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Alice didn't expect him to come back so soon. First of all, he said yesterday that he would help the usual design of the main building. It would definitely not be so fast. Second, the scratches on his face were so obvious.

Alice summoned her courage to face her fierce momentum at the moment, "To end my relationship with you as husband and wife. We will step on different paths."

Benjamin gritted his teeth. He really did not expect that she could really speak it out in front of so many people.

"Did I agree?" Benjamin approached her and questioned her aggressively.

She hadn't seen him like this for a long time, as if there was a cold chill hidden behind the calm.

However, with so many people there, could kill her?

"It doesn't matter whether you disagree or not, when you get married, do you ask me if I agree?"

Ben sneered with a sneer, "Then I'll wait and see how this marriage ends."

On the surface, she couldn't see his inner anger, but he was so angry that Alice shivered.

He had the ability to obtain a legitimate marriage certificate without her knowledge, so she must have the ability to prevent her from unilaterally ending the marriage.

Alice thought that if she wanted a divorce, she could only go to Benjamin's parents. Anyway, they wanted her to be as far away from Benjamin as possible.

At lunchtime, Benjamin stood in front of the office and called out, "Alice ..."

Everyone in the office was holding their breath, just to see what happened to these two couples? Even the people who were just ready to eat were sitting back to their seats lightly.

Don't think that they came back to work at the expense of their rest time. They just want to see that this couple's wonderful life.

Alice was drawing, thinking that the team leader called her, she responded very forcefully, "Here."

Benjamin pouted, "Get ready to eat."

Alice then found that the voice was not the team leader, and looked up at Benjamin, and then quickly lowered her head again, and continued her unfinished picture, "No."

Many people were anxious for Alice's answer. So the perfect husband came to ask her to eat, and she just took this attitude?

Shouldn't it? After a happy and nodded shyly, did the little white rabbit follow the husband behind?

Sure enough, the Chief was still very temperament "Alice, don't cross the line."

Alice looked at the angry Benjamin silently. This person was so funny. Wasn't it because she didn't give him this face in the staff?

Alice was not afraid of dying and whispered to him, "I don't have a face, so please stay away from people like me."

"Hmm ..." Several spectators accidentally laughed It was because the quarrel between the two was too pediatric and naive.

Benjamin came directly to drag someone with a cold face, knowing that if it was so troublesome, he wouldn't need to talk to her and drag her over directly.

"I said, I don't eat, I'm not hungry. I don't want to eat with you ..."

He was so strong that she couldn't open his big hand clenching her wrist.

"Shut up, if you don't stop, I'll take you out directly."

He was threatening. It really worked, and she didn't want to keep joking with him in front of everyone.

When eating. The two sat face to face, Alice said suddenly, "After the divorce, you have to pay me alimony every month, and this studio, I have to get half of the shares."

Benjamin looked at the person in front of him like a neurosis. She was determined to divorce him a second ago, and now she was negotiating.

"If you don't divorce me, everything is yours."

Alice said relentlessly, "I would rather have the other half of the money than to live with you."

Benjamin's was gritting his teeth.

"You'd better don't even think about it." Although he could not tolerate the divorce, he still had a lot of concern for her.

Help her with a bowl of soup and put it in front of her. "If you don't finish it up, you will be deducting salary." Then, he left, for fear that he be angry by her words.

Alice stared angrily at the back of his departure, and by the time he disappeared in the restaurant, her look had become dim and lonely.

Maybe a lot of things were because you thought too much. God always had something unexpected to you.

He ordered her to drink the soup, and she really drank it, just because she was afraid he would deduct her salary.

She went to the outside pharmacy to buy the ointment, and the scars on his face had been there for two days.

She went directly into his office without knocking on the door. He stood by the floor-to-ceiling window and smoked. When he saw that she was coming in, he pressed the remaining half of the cigarette and opened the window with ease.

The taste of nicotine made Alice frown unhappily, and the ointment in her hand was unpleasantly thrown on his desk. "Please rub some medicine on your face. If there was a scar, I will not be responsible."

Benjamin's deep eyes were gazing at her instantly, and the sun shone into the office through the glass window. He stood with his back to the sun, dazzling.

Suddenly, he came up with a sentence, "Sometimes I also think, if that accident killed me. Will you always remember me and keep me in your heart."

Alice's heart trembled for a while, her mouth hard, "Aren't you dead?"

Benjamin smiled bitterly, walked over, picked up the ointment she threw on the table, "You were going to divorce me, and you still bought the ointment. I will misunderstand you still care about me."

Alice looked at him, "Yeah, I just still care about you, care about how much personal assets you have now, and how much I can get when I divorce. It is enough for the rest of my life."

Benjamin turned a deaf ear to her words. Anyway, she just had nothing to do now, just to anger him.

He opened the ointment and handed it to her, a pair of deep eyes looking at her meaningfully.

Alice casually asked him, "What?"

"Help me with the ointment." Benjamin.

"Alice, "Can't you do this?"

"I can't see it." Benjamin.

"Isn't there a mirror in the bathroom?"

"It's yours." He had to make a serious statement.

Benjamin pointed at the scratches on his face. If it was not for her, his face couldn't look like this.

Alice took the ointment with her hand reluctantly, and when she lowered her head and squeezed the ointment, he still whispered, "If it weren't you that provoked me, would I do this to you?"

The ointment was cool. Her smooth fingertips circled gently around his wound. He said, "When I was good to you, I didn't see how good you were to me."

Alice, "So you're not kind to me?"

Not kind?!!

"Everything I do to you is for you. Idiot." said Benjamin.

Alice put down the ointment, took a piece of paper in the carton, wiped her hands, and looked at Benjamin, "Then could you do me a last favor?"

Don't even think about it. He knew what she wanted him to do, and answered directly, "No."

Alice lowered her head and stood in front of him and pumped the paper. Benjamin looked down at her with mixed flavors in his heart, and his deep voice slowly opened. "Go to the lounge to sleep, I will call you after an hour."

Alice looked up at him, he was just looking at her, so their eyes met, and he couldn't say much.

"I'm not sleepy." After that, she turned and left.

Benjamin didn't keep her forcibly. She had just walked to the door. He had already picked up the cigarette and lighter on the table, and was about to turn around and smoke at the French window. His heart was suffocating.

Alice, who had not yet closed the door, turned around and said, "No smoking."

After the office door was closed behind her, he stared down at the cigarette in his hand, and finally put it back again.


At the end of the afternoon, Benjamin asked Alice to go back with him. Alice refused, "Marco comes here, and I will accompany her tonight."


Benjamin frowned, thinking for a while, "The one working in the bar?"

Hey, and see. He now had the face of the rich, "Yeah, that's the one who stayed with me at the bar."

"..." He couldn't answer a word, and she just left in front of him like that.

Alice didn't go to see Marco, nor did Marco come here. She received a call from Benjamin's mother. Maybe Joan knew that she had a miscarriage and asked to see her.

At the restaurant they met, Joan looked up and down Alice several times before speaking, "Since the child was gone, you and Ben ..."

Alice interrupted Joan's words, "I've asked to divorce him, but he disagreed. You go and talk to him."

When Joan heard it, she didn't know what to say, and thought she would disagree. "Alice ..."

Alice smiled forcefully. "I didn't want to marry him at all. It was enough for me to go through a broken family in my life."

Joan's face suddenly changed. "What do you mean?"

"Isn't it obvious? When you and your husband could report my dad, someone would report the mayor, and I heard that there have been some problems with your company's operations recently."


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