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Vivian lay on the bed with only one bra in front of her. At her repeated request, she also changed a pair of shorts in the lower part of her body.

This kind of comfort was better than nothing. It soothed her uncomfortable soul a little.

There was a cool touch behind her, which made her want to sigh comfortably. After thinking about it, she could bear it. She didn't want William to misunderstand it.

In the quiet atmosphere, a man's perception ability would be magnified infinitely. Even if Vivian wanted to drive away the pictures that shouldn't appear in her brain, the nerve fiber had been transmitted to her brain step by step.

She seemed to be able to sense how the slender finger touch on her back. His cool finger swept her skin and caused a shiver.

She felt her hair stand up.

William's eyes fell on her slender arms on both sides, and the corners of his mouth were slightly hooked and said, "Turn over."

"I can do it myself."

Vivian's stuffy voice came from the sofa. She didn't lose her arms and legs. She could do it herself.

"I'm just checking your knee to see if your ligament got hurt."

William's voice, with a deep banter, was like a fire on Vivian's face. She turned herself upside down and looked up at him directly, "Well."

She now felt like a salted fish, turning over and over to be sprinkled salt on her body, so that she could be soused more thoroughly.

He's a black-hearted fox, pretending to be pure and lofty, obviously he's just a goat!

William began to deal with her wounds with a firm eye. The expression on his face was also serious. Her deep eyes never stayed on her upper body for a second.

His movements were gentle, which not only didn't make her feel uncomfortable, but also made her feel more relaxed.

Vivian blushed shamefully. Maybe she misunderstood him a little.

"It's no big problem. It's just a little puffy. It's ok to apply some medicine."

William raised his head and saw Vivian's face was crimson. Her long eyelashes were quivering and she was biting her full red lips.

Under the beautiful neck was the sexy clavicle, and then down was her tempting 'little rabbit', the waist without a grip, and the two straight white legs.

It had to be said that she had a perfect figure and fitted him perfectly in bed.

In this way, his cold dark eyes were floating up a little blood gas, after a few seconds, it disappeared in his strong self-control.

"That's OK, or it'll be a problem." Vivian was relieved. Her legs were hurt and it was still troublesome. She didn't want to make Roe worry.

Vivian thanked to him and began to drive him, "Well, thank you, William, you can go now."

William pursed his lips unhappily, "Vivian, you seem to forget something."

"..." Vivian just wanted to see if it was possible to drive him away, hear his dangerous warning, and she looked like an honest quail again.

She was hungry.

A discordant voice sounded around the two people. Vivian didn't even have the courage to see William. She turned her head back to the sofa.

God, why do you want to make me so shameful in front of this man? I'm really going to die of shame and anger.

"You get hungry, huh." The man said with joyance.

"Well..." Vivian made a weak voice. She was really hungry. It's human nature to be hungry.



Vivian heard the sound of William's footsteps towards the kitchen.

She glanced at William secretly, and found that he took off his expensive suit and coat, his tie, and he slightly pulled his sleeves to his elbow, revealing his strong wheat skin.

A tall figure went straight into the kitchen, which immediately came to the sound of pots and pans.

Vivian covered her face and shrank her head back. Her face was hot.

She didn't know that William could cook for so long.

Fifteen minutes later, the man in the kitchen came out with two bowls of noodles and said, "You can eat it now."

"Well." Vivian's answer was stupefied. Next second, she quickly sat up from the sofa, accidentally involving the knee wound. Her eyes and eyebrows were all wrinkled together.

"Clumsy." The man who should have been standing at the table had come to her, reached out and easily carried her up and walked to the kitchen.

Vivian's face was so hot and she despised herself in his heart.

He just made a meal and held me for a while, making it look like an 18-year-old girl who had a crush on a handsome man.

Vivian, you are unpromising!

William put her on the chair and sat down opposite her. He pushed a bowl of light noodles in front of her and said in a light tone, "Eat it."

Vivian looked down at the noodles in front of her, which could be called "waterless". She sighed in her heart. She really couldn't have too much hope on this man.

She thought how good he was at cooking. She had some expectations in mind. Now it was just a bowl of tasteless noodles.

It was really a bowl of tasteless noodles. She even doubted whether the man in front of her had put salt in it.

William saw Vivian staring at the noodles without moving her chopsticks. He frowned and said, "Aren't you hungry?"

She was hungry, but she couldn't eat such noodles. Vivian sighed and looked up and said, "Can you do me a favor?"

If she really ate the noodles cooked by William, she was worried that it would shorten her life.

William put down his chopsticks and motioned for her to continue.

"I want to add an egg. Please help me to the kitchen. It will be ready soon after processing." Vivian said in a very euphemistic tone.

William began to purse his lips again. Does she dislike the noodles he made? This was his first time to make noodles. She didn't even appreciate it.

When Vivian saw the symbolic action, she immediately understood that he was not happy. She immediately flattered and said, "My knee was injured, I want to eat an egg. Really, I like the noodles you make."

William looked at her face, which was obviously puffy. She flattered with her smile, and he gave a direct evaluation.

"It's ugly."

Vivian felt that she was petrified and cracked in a moment, and the wind turned her into a pile of slag and landed on the ground.

He said she was ugly!!

"William, your taste is not good too."

There was a glimmer of smile in William's dark eyes, he got up and pulled out the chair and walked to her.

"What are you doing?" Looking at the approaching man, Vivian began to regret saying those words.

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