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These days, Jessica saw him three or four times a day. The average time was more than 15 minutes. She could be bored to death.

After all, she was also a public figure, so she couldn't hit him or scold him. Jessica could only turn around with a cold face and ignored the man.

But some people were totally senseless. When she turned around, he walked half a circle and stood in front of her again.

Frankly speaking, if there existed time-travel, Jessica's first wish was to travel to the past and kill the previous self.

A lot of people had chased her. She could choose anyone, but why did she have to pick out such a scum from the trash can?


Jessica took a deep breath and was interrupted as soon as she spoke.

"Jessica, don't hurry to drive me away, ok?" Alex begged.

This period of time, he was a perfect impersonation of a man who was affectionate but was suffering in love. The rest of the cast knew he had a relationship with Jessica in the past.

If the director hadn't forbidden them from spreading it, and anyone who spread it would be kicked out of the cast and would never have cooperation with the director, it would have been exposed by many people.

Jessica said through gritted teeth with an expressionless face, "Alex, if you don't understand, I'll say it again. Our relationship is over! It's been over for half a year! And you cheated on me!"

He had cheated on her, so she didn't know how this bitch had the nerve to ask her to get back together with him.

"But you still love me, don't you?" Alex came with a smile and wanted to hold her hand.

People around them thought they knew the truth, and persuaded.

"Jessica, I think he really knows that he is wrong. Besides, you love each other very much. Why are you so hard on each other? Just forgive him."

"Yes, he is popular. And so many beautiful female fans seduce him. He just made a mistake. Any saint can make mistakes, let alone him."

"All men cheat, but not all are so good to you. If you miss him, you will regret it."

Jessica had put up with the crowd for a long time, but this time she couldn't bear it. She looked at the group with a sneer and called the names of those who had spoken.

"Since you are so generous, then I wish your boyfriends and husbands will cheat on you!"

Hearing this, the expression of one of the people who persuaded Jessica most actively changed immediately. "Watch your tongue! We do it for your own good. Why do you curse us?"

"Well, you know it's a curse, don't you? But I remember when you said it wasn't a big deal that all men cheat?" Jessica put her arms around her chest and said with sarcasm.

These people were very righteous when they talked about others, but they couldn't treat themselves like that!

Jessica's remark rendered the person speechless. She swore something in a low voice, and kept silent.

"Jessie, they're doing it for your own good. Are you going too far?" Alex looked helpless and said to those people, "Dear, if Jessie offended you, I apologize for her. I'm sorry."

Jessica was so angry that she could hardly breathe.

Damn it! Who asked him to apologize for her?

At this time, Jeffrey came aggressively with two bodyguards, carrying the thermal lunch box. He took off his sunglasses, swept around, and said casually, "Who's making my sweetheart angry again?"

The ones who had been imposing became coward now.

Anyway, Jeffrey was the heir of the Wagner family, who ranked second only to Ryan. Common people didn't dare to provoke him!

Alex looked unhappy because he was humiliated in front of the crowd, but he still he said with a smile, "Mr. Wagner, you misunderstood us. No one made Jessica angry. You know, I've been in a relationship with Jessica, and they've only helped to persuade Jessica to get back together with me."

Listening to this, Jessica looked unusually upset.

The scum's new agent was really something else. Now the means of the scum have been improved a lot. He was more formidable and disgusting than ever!

Jeffrey was not angry at all. Instead of being angry, he smiled. A glimmer of smile even showed in the outer corner of his eyes.

But his language was unpleasant. "Depending on you, get back together?"

He dragged Jessica and pulled her into his arms, saying lightly, "Who do you think you are?"

When Alex heard the words, his face was ghastly pale, as if he was suffering from constipation.

She said excitedly in his arms, "Jeffrey, you've been tough finally!"

"Shut up and don't talk." Jeffrey covered her whole face with a big hand and pressed it down.

He covered her face so she could see nothing. Jessica grabbed his hand, pulled it several times and finally pulled it away from her face.

Why did this guy always cover her face? The makeup was all rubbed off!

Two people interacted intimately as if there was no one else present. It seemed that their relationship was unusual.

Alex couldn't maintain his smile. Not only did this bitch have an affair with Chris, she seemed to have an unusual relationship with Jeffrey. He didn't know how many times she had cuckolded him.

But now it was not the time to get even with her. There would be plenty of opportunities to do so!

He still had to find a way to get back together with her, and took advantage of her status as the daughter of the Howard family to get more resources!

"I know I'm nothing compared to Mr. Howard and you, but I'll try my best. Please trust me with her." He said, swallowing his humiliation.

Jeffrey smiled, and the corners of his eyes were full of sarcasm. "Our Jessica was born in the end of many people's lives. Why should she be wronged to be together with you, a person who is not good-looking, has bad character, and isn't good at earning money?"

If someone else said this, he would probably be contradicted.

But Jeffrey was better-looking than Alex, and he was also better at making money. Except that he had more gossip, Alex didn't compare with him in all aspects.

Not to mention Ryan, Alex couldn't hold a c

So he thought for a long time, but he couldn't utter a word.

"When you see this kind of person in the future, you have to stay away from him.

Or he will lower your level." Jeffrey didn't pay any attention to Alex and walked out with his arm around Jessica's shoulders.

Jessica answeredin louder voice deliberately, "I must stay away from this kind of scum!"

It was clearly a provocation.

He was flushed with anger, and then his face turned blue and pale, which was more colorful than a spilled palette, but he didn't dare to say anything.

Jessica and Jeffrey found a small pavilion. The two bodyguards stood there to keep them out of the wind. They put things on the stone table and started eating.

"Jeffrey, my brother is busy. It is not convenient for him to answer my phone. Can you also help me prove my identity as a member of the Howards?" She asked.

Jeffrey lifted his eyebrows slightly, and asked casually, "Weren't you afraid that you would get into a lot of trouble if your identity was exposed?"

"It's different now. Seeing that those annoying people didn't dare to speak in front of you, I envy you so much! But my brother is busy. It isn't convenient for him to answer the phone recently and help me prove the identity."

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