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The flat shoes on the feet had been taken off half, and then the entire body was as if immobile for a moment.

Why there was a pair of women's high heels?

"Ben, it's time for dinner. Who came just now?"

Alice's heart shuddered, and she turned her head and looked towards the restaurant. There was actually a woman. The apron around her could not conceal the woman's good figure.

The long, wavy hair was simply tied to the back and the face with delicate makeup was considered to be a beautiful woman.

It didn't look like the babysitter he invited back, Alice thought, Benjamin, are you provocative? Why she felt naive.

Seeing Alice's surprise, the woman asked Benjamin, who was already sitting at the table, "This is ..."

Benjamin didn't even look at Alice, and resolutely answered, "My wife, don't care about her."

On the contrary, Benjamin's words gave the woman a momentum. Since Benjamin said that she didn't need to care about her, it was enough to prove that this wife was not favored.

Wasn't the rich marriage all marrying for the sake of the interest of family? It seemed that this beautiful couple was the same.

Like Benjamin, the woman directly ignored Alice standing there. After the woman sat down, she began to help Benjamin diligently.

Benjamin didn't refuse her. Although he was still expressionless, it can be seen he was enjoying.

The two of them were eating in the restaurant, and the woman even fed Benjamin to eat.

Alice felt that this kind of thing could not happen in front of her. It was intolerable. She felt that she should warn the woman and let Benjamin know by the way that she did not allow him to bully.

She didn't wear slippers when she entered the door. She rushed into the restaurant barefoot. Without saying a word, she threw all the food on the table to the ground and stunned the woman and began to beat her.

"Ah ... you crazy woman, Ben, was she sick? Help me, ah ..."

She didn't know if this woman was really weak or she was pretending to be weak. She didn't even fight back. Alice didn't stop just because she didn't fight back. When she used to work at a bar, she saw many things happened like this.

Benjamin strode over, struggling with Alice's wrist with a strong hand, commanding sternly, "Release your hands!"

He was here to protect the woman.

The more he did, the angrier Alice became. She dragged the woman's hair vigorously, and refused to refuse to let her go, and then retorted with Benjamin, "Why should I let go of her. She seduced my husband. Can't I teach her??"

Although the woman was crying, but after listening to Alice's words, and Benjamin was obviously standing by her side, she boldly refuted Alice, "If you are good enough, are you afraid that your husband will be seduced by other women? The husband fell in love with another woman just because the wife was not doing well enough. "

Alice let go of the bitch. Yes, she was right. She smiled coldly. This proved that Benjamin was willing to do so.

Alice had let go of her. But Benjamin's big hand clasped on Alice's wrist had not yet released. Alice turned her head to look at Benjamin, "Let go of me."

The woman immediately cried and leaned on Benjamin's shoulder, "Ben, how could she be so fierce."


Alice smiled sadly, and suddenly felt that her persistence was unnecessary. Even if the gap between them was opened, the two of them were still impossible to be together.

She turned around, deliberately avoiding stepping on the pieces of dishes on the ground. She didn't want to torture herself or hurt herself. She was still a pregnant woman, a child in her belly, and she should take good care of it.

Benjamin's vague eyes stared at the back of Alice. Instead of tormenting her, he was even unhappier.

The woman hugged him, and said, "How about eating out."

Benjamin didn't look at her, but just coldly whispered, "You go back first."

The woman left, even if she was unwilling to do so, but she also knew how to stay a man.

It was only when she left, she did not forget to stare at Alice, who was sitting on the sofa in the living room. This woman was not easy.

There were only two people left in the house. Benjamin had no intention of explaining, let alone cleaning the restaurant.

Alice was left alone, sitting in the living room, holding back the tears in her eyes and biting her lips.

Benjamin went upstairs, and Alice was sitting alone in the living room thinking a lot. She knew that Benjamin now hated her.

She wanted to tell him all the truth, but Penny said that if she told him now, he would rather dig out the heart that belonged to Dr. Ran.

He would even mistake the child in her stomach as Dr. Ran's, such an idiot.

Perhaps after the child was born, everything will be fine.

After Alice cleaned up the mess in the restaurant, she cooked a bowl of egg noodles by herself. She was really hungry and couldn't starve the baby in her stomach.

Later, she found another room, so she did not return to Benjamin's room, and Benjamin did not hold her back to the room at midnight, as she did yesterday.

The next morning, there was breakfast at the table, but Alice had gone out, leaving a note, "I am going to work."

She thought things would get better slowly, but it got worse and worse.

He often stayed outside at night, even wearing a woman's perfume smell, and a woman's lipstick on the shirt collar.

Alice was still in the studio before finally finding an opportunity to talk with him, but he said, "There is nothing to talk about. You can have a child for another man. Why can't I find other women to have children for me?"

Alice looked at him silently. Was it really like what he said before the surgery, that the heart that was replaced was full of her? If she replaced it, she would no longer exist.

Benjamin saw that Alice had no intention of going out, and looked up coldly at Alice, who was standing in front of her, "You had not yet gone out."

Alice took an ultrasound picture from her coat pocket and put it on his desk. "The picture of the fetus. The little black spot is it. The doctor said it is very healthy."

Whether he wanted to admit it or not, the child was his.

Ben sneered, "A bastard. What's so good about it?"

The words did not fall, and he had thrown the pictures into the trash.

Alice calmly gazed at him. This man just changed his heart. Isn't he really the former Benjamin?

"When the hell are you going to stop fooling around?" She really felt that she was not going to endure. He was getting more and more excessive, either simply not going home or taking a strange woman home.

Benjamin looked up and looked at Alice, who could not do anything about him, indifferently, and said nothing.

Alice twisted her eyebrows, facing his eyes. In his eyes, she could not see the warmth before.

"Are you satisfied if you have to force me to kill this child? Do you have to believe that the child is yours if I have to do a paternity test? Have we reached the point where we need a certificate to gain trust? "

Benjamin dropped his indifferent gaze and stopped looking at her, a trace of coldness left over his mouth. "What were you thinking at that time? Like, anyway, Benjamin was going to die, so let me save the doctor."

After that, he looked up at Alice, and seemed to be asking her, 'Am I right? '

Why he still cared about this trivial thing. If it were not for the heart of Dr. Ran, he would not be able to stand here to have cold war with her.

Alice suddenly smiled, but just smiled bitterly, "Do you know how much courage I used to decide to stay with you? I want to give my child a complete home, and I also want to give myself a home."

"Benjamin, I have no home, my parents are gone. When I think there is only you in the world, and another little life has come to our world. I thank God for giving me this gift. I want to let go of everything. , With you, I want a home. "

"But you are not willing to stay with me. Your mother calls me every day to do abortion and promises to give me a sum of money as long as I leave you."

"Do you know how did I answer her? I said, I don't want money, I don't need anything, I just want Benjamin alone, because he will give me the whole world."

"And you ... don't want me."

Yes, Benjamin didn't want Alice anymore.

She had been holding these words for many days, and she stayed alone in the castle-like villa every night, hoping that he would go home early and talk to her.

But he was not the Benjamin who once favored her.

Speaking out, her heart was not so uncomfortable. Maybe they really can't go back.

With tears in her eyes, she looked at Benjamin who was still silent. He didn't even want to look up at her. She smiled sadly, and turned to leave.

She was not very entangled in personality, but she had been entangling with him all the time. But now, all was over.

When she came to the door, his cold voice spread across the large office. "If you were asked to choose it again, who would you save?"

This question can be answered without thinking, "Dr. Ran."

When leaving his office and returning to the regional office, Alice sat there for a while. She wanted to tell the truth to Benjamin, but Penny reminded her that the risk was too great. After all, the heart was just adapted the condition in his body.

Psychological rejection was fiercer than physical rejection. If Benjamin knew the truth and was unwilling to accept the heart, the consequences will be worse than before the heart change.

In the final analysis, the culprit was her Alice. If she had not stabbed the knife into his heart, all this would not have happened.


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