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"Xiaoqinghe, this woman will give you today. You look at her, don't let her step out of the door, don't let her contact anyone. If something goes wrong, you can do it yourself. "

Jian ran suddenly turned around, not called Xiao Qinghe. She had a completely businesslike attitude towards strong women.

"Yes." Xiao Qinghe, the younger brother-in-law controller, not only didn't feel uncomfortable when he heard the tone of Jianran's order, but promised very readily.

"Ah..." Xu Huiyi sneered and said, "Liu Yong, you see it. You can't miss the thoughts of these two brothers and sisters. Are you

Xu Huiyi has been with Qin and Yue for more than ten years. He has worked with Liu Yong for Qin and Yue for many years. Liu Yong naturally believes her more.

What about simplicity?

Jianran is Qin Yue's wife, the mother of Qin leran's children. Qin Yue loves her, dotes on her and relies on her. She will never hurt Qin Yue.

Although Xu Huiyi pretended to be a simple one, Liu Yong was not stupid, or rather their master was not stupid.

If this Jane only has the same face as the real Jane, their master will not fail to see it.

Originally, Liu Yong was wavering between the two people. What Jane ran and Xu Huiyi said made him make a final choice.

He never thought of that seemingly weak and unfriendly simplicity. When he met something, he would react so quickly. Some things he didn't think of, she thought of.

Not only did she react quickly, but also she made a decisive decision. She held a press conference, controlled Xu Huiyi, and protected their president Qin

Thinking of these, Liu Yong can't help but look at Jianran.

In the past, he really looked down on her too much, thinking that she was a weak little woman hiding under their master's wings.

Who knows that after their master's accident, she can stand out in such a short time, or even support a whole world.

Looking back at Xu Huiyi's attitude, this time Xu Huiyi gave people the feeling that she knew in advance that the master would have an accident.

And clearly know that the master and the old man are not allowed to quarrel, the master even controls the actions of the old man, and she repeatedly proposed to let the old man come out to preside over the overall situation.

Today's Shengtian is in the charge of their general manager Qin. There are all kinds of big people under the general manager Qin. He has a disease. The following people can deal with Shengtian's affairs in minutes. There is no need for the old man to come out to control the situation.

The news of Qin Yue's poisoning spread far and wide, and the rumor spread far more than the actual situation. Xu Huiyi, who let the old man come out to preside over the overall situation, was really suspicious.

Liu Yong thought about these doubts a little, and he thought clearly. He knew exactly which side he should stand on.

He took a look at Xu Huiyi, then turned to Jianran and said respectfully, "madam, President Qin is ill in bed these days. If you have any orders, just tell me, I will do it."

"Thank you, assistant Liu!" What Jane thanked was not that assistant Liu chose to believe her, but that he stood firmly by Qin Yue's side when Qin Yue was in danger and didn't listen to the villain's encouragement.

"Liu Yong, are you crazy?" Xu Huiyi shouted? You know that these two brothers and sisters always have a different heart to Qin. You need to help them. Have you been colluding with them for a long time? "

Liu Yong believes in Jianran, that is to say, in the future, Jianran will be able to call the people under Qin Yue's control at will, so their plan to want facilities will be much more difficult than the original plan, which is absolutely unacceptable to Xu Huiyi.

"Sister Xu, this is it. You can do it yourself." Liu Yong gives Xu Huiyi a word indifferently.

Maybe she didn't know, because she had doubted his words before, which made him no longer believe her.

All along, he was loyal to Qin and Yue. He thought that Xu Huiyi was as loyal to his master and son as he was.

But Xu Huiyi's suspicion is obviously the performance of being a thief and taking in the deficiency.

Liu Yong chose to believe in Jianran, which means that Xu Huiyi didn't finish the task assigned to her by the old man.

Xu Huiyi has been lurking around Qinyue for so many years. Before that, the old man never asked her to help him. This is the first and only time.

The old man left such an important thing to her, and she even failed. She had no face to see the old man.

But it was the simple woman who caused all this. Without her, there would be no such thing as today.

Xu Huiyi thinks more and more angrily, and the idea of tearing up Jane becomes more and more strong in her mind. Thinking about it, anger breaks through her reason.

She frantically pounced on Jane

Xu Huiyi's speed is too fast. Xiao Qinghe and Liu Yong, who are too fast to respond, have arrived at Jianran's side.

Jane had thought that Xu Huiyi would turn her face and not recognize people immediately after she was torn down, but she did not think that she would be so extreme.

Jane took two steps back to the wall. There was no way to go back. She could only watch Xu Huiyi come

"Jane ran..."

Xiao Qinghe exclaimed and quickly reached for Xu Huiyi. Then, just before he reached out and caught Xu Huiyi, Jane had punched Xu Huiyi in the face.

Qin Yue was worried about Jianran's accident again. After they came back from Kyoto, he arranged for Jianran and Xiaoran to learn Taekwondo together.

Now I have one or two months to study, and I'm studying hard.

Although not very strong, but the physical quality is much better. She has no pressure to deal with people like Xu Huiyi who can't do Kung Fu at all.

"Ah" Xu Huiyi screamed in pain, touched the beaten face, and stared at Jianran angrily, "you, you..."

Jane clapped her hands and looked at Xu Huiyi coldly: "Xu Huiyi, if you tell me what poison is in Qin and Yue. What you have done before, I can be in front of nothing happened. "

"Ah Miss Jane, you should be very clear about the poison in general manager Qin. How could you ask me? " They didn't get the evidence that she contacted the old man. As long as she didn't admit it, none of them dare to do anything to her?

Then she approached Xu Huiyi and whispered in her ear, "Xu Huiyi, it doesn't matter if you don't say it now. Next I have 10000 ways for you to say. Don't blame me for not giving you a chance then. "

"How dare you, Jane?"

"Let's see if I dare or not?"

"I used to look down on you." Xu Huiyi gnawed his teeth.

Jian ran looks at Xu Huiyi quietly. Her eyes are always bright and quiet.

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