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Liu Yong and Xu Huiyi have been following Qinyue for more than ten years. They are the most important right arm of Qinyue. If Xu Huiyi betrayed Qin and Yue, it would be the master of Qin family.

Xu Huiyi has been with Qin Yue for such a long time. It's hard for her to betray Qin Yue just because of the interest.

If the other side is the Qin family, it makes sense.

Xu Huiyi may be the man the old man planted beside Qin and Yue, or he may be moved by the old man and let Xu Huiyi turn.

No matter what the reason is, Jane won't take care of it. She only knows that she must guard against Xu Huiyi and never let her play tricks behind Qin and Yue again.

Xu Huiyi has a problem. What about Liu Yong?

Jane glanced at Liu Yong without trace.

Liu Yong, with his hands behind him, kept turning in circles, as if writing two big words on his face.

From the talk with Liu Yong and the observation just now, Jane thinks that Liu Yong should have no problem.

Liu Yong has no problem, so he can continue to use it. As for Xu Huiyi?

Jane just guessed that Xu Huiyi had a problem and didn't get the exact evidence to prove that she had a problem, so she can't do anything to Xu Huiyi at present. After all, Xu Huiyi is still an elder who has been with Qin and Yue for many years.

If Xu Huiyi is wronged, it will also have a bad impact on the reputation of Qin and Yue, so the simple decision is to hold still for a while.

In Shengtian's work, Jane asked Liu Yong to go back to convey the news and told all the generals under Qin Yue to perform their respective duties.

Shengtian is such a big business empire. There are countless elites under Qin Yue's hands. Qin Yue is lazy for a while, and all the work can still run as usual.

Qin Yue's important role for Shengtian is that he can stabilize people's hearts. If he is good, everyone's hearts will be quiet.

Qin Yue has something to do with it. The people below will be confused. Their hearts will not be stable. Their hearts will be confused and their work will be disordered naturally.

Therefore, Jianran asked Liu Yong to try his best to block the news that Qin Yue was sleeping in bed, and never let out a word.

Liu Yong had thought of these things decided by Jianran before, but he didn't think that Jianran, who never participated in the work of Qin and Yue, would make such instructions so calmly, which is really impressive.

In a simple way, Liu Yong agreed very much. He went to work after receiving the order, without any delay.

As for Xu Huiyi, she smiled at her and said, "assistant Xu, I'll take care of Qin Yue here. I'll give you a few days off. Go back and have a rest.". "Miss Jane..." said Xu Huiyi

"I'm Qin Yue's wife," she interrupted

I'm Qin Yue's wife. Please call me Mrs. Qin. Don't say Miss Jane at a glance. It's the most basic courtesy.

Xu Huiyi quietly clenched her fist and said, "Mrs. Qin, Mr. Qin is ill. I need hands at this time. How can I have a holiday?"

"I said take your leave, and you will go to rest. I'll take care of Qin Yue here, so I won't bother you. " It seems that she is very polite to say this, but when she listens carefully, she won't leave Xu Huiyi any face.

This is simple. When has it become so difficult to deal with?

Xu Huiyi was helpless, but she did not dare to turn against Jane, so she had to leave reluctantly.

They all left, and Jane took a long breath of relief.

She doesn't know anything about Shengtian. She can only give it to Liu Yong for arrangement. I hope Shengtian doesn't make any mistakes before Qin Yue wakes up.

At present, she can't move Xu Huiyi, and she can't trust to leave things to Xu Huiyi, so giving Xu Huiyi a holiday is the best choice.

But compared with Shengtian, what makes Jianran worry more is the body of Qin and Yue.

The colorless and tasteless poison will not kill people, but it will paralyze people and keep them in a state of drowsiness.

Thinking of the poison in Qin and Yue, she could not help shivering at the tip of her heart, and her heartache spread to her whole body.

Who is the person who poisoned?

What is his purpose?

Not for the life of Qin and Yue, so their purpose is Shengtian, or her and xiaoranan?

Jane is not known.

At present, doctors have not found a way to detoxify, that is to say, no one knows when Qin Yue will wake up.

Jane went back to the ward, sat next to Qin Yue again, reached out to touch his face, and gently called his name: "Qin Yue"

"I know you won't promise me, but it doesn't matter. Listen, I'll tell you." She took Qin Yue's hand and smiled softly. "You must not know what I felt when I saw you for the first time."

"When I saw you for the first time, I was thinking, how can there be such a good-looking man in the world. At that time, my heart was beating fast, but I didn't blush. You shouldn't see it. "

"On the day of the blind date, when you said goodbye to me, I thought we would never meet again But I didn't expect that, a few days later, you even asked me to register for marriage. "

"I was scared, but I don't know why I promised you so soon Maybe that's what people say about fate. "

"I must have had a few good fortune in exchange for the chance to be a husband and wife with you in this life. But maybe I haven't had enough luck, so our marriage will encounter some obstacles. "

"Qin Yue, don't let go of my hand, OK? Hold on to me tightly, let's go forward together, no matter how rough the road ahead is, hold on to me and Xiao Ranran tightly, OK? "

"Xiao ran told me last night that he would tell Dad a secret when he went back. You must not let Xiao ran wait for you for a long time. "

Say say, also don't know how, simple tears like broken line pearl general, drop by drop from her eyes.

"Qin Yue" Jian ran mercilessly wiped a tear, lying on his chest and crying hard, "you villain, how can you scare me like this. Do you know, I'm really scared. "

She was so afraid of losing him, so afraid that she would never see him again when she opened her eyes

She has a lot of fear, but in front of outsiders, she must be strong. At this time, only she and Qin Yue can not control her emotions.

She hoped that Qin Yue would suddenly reach out, rub her head, and say to her, "Jane, don't cry, I'm by your side, don't be afraid!"

But she didn't wait, she cried for a long time, Qin Yue still lay quietly, as if from the beginning to the end did not feel her.

Jianran wiped a tear again, took a deep breath, and tried to make herself laugh: "Qinyue, don't be afraid, I will accompany you, always with you!"

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