuan slowly said.

"Be at ease! Your father happens to be an outstanding genius of his generation. With his hidden skills, there are no problems that he can't overcome! He was definitely delayed over some important matter, and will soon return to the Mo Estate." Although Lady Yan was speaking to her daughter, she was trying to comfort herself as well.

"Oh, that's right, Second Sister Fengwu concocted a rejuvenating cosmetic elixir for me to give to you. Mother, why don't you try it out? I heard its effects are quite good!" In order to break the room's heavy atmosphere, the girl suddenly changed the subject and started chatting about another matter.

"This child..."


Following along with the mother-daughter pair's mundane gossip, Han Li didn't hear any other useful information.

Han Li discovered from their dialogue that Lady Yan's relationship with Doctor Mo was quite intimate. It seemed that Han Li could trust her. After a moment of contemplation, Han Li felt that personally appearing and tolerating this fake Young Master Wu was a better alternative by far than allowing the possibility of something insidious occurring. Nevertheless, Han Li had to first secure the Precious Warm Yang Jade.

As he thought as such, Han Li fished out a dragon ring, one of Doctor Mo's keepsakes, from his bosom. He then quietly walked towards the room window and threw the ring into the room through an opening in the paper window covers.

"Dang" The clear sound of the ring falling to the ground resounded from the room.

A moment later, Lady Yan's voice, neither arrogant nor humble, came from inside the room.

"Who is this expert that honors my humble home with his presence? Lady Yan has not yet welcomed you. I hope you will forgive me!"

Han Li faintly smiled and refrained from replying. He heard the girl's frightened voice.

"How strange! How did this ring come from? ;This ring seems very familiar... it's just like the ring you wear, Mother!"

"Mother! Come look!" It was clear that Mo Caihuan had picked up the ring and handed the ring over to Lady Yan.

"Dragon ring!" Lady Yan cried out in alarm.

After Han Li had heard the other party recognize the keepsake, he lightly knocked twice on the door before saying in a clear voice, "Under Teacher Mo's orders, Disciple Han Li has come to pay his respects to Martial Mother!"

(TL: "Martial Mother"- literally. ?? Teacher's Wife. )

After those inside the room had heard Han Li's words, there was an immediate and absolute silence! Han Li's words had clearly left them in shock for a short while.

"Come in!" After a moment, Lady Yan's voice invited him into the room.

It was at this moment that Han Li lightly opened the room door and stepped inside.

Upon entering the room, Han Li saw a beautiful, thirty year-old lady. Sitting behind her was a dainty girl around fifteen to sixteen years old. The girl and the beautiful woman shared a striking resemblance. With just a single glance, one could tell that they were close blood relatives.

At the moment, the beautiful, married Lady Yan fiddled with the dragon ring he had just thrown into the room. Han Li's arrival had not elicited a change to her flat expression.

Mo Caihuan stood behind Lady Yan and blinked her jet-black eyes, curiously sizing Han Li up. The corner of her mouth rose and revealed a smile that was not a smile. From head to toe, she released a strange, almost supernatural smell.

After they had assessed Han Li, he walked forward and carried out a courtesy toward Lady Yan.

"Greetings to Teacher's Fourth Wife!"

Lady Yan's eyes blinked with a look of surprise. Although Han Li's appearance was not astonishing, his action was quite unexpected.

However, she didn't immediately respond to Han Li's greeting; instead, she raised her left hand, revealing her own dragon ring.

Lady Yan gently brought together both rings. In front of their eyes, the two rings' dragon designs fit together, without even the slightest gap.

"You are right, this keepsake is authentic! However, do you have Lord Husband's written letter on you?" Lady Yan gently asked, now revealing a few traces of a smile.

As soon as Han Li heard this, he took out the letter that had been prepared long ago and handed it over to her with both hands without saying anything further.

Lady Yan, seeing Han Li act respectfully towards her, nodded her head in satisfaction as she accepted the letter. Then, she unfolded it and carefully read its contents.

Han Li withdrew to the side while calmly observing the expression on the face of his teacher's wife. He thought about the change in her attitude towards him as a visiting disciple and a future son-in-law.

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