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"Xu Huiyi, you are dirty. You don't need me to pour dirty water on you. 258 Chinese reading network "to be outspoken, simply not worse than Xu Huiyi.".

Don't look at her always a gentle and talkative appearance, I think she is good at bullying, but she is mature and knows how to restrain herself.

Xu Huiyi: "you......"

Jane ran: "what am I?"

Xu Huiyi: "you are shameless! Who do you think you are? Do you think you have the same face as my wife, you are the real card? "

Jane ran: "if I don't want to face it, I won't come to you. The face is the same, or I am more than you can say

Xu Huiyi: "who are you? Why pretend to be simple? "

"Ah Xu Huiyi, do you think you can win if you cross the topic? " She raised her eyebrows slightly and looked at Xu Huiyi coldly. "Tell you, don't think that he didn't know what you were doing behind Qin Yue's back. He has known everything you do. "

"President Qin is unconscious now. You can say whatever you want." At the hearing of Jian Ran's mention that Qin Yue knew what she had done, Xu Huiyi was short of energy in a moment, but she was still calm.

She stayed with Qinyue for such a long time, and thought she didn't miss any flaws, so she has always been able to get the reuse of Qinyue. "Thinking of Qin Yue lying in the room, thinking that he might hear their conversation, Xu Huiyi's tongue was not so sharp when she spoke.

Jane looked at Xiao Qinghe and said, "brother, then show her the evidence."

"Good." Hearing Jane call himself, Xiao Qinghe can finally play his own work. After turning around in and out of the ward, he takes off two pinhole cameras and hands them to Jane.

He said: "however, Mozhi told me last night that you should let go of what you want to do. He supports you behind your back. If anyone dares to come in disorder, one will be killed by him, and the other two will be killed by him."

"Xiao Qinghe, don't be so insincere. President Qin got the colorless and tasteless poison. He couldn't wake up without the antidote." Xu Huiyi's heart was confused because Qin Yue might have woke up, but she was still calm on the surface.

She took a look at Jianran, then Xiaoqinghe, and said, "don't play tricks here. Pick up two cameras and I'll be wronged. Who knows if it's your self directing and acting? "

Jane looked at her and waited to see how cunning Xu Huiyi could be.

Xu Huiyi added: "Liu Yong, what are you waiting for at this time? We must ask the old man to come out and preside over the overall situation. Otherwise, President Qin will be held hostage by these two villains, and it is likely that Sheng Tian will be handed over to them. "

Jane ran said, "so you sent the news of Qin Yue's coma to the old man?"

Xu Huiyi disdained: "Jane, if you want to frame me, you have to show evidence, or your words will not have a little persuasion."

"Then wait for me." If we can get the evidence, Jane won't tell Xu Huiyi so much here.

She wants Xu Huiyi to show her flaws, but obviously she underestimates Xu Huiyi. She can hide in Qin and Yue for so many years without being discovered, so it's needless to say that.

Seeing that Jane had nothing to say, Xu Huiyi smiled a little smugly.

How could they know that she was a traitor since she had been with Qinyue for so many years and had been careful. The old man was afraid of her revealing her identity. Before this incident, he had hardly contacted her in private?

What can this useless woman do if she doubts her only by her intuition and can't give evidence?

When it comes to Jianran, Xu Huiyi gnashes her teeth and tries to tear Jianran's bewitching face.

In addition to a pair of fox like faces, what other skills does she have?

At work, she can't help Qin Yue. In life, Qin Yue doesn't need her help.

Is this useless woman just because Qin Yue was drunk and vomited, and Qin Yue remembered her, so she could marry Qin Yue and enjoy the position of Qin's little grandma?

No, Jane doesn't deserve to stand beside Qinyue at all!

"Jane ran, you are a woman and a sweeper. You are not worthy of President Qin at all. If you hadn't appeared, the Qin family would never have been like this, and Qin would never have been lying there... "

In Xu Huiyi's heart, Qin Yue is a man as perfect as the God of heaven. She is an inviolable God in her heart. No woman deserves him.

Jane doesn't deserve it, Qin Xiaobao doesn't deserve it

No one is qualified to stand beside him. She wants to protect him and let him be the man who is high and can't be touched by anyone.

But before, in order to stay with Qin and Yue, she could only pretend to flatter and say how good this woman was.

Later, when she thought about her thoughts and her words, she felt sick.

simply said, "I don't deserve to go to Qin Yue. Do you has the final say?"

What is not worthy of Qin and Yue?

Family background? Looks? Money? Power? Or something?

Jane only knows that she is unique in Qinyue's heart and Qinyue is unique here.

Money, power, family

All of them may be obstacles to their being together, but these will never stop their determination to be together.

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