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The two are arguing each other, and an exaggerated cry comes downstairs, "Karin, I love you--"

"What's happening?"

Billie jumps out of bed in shock and runs to the window, "Oh, an insane guy again..."

Karin doesn't need to look and knows who he is, she sullenly says, "Don't watch, close the window."

"This Carl is really persistent. There is no transfer of rocks. You have refused him. He is still loving you!"

"Don't him in front of me."

She stares, takes up her pajamas and goes into the bathroom. The faucet opens and all the noisy voices are drowned instantly.

Carl is also one of the international students from Britain. She doesn't remember how did they know each other. Anyway, from the day they met, he fell in love with her and she can't get rid of him.

Twenty minutes later, she is out of the bathroom, and no sound is heard outside the window, and she breathes a sigh of relief, "He is finally gone."

"What's going on? Look at your phone."

Billie reminds her.

She nervously picks up her mobile phone and sees that there are more than twenty calls, all of which are from Carl.

It is unbearable, and she quickly edits a text message, "Go to hell!" She flips out of the phone book, just enters the shortcut letter C. Billie comes up curiously, her elbow touches her indifferently, and Karin shakes her hand a bit, and she presses the "Send" button.

When she sees that the receiver on the mobile phone screen is actually "Charlie", she is taken aback immediately. She hurriedly presses "cancel", but it is too late, and the screen shows "Send successfully".

"Oh my God!" With a slam, she falls on the bed and covers her head with a quilt.

"What's wrong?" Billie is completely unaware that she has makes a mistake, and steps forward kindly to ask.

"It's okay." She waves her hand, and couldn't say it in her heart. Charlie and Carl have the same shortcut M, and the two names are just next to each other...

Her mind is confused. She wonders if she should make a phone call or re-send a text message to explain it, but she is worried that Charlie would think she is deliberately making excuses to entangle. Just as she is in confusion, the phone call rings loudly.

She sits up in panic, seeing that Charlie has called her, she rushes out of the room, finds a quiet place, and presses to answer--


"Did I disturb your work?" The low, pleasing baritone makes her heartbeat speed up.

"No, I have a break today."

Karin takes a deep breath and explains, "Oh, I'm sorry, just now, I..."

"It's okay, you sends to the wrong person."

She freezes, and asks, "How do you know?"

Charlie chuckles, "Because I don't think I have done something that makes you hate me so much."

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