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Perhaps he noticed Jianran's gaze, and old man Qin looked at her, and her wrinkled face was full of disdain and ridicule. Jane knows that in the eyes of the old man, a little simplicity of her is not enough to threaten him, so he can ignore her and mock her.

Jane took back her eyes, and as she walked, she read the documents Liu Yong gave her. On the first page, she saw an older person, Peng Lao.

It can be put on the first page of the data, and its status must be not low, but there is no detailed introduction about him.

Jianran had to ask Liu Yong, "assistant Liu, who is Peng Lao?"

Liu Yong said: "Peng Laoji is about the same age as the old man. He was a real elder who accompanied the old man to fight in Jiangshan. He holds 1.5 shares of Shengtian, which is a major shareholder among the major shareholders. But because he is childless, the stock in his hand is always managed by President Qin, and the annual dividend will be transferred to his account on time. "

"What's the relationship between him and Qin Yue at ordinary times?" she asked

Liu Yong said: "for such a great old man, Qin always respected them very much, and looked after them as elders."

"Mr. Peng is approachable. He loves Mr. Qin as much as his grandson. When he was in the United States, Qin always took time to play chess with his old man every week. After arriving in Jiangbei, there will be less time to accompany the elderly, and I will call him once or twice a week. "

Qin Yue in her work did not know much about Jane. At this time, she was able to rest assured that she heard the news from Liu Yong.

After listening, she asked, "is this Peng Lao not on the list of this meeting?"

Liu Yong nodded, "it's not really there."

It seems that as long as it's a person who has the same heart with Qin Yue and can't be bribed, they are all excluded from the list by Qin Laozi. That is to say, when I came to attend the board of directors today, I was either bribed by the old master of the Qin family or shaken.

In the business world, Qin Yue has such a good reputation of shocking both at home and abroad, which is inseparable from his ability to work and his conduct.

Qin Yue has a strong foundation, wide connections and popular support. It's not easy for him to replace him when Qin Yue is in the limelight.

So his father thought of poisoning Qin Yue so that he could not get up, so he could collude with the board of directors to regain control of Shengtian.

The old man's calculation is good. She will not let him succeed

"Madam, let's go to the meeting room first to prepare." Liu Yong made another suggestion.

"Good." It's easy to be inexperienced in this kind of board meeting, but Liu Yong has been with Qin Yue for more than ten years. Today, she can't be wrong to listen to Liu Yong's suggestions more. Shengtian's conference room is luxurious, spacious and bright, which is many times better than the original innovative technology.

In such a large conference room, there have been staff who have done all the preparatory work well and put the nameplates of the participants in the corresponding positions.

People who don't hold Shengtian shares are not qualified to attend today's meeting, but today they simply come as Qin Yue's wife.

Qin Yue is unconscious, ill in bed, and his child is still young. As his spouse, Jane naturally wants to attend the meeting for her.

When Jian ran and Liu Yong entered the meeting room, there was no one in the room and it looked empty.

Liu Yong pointed to the throne and said, "madam, that position belongs to President Qin."

"Well." Jane nodded and looked up, as if to see where Qin Yue was sitting.

He wore the silver gray handmade suit he used to wear, and the glasses with golden frames. He showed the king's demeanor with every move. Everyone's eyes were on him, and no one questioned his words.

Qin Yue is really excellent, but he can lead Shengtian step by step at a young age and become a business legend again and again.

"Madam..." Seeing Jane in a daze, Liu Yong said in a voice, "take your seat first, and I'll tell you the details."

It's really hard for her to be a complete layman to preside over today's meeting. Many people are afraid that they don't have the courage to stand up.

What did Jane suddenly think of? She asked, "assistant Liu, there is an employee named Cheng Xuyang in Shengtian. Is he eligible for this meeting? "

Liu Yong thought for a moment, "you are Cheng Xuyang, the husband of Ling Feiyu?"

"It's him," she nodded

"He's the head of technical support..." Liu Yong immediately turned over the information in his hand. "He is entitled to attend the audience, but this time there is no place for him."

"Try to get in touch with him. He's someone we can trust." It's easy to understand that this kind of meeting is to fight for popularity. Often one vote can play a lot of key roles. It's needless to say that one more person is good.

"Madame, that's how you trust him?" Liu Yong seldom contacts Cheng Xuyang and doesn't know him very well. Would he take a chance to win him over at such a critical moment?

"I believe in him." Jane doesn't believe in Cheng Xuyang, but in Ling Feiyu.

Lingfeiyu is her best friend. She was also hurt by the fire. But lingfeiyu didn't complain at all. Instead, she was full of guilt.

Lingfei's language is so good, and her vision is not bad. Her husband must have believed it.

Jane is so sure, Liu Yong is no longer questioning, immediately took out his mobile phone and made a phone call to order something, and said, "madam, I have ordered it."

Jane went to Qin Yue's place and sat down. She took a breath quietly: "we can't let the old master of Qin's plot succeed in any way."

Liu Yong said: "when President Qin has been at the helm of Shengtian for so many years, do they say they can take it?". If we don't agree, many of Shengtian's directors won't agree. "

This truth is very clear in Jane's mind, but old man Qin dare to hold this meeting, which proves that he has full assurance.

I'm afraid that the directors have been bought almost by him.

At this time, someone has entered the conference room one after another, and simply turned on the computer to read the information. Liu Yong bowed his head and introduced the situation of the visitors one by one.

When everyone arrived, the old man of the Qin family came slowly on crutches.

Because of his great prestige, when he arrived, everyone stood up to meet him.

In order not to be criticized by others, Jane also stood up to welcome him and nodded with everyone.

The old man's sharp and gloomy eyes once again fell on Jianran's body. The cold and fierce eyes of people, just look at people, can make people feel cold in the back

Jane looked at him fearlessly, and even gave him a polite smile, which was also cold and did not reach the bottom of her eyes.

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