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Alice didn't look up at him, she smiled coldly. Was she fooling around? He tried his best to make her lose the child, why now he said she was fooling around.

She became ever more speechless with him. Maybe this was the so-called, mourning is more than death.

In the car, Chuck drove. Benjamin and Alice were sitting in the back row. Benjamin reached out and held her two cold hands in his palm. His palm was very warm.

Alice accepted it indifferently. Perhaps in the eyes of others, such an action would be very warm, but here they were not.

He helped her warm up her hands from a young age. When it was cold, he used to do this, and whatever she was doing, she just accepted it.

It seemed that such warmth between them was an ordinary part of life.

Because of this, when they are trying to develop from the most intimate friendship to a lover, they can never feel the warmth of their hearts.

He waited for her hands to feel warm before he let go of her. He raised his eyes and looked at her, she turned to look out the window, and she didn't like to see him.

The corner of her mouth slightly moved upwards, which meant much more than words. He touched her hair and did not speak.

There were so many things, so many words that were hard to say.

Chuck sent them to the house where Benjamin lived. As far as the status of the two of them was concerned, eating with them was not enough to change the situation.

Chuck, who was sitting in the car, watched them going to the apartment one after the other, Alice hurriedly walked ahead, Benjamin followed, and they did not know if they would return to this state.

An idea flashed in Chuck's mind, but soon he shook his head with a bitter smile, ruling out his own idea.

Even if they were quarreling now, at least they were still together, no matter whether the two of them agree, they may not be able to separate them.

In the room, Alice pushed the door of the guest room without a word and walked in. Benjamin was behind her. She didn't know if he was intentional. She closed the door with a bang, and kept him out.

Benjamin stared at the door in front of her, trying to lose his temper, but it was her inside, and he couldn't lose his temper.

When he showed up in Alice's room, he still had a basin of warm water in his hand. Needless to know, her feet must be cold now.

Alice had already climbed into the bed, only taking off her down jacket. Benjamin frowned.

Lifting the quilt next to her feet, and now it was impossible for her to sit up and put her feet into the warm water. He had to wash the towel in warm water, and then cover it on her feet.

Repeated several times, it may be that Alice felt that it was OK, and she retracted her feet into the quilt, and said nothing to him.

Benjamin stood beside the bed and looked down at her for a while. She was clearly uncomfortable sleeping like this, and he said, "Take off your clothes."

Suddenly, a pillow passed in the direction of Benjamin, and he only heard Alice's sentence, "Get out."

This kind of Alice, Benjamin had seen it before, and continued to stay with her, "I will get out if you take off your clothes."

Alice ignored him directly.

If it was before, Benjamin would have been patiently sitting by the bed waiting for her to compromise, but now he was used to using a more direct and fast method.

A sudden breeze, Benjamin lifted the silk quilt on her body, dragged her up, and began to help her take off her sweater, then pants.

It's crazy.

Alice was angry and tried to resist him, but he was a man after all, and she was a weak woman. How could the strength of her arm be able to resist him?

After that, her clothes were replaced with comfortable pajamas, and his handsome face and his exposed neck could be described as terrible.

Alice didn't expect her to be so vicious. When she saw the scratches on his face, her heart suddenly snapped. But soon, that kind of distress passed by, so it was nothing to him, he was so cruel that he even tried to kill his own child, and he was the cruelest wolf.

She didn't know if it was a guilty conscience, she burrowed into the bed, covering her head, motionless.

It took a while before he bent over and pulled her off the horns that covered her head. She had been sleeping like this without fear of being stuffy.

Help her with quilt well, he left her bedroom. As soon as the door of the room was closed, the person on the bed opened those sleepless eyes, her heart was sour, and she didn't know whether his face would have scars as she scratched him hard.

After a while or so, Alice felt like she was falling asleep, and seemed to dream that someone was helping her trim her fingernails.

However, a few hours later, when she was awakened by starvation and opened her eyes, her fingernails had been cut bare.

She was very angry. Was he taking revenge of her?

When Alice went out of the room, the lights in the living room were on, but he didn't see him. The room was very quiet. She could hear his voice looming, and he should be on the phone with someone.

Benjamin, who was calling on the balcony, heard something moving, and looked back at the room. She was standing in the dining room and staring at the dishes on the table.

He said something to the other person, then turned off the phone, and walked into the restaurant. Alice was about to put a piece of beef in her mouth. But someone hit the back of her hand relentlessly, "Go wash your hands."

Alice glared at him, and immediately thought that she had secretly vowed a week ago, and never cared about this cold-hearted person. Let him do whatever he wanted. Anyway, she can't resist it by herself, but she will use her own way to fight against him.

For example, the cold war.

She turned into the kitchen and washed her hands, not because she was afraid of him, but because she didn't like to communicate with him too much.

Because she didn't eat for a whole day, she was full without eating a few mouthfuls. She didn't say a word, and just put down the chopsticks and left. Benjamin knew that her stomach was uncomfortable, so he didn't force her to eat more. In fact, he already thought about giving her a glass of milk later.

Alice didn't return to the room immediately, but instead sat on the sofa in the living room, holding the remote control, turning on the TV, and changing channels haphazardly.

Benjamin also sat in the living room after he finished eating and packing up the dining room and kitchen. She sat there, treating him as air, and he deliberately sat closer to her.

A funny variety show was playing on the TV. The actors were laughing their heads off, but the two people sitting on the sofa were expressionless. Their eyes were fixed on the TV screen without focus.

Suddenly, Alice said, "I will go back tomorrow."

Benjamin said according to his own thoughts, "Let's stay here for a few more days, and let Janice come to accompany you tomorrow."

In fact, in Alice's thought, he just needed to nodded, but he arranged her life without permission.

Inexplicable, "I said. I go back tomorrow."

Her voice was not small, showing how much anger was suppressed in her heart. Benjamin turned her head and looked straight at her, but there was nothing he could do about her.

Even if Alice didn't look at him, she knew that he was staring at her. She turned her head and looked at him with a sigh of relief. She just stared at him. She didn't pay much attention to his face just now. The lights on the TV screen were on and off, and couldn't hide the scars on his face that were scratched by her.

The throat was so tight that he opened his mouth and stopped talking.

Benjamin saw the flashes of panic and distress in her eyes, "I promised to give Chuck a sketch for the main building. Let's wait for the design plan to come out, and then go back."

Alice was actually very much like refuting him, wanting to say, 'He obviously wanted to wait until the scratches on his face disappeared before going back. '

But she didn't, and still didn't want to talk to him more.

"It doesn't matter, I go back by myself." Alice said coldly.

Benjamin frowned. "Why are you anxious to do back?"

"Go to work." Alice replied indifferently. She didn't lie. She really wanted to go back to work.

Benjamin said angrily, "The studio cannot be closed without you."

The two were silent for a long time. In the middle, Benjamin went to the kitchen to help Alice make a glass of milk, and Alice stared at the glass of milk in front of her eyes, thoughtful.

She said, "Find a time to get divorced one day." It was not a negotiation. It was a decision.

Benjamin didn't respond for a while. Alice thought his silence had been agreed. She didn't drink the glass of milk on the table and got up to go back to the bedroom.

Sitting with him for a long time, she was afraid she couldn't be so calm anymore.

As soon as she got up, Benjamin's thick voice spread, "I said, if I live, you can only be mine."

Alice smiled coldly, "I'm a human, not a good. How can you keep it when you want to? When you got the marriage certificate, you got it without my knowledge. Do I have to marry you? "

Benjamin reached for the glass of milk, stood up with the milk, walked in front of her, and handed it to her.

Alice refused to hold the milk, so he took her hand and tried very hard to force her to take the glass of milk.

The strength in his hands was enough to prove that he was very angry now, and endured so hard that Alice didn't want to make trouble with him and was forced to take over the milk.

She only heard him say indifferently, "You don't have to marry me, but the one you can marry is only me."

The words didn't end, he had turned around and left, instead of returning to the bedroom, but walked towards the door, took the coat on the porch hanger in hand, and was ready to go out.

Thinking of that time when he took a strange woman home often in order to force her to kill her child, or he just stayed away at night, even if she knew that he and those women were just acting, she just can't forgive him.


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