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Qin Yue shook his head, and the smile at the corner of his mouth suddenly cooled: "no, she is my sister."

No matter what status Qin Xiaobao is, she is first of all a child of the Qin family and his sister.

"Oh?" Mr. Pei sighed, "Mr. Qin must have found Xiaobao's identity, right? Her mother is the princess of country A. if the princess family had not disappeared suddenly in Jiangbei, leading to the exile of Xiaobao, she would not be Miss Qin now. "

Mr. Pei's words also mean something. He obviously felt that Qin Yue was not qualified to be brother and sister with Xiaobao.

Mr. Pei's sarcasm is so obvious, but Qin Yue still looks the same. He has been in the market for more than ten years, and he is not the one who can be scared by a few words.

Qin Yue looks at Mr. Pei, calm but ready to go: "as long as she is Qin Xiaobao for one day, she is my sister. As for... I don't care whether her mother is a princess or a beggar. What's more... "

Qin Yuedun, looking at Mr. Pei's eyes no longer seems so quiet, like the sea is gathering.

"What's more, I didn't come here for her identity at all. I just want to know, when Who is the one who killed Xiaobao's parents? With Xiao Yuanfeng Is it relevant? "

Smell speech, Pei childe has been smiling face unexpectedly appeared surprised expression. 258

it took him more than ten years to find Xiaobao and understand what happened to the princess and her family in Jiangbei But Qin Yue found so many clues in just a dozen days

When Mr. Pei looked at Qin Yue, he had to sigh again that it was a pity that this man was only born in a commercial home.

What's the difficulty of commanding a country with Qin and Yue's ability and momentum?

Want to, Pei childe is hook lip a smile actually, way: "why do I tell you?"? Mr. Qin is a businessman. Don't you know what you have to give to get? "

"What do you want?" Qin Yue frowned

Mr. Pei looked at Qin Yue and said with a smile, "well, only Mr. Qin has what I want, but I'm afraid you won't give it to me."

Qin Yue said calmly, "say."

Mr. Pei approached Qinyue and whispered, "Jane ran!"

"Jane? You want simplicity? " Qin Yue sneers and looks at Mr. Pei with fierce eyes, as if he could send him to the west at any time.

"Yes. I just want her. " Ignoring Qin Yue's fierce killing intention, Prince Pei continued, "President Qin, would you give her to me?"

Qin Yue looks at Mr. Pei, his eyes are slightly convergent and he seems to be smiling.

If Qin Yue has a smile like no, it's like stabbing on his back. If it's cold, Mr. Pei will feel his back is cold.

But he has been in the officialdom for many years, and has already acquired the ability of keeping his face unchanged.

Mr. Pei said with a smile, "President Qin, don't look at me like that. I will be afraid. If you don't want to, you don't want to. I don't have the ability to take her away, so she's yours. "

Qin Yue leaned firmly on the chair, as steady as Mount Tai, and said with unchanged face: "Mr. Pei, you and I understand people, what you want, why not say it directly."

Mr. Pei wanted to fight psychological war with Qin and Yue. He wanted to disturb his mind first by taking advantage of Jianran, and then he took the opportunity to put forward his real purpose.

Once again, he miscalculated the strength of Qinyue. This man's psychology was far stronger than he imagined. Instead of disturbing the mind of Qinyue, he let Qinyue see his real purpose.

Mr. Pei sighed: "Mr. Qin deserves to be the emperor of business. He can see things better than those ordinary people."

Qin Yue didn't answer. He just looked at Mr. Pei.

Under Qin Yue's fierce gaze, Mr. Pei said: "I can tell you what I know. You only need to help me. And no one can help me except Mr. Qin. "

Qin Yue said coldly, "say."

Pei Gong pauses for a while, and slowly says, "I'm going to take Qin Xiaobao back to country A."

Qin Yue's eyes narrowed slightly under the golden mirror frame and said slowly and calmly, "Xiaobao is an adult. She has the right to choose whether to stay or not, and no one can force her."

Mr. Pei said: "what I want is Mr. Qin's words. As long as Xiaobao is willing to go back to country a with me, none of you can force him to stay. If someone else stops, I hope you can help me. "

As long as Qin Xiaobao is willing to go back to country a to recognize her family, as long as it is her own will, Qin Yue will never stop her, but as long as Qin Xiaobao is not willing to leave, he will not let anyone force her to leave.

"Then Mr. Pei can tell me what you know." Qin Yue said so, obviously he agreed to the request put forward by Mr. Pei.

Mr. Pei said, "in fact, Mr. Qin knows almost everything I know."

Qin Yue sat still and didn't answer, waiting for Prince Pei to continue.

"Xiao Yuanfeng made false evidence and framed a couple from country a as spies who stole military secrets from Jiangbei military region, which led to the disappearance of the couple in Jiangbei, and there is still no news yet," Pei said

When it comes to Xiao Yuanfeng, Mr. Pei also hates his teeth.

If Xiao Yuanfeng didn't make false evidence, then Xiaobao's parents would not disappear in Jiangbei. Now he doesn't know whether they are alive or dead.

If the man surnamed Xiao had not died twenty years ago, he would have dealt with the old man surnamed Xiao himself.

Qin Yue snorted and said, "how can you be sure it's the false evidence he made? How can we be sure that their husband and wife did not really steal military secrets? "

Hearing Qin Yue's query, Prince Qin found that he really had no evidence.

He only found that Xiao Yuanfeng pointed out that Xiaobao's parents were military spies from country a, and there was no evidence that Xiaobao's parents were innocent.

But he thought that his wife would never come to Jiangbei with a child to steal military secrets, so he decided that their husband and wife were wronged. [^ *]

in this time of Mr. Pei's mental activity, Qin Yue has cleared these things up almost.

Xiao Yuanfeng pointed out that Xiaobao's parents were military spies from country A. after that, Xiaobao's parents seemed to have evaporated. No one knew whether they were alive or dead.

According to Jian Zhengtian, the reason why Xiao Yuanfeng died is that he killed a very important person, so the old man let people kill him.

Now, there are only two doubts.

Is Xiaobao's biological parents born or dead? What is the relationship between her parents and the old man?

These two doubts are most clear to the old man.

Qin Yue gets up. It seems that he has to go to the old man to get the truth out of his mouth.

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