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When Sheng Tian's family is poisoned and unconscious, it is likely to threaten their lives. /

this message spreads as fast as the rocket rises to the sky. The front page headlines and marketing numbers of major websites take the lead in forwarding it.

After the news spread out, it caused a lot of people's discussion. The popularity was far higher than Qin Xiaobao's previous love affair.

Jane had just returned to the hospital when she received the news.

Xiao Qinghe looked at her anxiously: "however, this matter suddenly made such a big noise. Except for the ability to wake up soon, you may not be able to hold it down. "

"If I don't, how can I know I can't?" Jane bit her lips, took a deep breath, and immediately made a decision, "brother, you are responsible for the work in the direction of safety. In any case, you can't let those journalists break in, or let them disturb Qin Yue's rest."

Xiao Qinghe said: "however, it's not that I don't want to be responsible, but that those people under Mu's command listen to him. I don't think I can deploy them."

"Then you are here to guard Qinyue. You can't let anyone in or disturb him." Jian ran also understood that Xiao Qinghe could not mobilize Qin and Yue's men. Liu Yong had to do this.

Liu Yong is now in Shengtian. He is also needed to stabilize the situation there. I don't know how the situation is.

Jianran tried to bite her lips and think about it. She called Liu Yong. After the connection, she didn't wait for Liu Yong to speak. Then she said in a hurry, "assistant Liu, please find some trustworthy reporters. They must have a very good relationship, be very trustworthy and have a reputation in the industry. After contacting them, we will hold a press conference immediately. "

Liu Yong was puzzled. "Madam, what are you doing?"

"Assistant Liu, don't worry about what I'm going to do, you just need to know that we have to find a way to stop the impact of this thing from getting worse now," she said

Jane is betting on Liu Yong's loyalty to Qin and Yue.

If Liu Yong doesn't care about Qin Yue, he will soon be able to figure out why she did it with his intelligence and intelligence.

As long as he thinks it through, he will do as she asks.

Liu Yong added: "now it's estimated that a large number of journalists have rushed to the hospital. I have also informed our people to take good care of them and not let them break in. However, there may be some missing fish. Please take care of President Qin and don't let the reporters disturb him. I'll meet you right away."

"Well, good." Jane happened to have something to discuss with Liu Yong. It would be better if he came to the hospital.

After hanging up the phone, Jane looked back and saw that Qin Yue was still with his eyes closed, lying in bed quietly, and did not know whether he could hear what happened now.

She hoped that he would suddenly open his eyes to her, look at her and smile, and say to her, "Jane, you fool, I'm teasing you."

If only he was really teasing her!

"But don't worry." Xiaoqinghe patted Jianran on the shoulder, "Mu Zhi fell, you and my brother."

Jane turned to him and smiled: "brother, I really want to thank you."

Even if Xiao Qinghe doesn't do anything, as long as he stays by her side, she won't be so flustered.

Before long, Liu Yong arrived, and before he was relieved, he reported the situation to Jianran: "madam, our people have been arranged around the hospital, and those journalists can't break in."

Jane nodded: "assistant Liu, it's hard for you. Next, let's talk about holding a press conference. "

Liu Yong did not understand: "madam, the matter of holding a press conference can be handled by crisis pr. They deal with this kind of thing more professionally than we do. "

"As a matter of fact, as soon as this matter is spread, crisis PR will release official documents and refute rumors as soon as possible. But we have been waiting for so long. There is no news from crisis pr. why do you think it is? "

Liu Yong understands that the crisis PR side has been controlled.

It's just that Liu Yong can't think of anyone other than the Qin family.

But he did not understand that after the news of Qin Yue's coma spread, it would have a great impact on Shengtian. The old man was angry with his grandson, and he would not make fun of Shengtian.

Jane continued, "we all hope to press this matter down. We must not let anyone with a heart take advantage of it, you know?"

Liu Yong hesitated and said, "madam, who is this man of heart?" Liu Yong thought that he might be the Lord of the Qin family, but he didn't want to believe it.

"Liu Yong, it's time. Don't you understand how the news of President Qin's serious illness came out?"

Hearing Xu Huiyi's voice, the three people in the room turned around at the same time and saw Xu Huiyi standing at the door.

Liu Yong took the lead in asking, "what do you mean by that?"

"What do I mean?" Xu Huiyi stares at Jane fiercely. "If you want to know what's going on, ask this woman. She pretends to be very good to Qin, but behind her back she doesn't know what she wants to do to hurt him. "

Liu Yong said, "there is no evidence. Don't talk nonsense."

Xu Huiyi said: "we know the things that Qin is always unconscious. We didn't even notice the elders of the Qin family. You can't get the news out, and I can't get it out, so who else can get it out? "

Hearing Xu Huiyi's words, Liu Yong looks back at Jianran and Xiaoqinghe, with some doubts. 2 Xu Huiyi is right. They have known each other for more than ten years, but they also know each other.

Among them, he was forced to find someone who might leak the secret, and his focus was also on the simple side.

It's the first time that Jane has seen people perform such a moving and lifelike thing about the thief's shouting and catching. If she wasn't the victim, she would have liked Xu Huiyi's acting skills.

Jane sneered, "assistant Xu, since you sent it to me, I won't be polite to you."

"You're welcome? I'd like to see how you're not polite to me. " Xu Huiyi didn't believe what Jane could do to her.

Jian ran looked at Xu Huiyi with fierce eyes and continued: "if I remember correctly, you have been with Qin Yue for more than ten years. For more than ten years, I think you know more about him than I do. But what about you? What did you do to him? "

Xu Huiyi said, "Miss Jane, you don't know who you are. Do you want to throw dirty water on me? I'm sorry, I won't let you succeed. "

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