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Lily is almost drowned in her bitter tears and her heart beats fiercely. She is hopeless, especially by looking at the photo on the screen; the last straw in her body is crushed.

She has never done these things, but who will listen to her innocent explanation?

Rex will, thus he conceals everything from her, he takes everything on his own, but this is far from enough, there is no effect except bringing an endless pressure to himself.

Neither Rex's family or the outsiders will believe it.

She doesn't want to be a barrier for his family, career or reputation. No matter which one, she doesn't want it.

When Lily is crying sadly, come a soft sound to her ear suddenly.

Her heart tightened violently, she doesn't even have time to wipe her tears and stands up hurriedly to turn around.

Behind her, steady footsteps moves closer and closer and stops behind her. A pair of hand falls on her shoulders and after a few second, it gets stronger.

Lily's body is extremely stiff, she wipes her tears hurriedly, making an effort for not trembling, "I'll cook something for you, you stay in the bedroom....."

"Lily, look at me."

It might be his fever which makes his voice also dry. With his family's attitude, Lily doesn't even know how to face him.

Now she feels.... embarrassed.

Rex looks at the stiff little woman who is standing in front of him and pulls her body forcibly. And as expected, he meets a pair of crying red eyes, and also a dazzle pale lip.

They face each other, even the air quite for a few minutes. Every second is a great torment for Lily.

After a while, the man puts a big palm in her cheek, to wipe away the crisscrossing tears and soften up his voice, "Why are you crying?"

Lily lowers her eyes, realizing that he might have not heard her conversation with Tim and shakes her head, "Nothing, just winning the lawsuit makes my mood a bit complicated."


"No...." Lily opens her mouth but couldn't say the 'happy' word.

Just when she is distracted, the phone in her hand is suddenly taken away by force. She suddenly recovers but it is too late. The phone has fallen into Rex's hand.

"Give it to me!" Like a reflex, Lily reaches out to grab her phone back.

It is his inherent height advantage. He does it intentionally, she couldn't even touch it.

Photo, text message and call records, he has seen all of it. His face is very calm, so calm that his expression doesn't even change. However, this calmness makes Lily's breath unstable.

After looking through it, he locks the phone and giver her back, "Are you crying because of this?"

Lily exhales, resembling a smile yet not smiling, very fragile, "I don't want to talk nor discuss it with you, I..... feel embarrassed."

His unchanged expression finally surges, he reaches out to stop her trembling shoulders and asks in a low voice, "Why are you embarrasses?"

"I don't want to embarrass you because of my situation. I don't blame anyone. I choose the last marriage myself. Even if nothing happened, even if it was being misunderstood, I have nothing to complain...." Lily keeps on shaking her head. She almost chokes on every word.

All her posture and heart are very sensitive and fragile.

She is afraid that Rex will shoot her, thus she fell in advance.

"So? Are going to leave me or still stay by my side, huh?" Rex's vision looks at her fragile appearance. He questions her plainly and calmly, but he knows it, the body is burning again because of this word.

Lily is in the center of suspension, countless of thought keeps popping up and disappear in her head. And finally, she throws the question back, "Can I stay with you?"

Rex only feels that his heart is gripped by something, his brows frowns in pain. The way she asks, the way she looking forwards and also covering it up, shatter into pieces in his heart.

He keeps silence, his pupil is very dark and deep, his tall body slightly leaned down, clutching her lips accurately.

It is a scorching hot kiss, which make them difficult to separate for their craving for each other. At this moment, language could only be replaced by action.

Lily is melted in this kiss. The layer irony on her heart disappear, she knows how much she yearn for this man.

Does she want to stay by his side?

Yes, she really..... want.

Rex peeks at the woman who is panting hard in his arms. That small face is finally stained with blush, which is pleasing in his eyes, "No matter what, I will never let you go."

"But your family...."

"They don't understand you or me. It's my business, I'll decide it."

Why didn't Lily notice that he has this ability and position to choose what he wanted in his life? But still, they are his family. She doesn't want him to fight with his family just because of her.

As if he knows what she is thinking, the man raises her chin and looks at her sharply, "Lily, trust everything to me, you just need to stay by my side, okay?"

Lily observes his eyes, her heart is entangled, "I didn't disbelieve you. I just didn't believe myself."

"Tim can only do this at most, don't worry." Rex doesn't want to tell her this, but when she is panic, he still needs to say it. "These pictures are not important, wait till the old one understands it and everything will be fine, they just need a time."

"Can they really accept it? I even...."

"Yes." Rex doesn't give her the opportunity to doubt herself and hugs her, "I'm here."

After speaking, he lets Lily go and went downstairs, leaving her puzzled. When he comes back, he had a cup of milk on his hand, "Drink it, milk can calm you down."

Lily takes it.

He is still wearing a pajama with a collar on his neck. Lily accidentally touches the hot skin on his neck and remembers that he is having a fever.

Without thinking out it, she pushes him back to the room and takes a thermometer to measure his temperature. Thirty-eight point two degrees, fortunately, it doesn't heat up again.

Lily takes a towel and twirls it again. The man wraps his big palm into her tender little hand and sits on the bed while pulling her into his legs, even her hair become messy on her forehead, "Stay with me, okay?"

Lily doesn't response but only looks at him. Rex slightly sighs and hugs her to the bed and wraps her in the quilt. Her breath is full of the fragrance of his body, very relaxing.

Lily still wanted to say something, "Rex....."

"Shh, let me sleep, let's talk later." He says and kisses her and closes his eyes in an instant, as if feels really tired.

In the tranquil bedroom, while looking at the real handsome sleeping face, various kind of thought pop up in her mind. She keeps thinking about it until tired and fall asleep.

One second before she enters her dream, Rex hears the steady breath of the woman besides her and opens his eyes almost immediately.

There is no hint of gentleness in those deep eyes, all of which is suppressed but still turbulent and cold.

He slowly pulls his arms from her neck away and afraid that he might wakes her up. He leaves immediately without changing his clothes.

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