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Jian ran still remembers that Qin Yue said by his own mouth that when two people get married with a license, they are legally equivalent to giving their lives to each other. If one of the couple is seriously ill and the hospital requires the signature of the family member, the one who can sign is each other.

So in Jane's case, the word "wife" is no longer just a group life as she thought when she was just married, but a generation of commitment and waiting.

If Liu Yong doesn't understand the meaning of his wife, she will simply tell him. Anyway, she must know where Qin Yue is and whether Qin Yue is good or not.

After a little silence, Liu Yong's voice came again: "madam, it's not that I don't want to say it, but that Qin always won't let me tell you."

"What he asked you not to tell me is about Shengtian's secret? Or a secret that can't be told? If not, then why can't you tell me? It's his fault. Don't you want me to worry? He has something to worry about, but I can't take care of him. Am I more worried? "

Qin Yue that silly man, how can be so silly, why to take all things alone, why can't believe her once?

Jianran's words are not unreasonable. Liu Yong also understood that Qin Yue asked them to hide from Jianran that they didn't want her to worry, but she had guessed that something had happened to Qin Yue. If he didn't say it, it would be against the original intention of Qin Yue.

Thinking about it, Liu Yongzheng is going to open his mouth and tell Jane that Xu Huiyi suddenly catches up with her mobile phone and hangs up.

She said: "Liu Yong, the news of general Qin's coma can't be spread out. Once it's spread out, the consequences will be unimaginable."

Liu Yong said, "she's not someone else. She's Mr. Qin's wife and the mother of Mr. Qin's children."

Xu Huiyi sneered, "Liu Yong, Qin Zong is confused. Are you also confused?"

"What do you mean?" Liu Yong complained

Xu Huiyi added: "my wife died three years ago. The elders of the Qin family watched her body cremate. Do you think a person who has been dead for three years can come back to life after three years? "

Liu Chao asked, "do you mean to say that this wife is fake?"

"I can't say she's fake, but I can't believe she's real," Xu said. Think about it. How did she get back? Did she really forget all the past or did she have another secret

Listen to Xu Huiyi, Liu Yong has wavered.

Maybe their general manager Qin told Jianran not to tell her before he was unconscious, not that he didn't want Jianran to worry about it, but that he probably found something unusual.

Their general manager Qin has always been cautious in his work. Yesterday, he suddenly took the medicine that even the doctor couldn't find out, and suddenly fainted. The fastest update

is the person who can unconsciously give medicine to President Qin and make President Qin willing to take medicine. The biggest suspect is simplicity.

Seeing that Liu Yong was shaken, Xu Huiyi continued, "you don't mean that President Qin won't let you tell his wife before he is in a coma. If you tell Jane now, how can you explain to Mr. Qin when he wakes up? "

Liu Yong doesn't speak any more. Anyway, it's right to listen to the master.

Jane is not pretending to be Jane, he dare not to check, all or wait for their master to wake up.

However, they didn't expect Jane to come.

About an hour later, Jane appeared in front of them.

Seeing Jianran's appearance, Xu Huiyi was shocked and hurriedly stood up to block Jianran: "Miss Jane, the doctor just checked president Qin, and told people who didn't care about this period of time not to disturb president Qin and let him have a good rest."

"You also say that people who don't matter don't disturb him. That doesn't make way for me. " In a word, she spoke forcefully, and could not allow Xu Huiyi to be arrogant in front of her.

Jane still remembered that when she married Qin Yue, Qin Yue had a disease, and Xu Huiyi stopped her at that time.

At the beginning, her relationship with Qinyue was not very good, and her understanding of Qinyue was not enough. At that time, Xu Huiyi was able to stop her, so I can't think about it today.

Xu Huiyi is slightly shocked, and Jianran has bypassed Xu Huiyi and walked to the ward, saying: "Liu Yong, please ask the attending doctor to come here, I want to know the situation."

"Yes." Perhaps I didn't expect Jianran to be so calm. Liu Yong unconsciously paid more respect to Jianran.

Xu Huiyi quietly clenched her fist, retreated to one side and sat down, never daring to utter a word again.

I don't know if Jane has changed, or if she didn't really understand Jane before, she always felt that there was a huge power in the body of this seemingly weak woman.

Maybe she despised Jianran too much. She thought that as long as they didn't say it, she would just stay at home and work hard. Unexpectedly, Jianran found the hospital so soon.

The ward is luxurious, divided into living room and room.

Qin Yue lies on the sickbed in the room, lying quietly. Except that his face is whiter than usual, there is no difference between his breathing temperature and normal temperature. It seems that he is just asleep, not unconscious.

Looking at Qin Yue's appearance, her heart was as hard as a knife. Her nose was sour and she wanted to shed tears, but she looked up and forced the tears back.

Qin Yue fell ill. At this time, she was the pillar of Qin Yue and Xiao ran, so she could not cry or be weak.

Jianran slowly sat down beside Qinyue's hospital bed, grabbed his hand, bowed his head, kissed him on the back of his hand, and said softly, "Qinyue, I know you are very hard and tired alone..."

A man turns like a machine, and he will be tired after a long time. What's more, he is a man of flesh and blood.

"Take a few days off if you want to. I'll do other things. I'm sure I can do it well. But you can't rest too long. I'll give you a week off. Xiao Ran is waiting for you to go back. She has a secret to tell you. "

Sometimes, Jane really wants to scold him. Why can't she think about it more for himself? She is ill and let the people under her hand hide it from her.

"Madam, President Qin's attending doctor is here."

Liu Yong's voice rings behind Jane.

Jane took a breath of cool air quietly, looked back, nodded to them, and said, "doctor, please tell me the specific situation of Qin and Yue."

From the doctor, Jane learned that Qin Yue should have eaten a colorless and tasteless poison by mistake. This poison will not kill people, but it will paralyze people's spirits and keep them in a state of drowsiness for a long time.

Colorless and tasteless poison

Jane's eyes swept around her. She happened to look at Xu Huiyi. When she saw her, Xu Huiyi quickly looked away.

Is that traitor beside Qin Yue Xu Huiyi?

Will Xu Huiyi poison Qin Yue?

Who is her real superior?

Would it be the old man of the Qin family?

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