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Collective farm. "Master, I know you are a Bodhisattva. You are not willing to hurt others. You are soft hearted, but your enemies are not soft hearted."

"Don't forget, Xiao Yuanfeng's daughter has evidence in her hand. If she passes the evidence What will you do then, old man? What about the lady? "

"Old man, you think you are old and have many things to look forward to, but you have to think about it for the young lady. She is only in her early twenties. There is a long way to go in the future. Her parents died early, and she has only one relative like you. "

"Master, you should know that young master's means of dealing with the enemy are very cruel. You should have seen it with your own eyes. "

Assistant he spoke for a long time without pausing on the way. Few people could match his eloquence.

"Xiaohe, you go to prepare. Spread the news of Moji's inexplicable coma. The more serious it is, the better it is to send out the doctor's medical record. " In dealing with this matter, Mr. Qin had some hesitation and wavering. After hearing what assistant he said, all his concerns were gone.

He wants to keep the Qin family and Shengtian. He doesn't want the efforts of generations of Qin family to fall into the hands of others.

The old man told himself that this was what he intended to do, but he understood that it was not because of this that he would do it. He was afraid of the exposure of the evidence in Jane's hand, so he tried to stop it by all means and try to get the evidence back.

But where is the evidence?

His people haven't found out yet.

Hearing Qin's promise, assistant he took a sigh of relief and said, "don't worry, I'll take care of it."

Old Qin asked again, "what about Xiaobao? Where is she these days? "

Assistant he said: "the young lady went to a remote scenic spot to shoot ancient costume plays. The signal there is not good, the network is not popular, and she can not receive the news that the young master is seriously ill. It will take her about a month to come back. By the time she comes back, everything will be settled. "

Lord Qin nodded, waved again, and said, "go ahead. The sooner things are done, the better. In case there are too many dreams at night. "

For himself, for Xiaobao He must take charge of Shengtian again, so that he can't be controlled by people, can do what he wants to do, and can make Xiaobao live a better life in the second half of his life.

He is in his eighties, and there are not many days to tell the truth.

Originally, he thought that in his lifetime, he would see Xiaobao marry Qin Yue and see them have children That way, he can leave the world at ease.

But he never thought that Qin Yue, who had always been obedient, would suddenly marry another woman, and not a word of wind came to his ears.

That year, when I went back to Jiangbei for the Spring Festival, I suddenly heard that Qin Yue introduced the woman as his wife. The old man seemed to think that his dream was broken. The dream they had been doing was crushed and turned into a bubble.

Especially when he knew that the woman Qin Yue married was Xiao Yuanfeng's daughter, he was angry.

He thought that it must be Xiao Yuanfeng who left some last words before his daughter would come to Qinyue and want to expose what happened many years ago.

All the original warmth, all the harmony And so on all, when he knew that Jane was Xiao Yuanfeng's daughter, he was broken.

At that moment, there was only one idea in his mind, to get rid of Xiao Yuanfeng's daughter and not to give her a chance to make waves.

When everything was ready, just when he could get rid of Xiao Yuanfeng's daughter soon, Jane Zhengtian found him.

It is precisely because of the lack of success and failure that Jane Zhengtian finds him that things will develop like this, otherwise Jane disappeared from the world a few years ago.


Qin Yue is ill in bed, but Jane dare not leave for a moment. She is afraid that when she leaves, Qin Yue will be stolen. Then she will never find him again.

So one day and one night, Jane stayed by Qin Yue's side, hardly closing her eyes until Xiao Qinghe came to the hospital again the next morning.

Seeing Jane beating herself up, Xiao Qinghe rubbed her head painfully and said: "however, the situation of admiring is not going to get better in a day or two. I'm here to watch him. You go back to take a bath and sleep for a few hours. Prepare some clothes and daily necessities and come back to accompany him. "

Yesterday Jane rushed to the hospital in a hurry. She didn't prepare for anything. She really needed to go back and get something for her to take better care of Qin Yue in the next time. If Xiao Qinghe is here to watch Qin Yue for her, she can rest assured.

The reason why she believed in Xiao Qinghe unconditionally may be that they had the same blood in their bodies.

When Jane returned to nuoyuan, she found the recording pen left by Xiao Qinghe according to his tips. After listening to the recording pen, she was stunned.

She always thought that the evidence in her hand was evidence that could prove the killing of the old man of the Qin family. It never occurred to her that besides the evidence of the killing of the old man of Qin, there was also news about the real identity of the old man in the recording.

But the recording is too old, coupled with the transfer, the sound quality is incomplete and unclear, it's hard to tell who the speaker is.

So if their brother and sister want to use this recording to testify against the old master of the Qin family, it's probably impossible.

Unless she can find a master and repair the incomplete recording, she doesn't want it to be evidence of murder, which can make some people believe and create some public opinion.

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