Home / Chapter 106 She didn’t want him even if he paid to her
"You are so miserable! It just so happened that Ryan didn't answer the phone." Clara sighed.

Jessica said gloomily, "I'll call my mother later and see if she can come."

Her grandmother was already very concerned about this kind of thing. If they spread the rumor, what if her grandmother happened to see when it was reported by some unscrupulous gossip reporter?

How could she explain it to her grandmother?

"This is the only way now." Clara said it as an afterthought. "I have asked you announce your identity earlier, but you didn't. Now are you happy about it?"

Jessica rolled her eyes upwards and kicked her leg. "You know nothing! I made it up deliberately because Amy is jealous of my good relationship with Ryan. And I became popular suddenly yesterday and envied by others!"

During her time as a paparazzo, she had seen several incidents caused by jealousy.

Jessica was laughing and joking with Clara. Her mood finally lightened.

"Excuse me, please. I'll pass." At this time, Alex came again. This time he was standing on the right side of Jessica.

Clara glanced at him and glanced at Jessica, shrugging her shoulders with an unknown meaning.

Jessica thought the man was sick, but she moved her feet away good-naturedly.

"Thanks." Alex gave her a smile which he thought was perfect and evil, and then walked away with his chin slightly up.

Jessica got goose bumps because of his unctuous smile. How blind was she before so she had fallen in love with such a scum? Even if he was free, no, even if he paid to her, she didn't want him.

Beep -

Beep -

Then the phone vibrated.

It was Ryan.

Jessica grabbed several mouthfuls of rice, and was ready to find a quiet place to answer the phone. However, "Please excuse me."

Alex stood in front of her for the third time, with the same unctuous smile on his face which made her want to spew up the meal of the previous night.

And she just noticed that he had undone several buttons of his shirts to expose his collarbone. Who was he trying to seduce in this cold weather?

"Why don't you take the wide road beside me? Are you blind?" What was wrong with his ex-boyfriend?

Jessica cast a sidelong glance at him, holding the phone ready to leave.

But he stood in her way wherever she went. It was the opposite of 'Great barkers are no biters'.

"Yes?" Jessica frowned impatiently.

She was so angry that she seemed to really mind that he didn't like her anymore. Alex felt happy secretly, but he pretended to be soulful and melancholy.

In fact, you don't have to be so sad, I still like you."

His voice was so loud that people around him looked at him.

Jessica, "..."

Which eye did he see that she was sad?

"I'm not sad. It's none of my business whether you still like me or not, okay? Get out of the way!" Before the gossip about her had been cleared up, Alex did that again. It was annoying!

She was in no mood to quarrel with him and trying to kick him in the crotch.

Alex did not expect her to kick so hard. His face turned pale and he ducked out of the way quickly. And at that moment, she had passed him and gone.

But after playing around with so many women, he realized that women were duplicitous creatures. The more she reacted, the more she cared about him.

"She's just in a temper. Go on eating." Alex watched Jessica as she left, smiled as if he was determined to win, and then told the crowd apologetically.

The look of the people on the spot became tricky suddenly. At the beginning, they just spread the rumor about Jessica's relationship with Ryan and Alex. But after all, there was no evidence, and they did not respond.

But now it was different. Alex's words were an indirect admission that he had a relationship with Jessica.

As soon as Clara heard this, she knew something bad was going to happen. She swore at Alex inwardly and then got up to chase Jessica.

It would be better to tell Jessica this as soon as possible...

Jessica went around to a pavilion, and called Ryan.

After the video call was connected, Ryan's cold and handsome face appeared on the phone. He was not wearing a suit jacket, but only a white shirt.

Unlike other men who looked gentle in white shirt and black suit trousers, he still had a strong sense of aggression in this color, like a beast that could attack at any time, which was suffocating.

Jessica had been used to seeing this face since childhood, but when she suddenly saw it on her mobile phone, she still felt he was breathtaking for an instant.

It was good when they were face to face, because she could choose not to look at his face. But on the video call, she could only look at his face when she looked at the screen. And his deep gaze made her face burn uncontrollably, and even her heart beat faster.

Under the sun, the hard lines of Ryan's face looked softer. "What's the matter?

Jessica coughed unnaturally, and said gloomily, "Well, some people always say that you and I are lovers. I want to clarify that I am your sister, so I called you."

But he didn't answer.

When Ryan heard 'lovers', a light flashed in his eyes. "Why do they think you and I are lovers?"

Jessica thought there was something wrong with his focus, but she still explained earnestly, "I suddenly became popular yesterday. They thought I might have a sugar daddy. In addition, you're good to me. And then they said the expression in your eyes was not right when you look at me, so they thought you are my sugar daddy."

She didn't mind that they gossiped about her relationship with Alex and Chris. But they had involved Ryan in it. Really annoying!

Ryan reached out his hand and touched the screen. Jessica felt as if he wanted to touch her lip, but he quickly withdrew his hand, as if it had just been an unintentional gesture.

She thought that she might have misunderstood just now.

Ryan asked implicitly. "What do you think?" His eyes were deeper than usual.

"... Me?" Jessica pointed at herself, stammering, "I ... I think the way you look at me is the way a brother looks at his sister. It's because they s are so filthy that they think there's sex trade between us."

Who knew how they imagined her with her brother!

Ryan's eyes looked darker with a hint of self-mockery. "Filthy?"

Would she feel it filthy if he liked her?

"What? No, no, no. I just think we've always been brother and sister. You wouldn't think that! No, brother, don't get me wrong, I mean ..."

Ryan cut her off with a straight face. "You don't need to explain."

She just didn't like him.

His gaze made her blood freeze, so she avoided it unnaturally. To avoid being too embarrassed to continue the subject, she awkwardly changed the subject.

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