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She lovingly stroked her hands on the flat belly. Perhaps she was too stubborn. She and Benjamin ended three years ago. She was not willing to give up.

No one in the studio knew her relationship with Benjamin. Just when Benjamin left angrily just now, everyone's eyes turned to Alice's direction, because she was the last person to come out of the chief's room.

Gossip girls asked, "Alice, what's the situation with the Chief?"

"Yeah, I have never seen him so angry."

"Alice, if the chief wants to cast couch, I think you should obey."

"Yes. Judging by his appearance, I think he will be the kind of man who pampers his girlfriend."

The female colleagues gossiped one by one, Alice only though it was funny and angry.

The grown-up man was her legal husband, and he had said that this life was only dedicated to her.

But everything was different.

Alice smiled reluctantly at her colleagues. She didn't say much, and she didn't want to talk now.

Also because of Alice's silence, everyone couldn't help wondering that the two of them might really have adultery.

Before she left the office, Alice suddenly felt that she was not very comfortable, and felt shaky sitting on the office chai. It seemed that she may faint at any time, and the abdomen suddenly had a kind of colic that she never had before, which made she had a very bad hunch.

In addition to dizziness and nausea, she wanted to go to the bathroom, but before she got up, she fainted on the ground.

Colleagues only heard a sound, and when they saw Alice, everyone was scared.

Alice fainted, and she was... bleeding from her lower body.

God, was it possible that Alice was a pregnant woman. What was the situation now?

Who had the time to gossip at a critical time? It was still important to save people.

The team leader was a veteran in the workplace. Although it was not clear how close Alice and the Chief were, but according to him, it was definitely not ordinary.

Therefore, he called the Chief who had left the studio and said that Alice had fainted.

Several male colleagues lifted up the fainted Alice, because her lower body was all blood. Several male colleagues were single, and for a while they didn't know what to do.

Taking the elevator downstairs and waiting for the arrival of the ambulance. Many people followed and ran down. Alice worked very hard on weekdays, and was kind-hearted. Many of her colleagues were really anxious about this accident. .

Even before the ambulance had arrived, Benjamin was already rushing towards here.

In fact, he had been sitting in the car and smoking since he just left.

Seeing that she was so bloody, and was held two male colleagues, his heart was hurting like being pierced by a knife.

A careful female colleague probably understood Alice's current situation and did not dare to let her sit on the ground and got cold. A male colleague did it without hesitation. After all, life is more important.

"Alice ..." He ran to pick her up, anxiously calling her name, listening carefully, and hearing his voice choked.

Alice opened her eyes and looked at him weakly. He was still so nervous about her, why should he be so bad to her?

Without him, she was a fearless female with strong will, but as soon as he appeared, all her strength was instantly collapsed, and she felt that she had become the most aggrieved person in the world. Tears couldn't be suppressed, and she didn't want to control them either. Looking at him, the tears fell down.

Her tears made him frown deeper, and his trembling fingers wiped the tears that kept falling from her eyes.

A deep voice coaxed her, "It would be fine."

She accused him, "It's your fault, because you don't like it."

Several colleagues looked at each other, as if they understood a lot of things at once.

The ambulance arrived quickly, Benjamin was holding her on the stretcher, but Benjamin was stopped by a medical staff. "The patient is in a special situation and outsiders are not convenient to enter."

The doctor had seen Alice's emergency situation at this time, thinking that Benjamin was a colleague or friend.

Benjamin stunned for a moment, explaining to the medical staff, "I am her husband."

Benjamin was allowed into the ambulance, leaving a few people still digesting his words...

"I am her husband."

Oh, so the one who they were so nervous about just now was Mrs. Chief.

When Alice came to work for the first time, the chief's introduction was as sunk in, "Alice, a neighbor when he was a kid."

Well, to the female colleagues who had always wanted to come to get the Chief gossip from Alice were disappointed by the fact.

In the ambulance, Benjamin nervously comforted Alice. It was better to say that he was comforting himself than to comforting Alice, "It will be fine."

Doctors help Alice take blood pressure to take simple rescue measures. Having someone to speak with the patient can also divert the patient's attention to the pain.

Alice was not stupid. Seeing his fear, she knew he did it on purpose. In fact, he knew that the child in her stomach, except his, was unlikely to be someone else's.

But she didn't understand why he wanted to push her away since the surgery was over.

Alice couldn't easily forgive him, and wronged and argued with him, "Aren't you looking forward to something wrong happen to me every day. Right now, as you wish, we almost lose the child."

Benjamin's eyebrows twisted. If he really didn't want this child, how could he stay to this day, he had some ways to kill this child.

He held his hand in the middle of Alice's hair, "I didn't dislike it."

He didn't know how difficult it was for her to stand alone these days. How much she had suffered for him, "You ... Benjamin, you are just a jerk."

The medical staff did not understand what happened to the young couple. Each family had its own mode of getting along. From the perspective of their outsiders, the couple was very in love. As for the so-called quarrel in this way, it should also be their special relationship.

Sometimes they didn't know how to describe their relationship. Whether they had changed from friends to lovers, or whatever.

They seemed difficult to get along with the mode of what others got along with.

Benjamin waited at the entrance of the operating room. A month ago, the doctor's words were still swirling in his mind. "The progesterone in pregnant women was too low, and the possibility of miscarriage was very high. We still recommend that you perform abortion surgery as soon as possible. When you insist to have this child, you still have to consider your child's health. After all, there were a lot of anti-heart rate hormone drugs in your body. "

He was wrong and he shouldn't have her pregnant. The moment he signed the consent form, his hands were shaking.

When she came out, she will never forgive him again.

When the surgery was over, when Alice was pushed out of the operating room by medical staff, she was awake because she was not under general anesthesia, and she knew what happened during the whole process.

More than three years ago, even if she lost everything in a day, she was not as helpless as in the previous operation. She couldn't change anything. She could only lie on the operating table and accept her fate.

God always had the best arrangement. When everything was taken away, it will always leave you an equally precious gift.

Benjamin did not wait for her at the door of the operating room. She smiled sadly. When the moment he signed the consent form, everything should be over.

So when Benjamin appeared in her ward, she didn't say a word, and since then, they have nothing to say.

Benjamin sat in front of the bed and watched her fall asleep with her eyes closed. He knew that she was not asleep, but she didn't want to see him or talk to him.

She stayed in the hospital for a week. He stayed with her for a week, but it was just two people who didn't say a word.

On the day she was discharged from the hospital, he helped her pack everything. He had wanted to hold her downstairs, but she refused.

He took her home, and while he was at work, she left his house without saying a word.

Benjamin went to work, and several colleagues who cared about Alice wanted to ask the Chief about her conditions, but they did not dare to ask, because their Chief was not so good.

With so much blood shed at that time, there was little chance that the child would be kept.

"Alice she ..." the secretary finally asked, and the entire studio held their breaths waiting for Benjamin's answer.

Benjamin didn't know how to answer, because everyone knew their relationship. In fact, he didn't think about concealing anything from the beginning. He just smiled forcefully and didn't say anything.

Everyone knew the answer.

Benjamin never thought that when he got home from work, she was gone.

He started looking for her, and found that she went to Queen District. He called Chuck, and finally found Alice in Dr. Ran's graveyard.

When Benjamin arrived, he almost tears her directly. It was so cold that she could sit in this place for a day, and still not fully recovered.

Benjamin strode over her. Chuck originally wanted to stop him, but failed. Now they need to calm down.

"Go back with me." Sure enough, Benjamin reached out and dragged her.

Alice knew that he would definitely come. She was here to wait for him. She shook his hand firmly on her wrist, indifferently said, "Let go of me."

Benjamin stared straight at her. The sky was so cold. Her face was pale like a piece of white paper. His heart suddenly hurt, and his voice was depressed, "Just stop fooling around, OK?"

He's compromising. Yes, he's compromising. He didn't want to see her uncomfortable look now. He was also suffering from losing the child, but her pain was much greater than his.


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