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As soon as she was angry, she easily lost control. At this moment, it was only the cup of warm milk that could let her off. She raised her hand and threw it toward the doorway, then smashed it impartially.

The glass was broken, but there was a thick carpet on the ground. When the pieces fell to the ground, almost no sound was heard.

The milk in the cup spilled all the way, and even splashed on Benjamin's body.

Benjamin was extremely angry, but she hasn't recovered completely yet, he didn't want to make trouble with her.

The clothes with milk were not changed, and he put on shoes, and went out without looking back, leaving a mess in the room, and her.

Alice sat back on the sofa weakly, thinking to herself that she had determined to get divorce, even if she can only marry him in this life, she had to ask him to make a serious proposal.

Benjamin leaned against the icy wall of the door, holding the dark coat in one hand and pressing the swollen temple with the other hand, and did not leave for a long time.

Alice was not sleepy because she had slept this afternoon. Now it was 12 o'clock in the evening. The jerk had not returned yet. It seemed that she intended to stay all night.

In Chuck's apartment, Benjamin was almost drunk, but he continued to drink without persuasion. When Jim came from Queen District, he asked Chuck when he saw him like this, "You said, this world is with so many good women. Why did he have to hang himself to Alice? "

Chuck took a sip of honey-colored spirits, and the meaning of laughter was complicated, "Because of love."

Jim just drank the wine in his mouth and almost did not spat it out. This was so old. But after all, this answer was indeed true.

Jim held the glass and touched Chuck's glass. All three were silent, and just drank.

When you drink too much, the words in your heart won't stop.

Jim was so drunk and asked Chuck, "Bro, does Janice have a boyfriend?"

Chuck almost fell asleep just now, and opened his dim sleepy eyes, shook his head, "No, in fact, she likes Dr. Ran, but ..."

Jim smiled bitterly. "Can she like any man and even fall in love at first sight, but it's impossible to fall in love with me?"

Dr. Ran, the name was a time bomb in Benjamin's heart. Hearing this name, he felt like he was awake instantly, and slammed the table hardly.

"That's Dr. Ran. What's so good of him? Why so many women like him, I tell you, if he was not dead, I must prove to him that Alice cannot like him, Alice is mine. "

If ? There was no if.

Chuck disagreed with Benjamin's statement, refuting him, "Why do you think Alice is yours. Benjamin, I warn you, if you let her cry again, I must prove to you, she may be mine. "

If they were not good friends, it may be a wonderful love triangle.

There are many women, aren't they?

But in this world, there were just a few people who had always identified only one person.

The three laughed each with their own meaning, and continued to drink without getting drunk. They could only stay here if they were drunk.

So that when Janice came over the next day, she almost thought that she had gone to the wrong place. How much did the three of them drink? It was 10 o'clock in the morning, and they hadn't got up yet.

Janice lifted her foot and kicked Jim, who was closest to her. His head was resting on the sofa..

"Hey, the sun is tanning, what about you?"

Jim had a dream, dreaming that Janice was in his room, and gently and sweetly asked him to get up. He was laughing at himself in the dream, and it really was a dream, otherwise how could that girl be involved with the word tenderness.

Feeling groggy and distressed by the sound of her, he opened his eyes hard, it was the girl in his dream, but not tender.

He smiled at Janice in front of her, "Why are you here?"

Janice was so angry that he even dared to ask her how she would come. In the morning, the older brother was not present. As a result, the secretary, assistant, and she continued to call him, but no one answered. In the end, it may be the phone that was out of power and cannot be connected directly.

She couldn't find anyone, so she could come here.

"What about the three of you?" Janice asked with a bad attitude. God knows why she was angry every time she saw Jim from an early age, and every time he was around, she felt that the world was chaotic. But he didn't save her.

Jim straightened, feeling like he was almost falling apart, and then stretched himself, glanced back at those two who were still asleep on the sofa.

Only then answered Janice's question, "In the absence of a woman, we were psychologically and physically tormented.

Janice stared at him. How could he be in want of women?

She pointed to Benjamin, whose face was scratched. "What's wrong with his face?"

Jim shrugged easily. "Apart from Alice, who else did that to him?"

That's right. Janice also felt that she had asked too much. Only Alice had that ability.

"Hurry up and wash yourself, it's smelly." Janice pinched her nose and rushed him to the bathroom.

Jim deliberately put the demon's face on Janice's face when he got up and left.

"Get off!" I haven't seen a man so shameless.

Jim went to the bathroom, Janice went to the kitchen, and the two lying on the sofa opened their eyes almost at the same time.

After all, the woman was his own sister. Chuck said, "Do you know why Yuna left?"

Benjamin recalled for a while, "Because Jim was drunk and seemed to say something, and Yuna left."

Chuck wondered, "What did he say? Yuna never returned when she left?"

Benjamin thought for a while, and was about to speak. The two eyes were opposite each other. They seemed to think of the same point, "What did he say last night?"

Ben and Chuck also knew Jim very well. If he really was what they had thought of him, this Jim was really ... too masochistic.

"Where is our Janice?" Chuck seemed to be talking to himself, and he also was asking Benjamin.

Why was she single and she didn't like any kind of man for her? It seemed that she was not at all possible for men all over the world except Dr. Ran.

Without Dr. Ran's appearance, Janice had not taken the initiative to admit that she liked any of the opposite sex.

Chuck and Benjamin faced each other again, and the same look seemed to have identified something.

Therefore, when Jim came out of the bathroom, the two of them entered the bathroom upstairs at the same time, like a spy, watching the situation of the two people outside in a small door slit.

However, what happened next was not what the two big men imagined. Jim didn't enter the kitchen and the two did not interact with each other.

It wasn't until Janice came out of the kitchen that she spoke to Jim very often, "I cooked the sober soup. I will go back to the company first."

Jim looked down at the phone, and replied casually, "Huh."

After that, there was no after.

Janice was gone, Jim still looked down and playing with the phone, as if the two really had nothing to do with each other.

Oh, maybe the two didn't have any abnormal relationship? Or maybe there was a deeper relationship, so the two people will be strange and strange.


Benjamin did not see Alice when he returned home, and dialed her number angrily. As a result, Alice did not answer the phone. When Benjamin was about to dial again, a message came in.

"I'm back to New York."

Therefore, after Alice returned to New York for a day, she went to work in the studio and bought some fruits and desserts as thanks for so many people cared for her and helped her. She vaguely remembered that there were two male colleagues having blood stain on the pants because of her.

Colleagues in the studio did not expect Alice to come to work so soon. After all, it was a miscarriage. Although it was not the same as having a child, she was the wife of the Chief.

Alice smiled when she looked at them gossiping but dare not ask, "Well, let me tell you, I and Benjamin are indeed husband and wife, but ..."

Before the last words, the female colleagues started to run to her with a face to admit mistakes. "Mrs. Chief, we are wrong. We should not gossip about Chief's private business. "

Another female colleague said, "Yes, we should not do so."

Seeing this, the few single male colleagues couldn't help laughing.

Alice couldn't help laughing, "It would be fine."

Several female colleagues looked at Alice, "Aren't you angry?"

Alice still laughed, "What's so angry, he and I are over soon."

No one in the office had responded yet. What did it mean?

A familiar, low-tension voice spread across the suddenly silent space, "What are you gossiping about?"

Everyone looked at Alice curiously, including Benjamin who had just returned after asking a question.


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