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The voice from the phone's microphone is not young. It might be his elder who opposes them together.

"Hello? Do you hear me? Your grandma and I didn't approve it. Although we hope that you can find someone to live together, it is definitely not her! We didn't have a high standard, but it is absolutely impossible to accept a divorced woman, do you understand?!" The old man keeps on talking aggressively. All of his words hurt Lily's heart, "I've seen the photo with your grandma. It doesn't look fake. A woman like her is not better, or else why did she divorce? This kind of thing can't only involve one people, don't be fooled!"

Lily's hand that is holding the phone has no strength left, as if the last piece of cloth is ripped off, the irony makes her feel ashamed.

So this is why he refused to say?

When she come back to her sense, she almost hangs up the phone immediately, not daring to delay for a second, afraid that she would hear more unbearable words from the old man's mouth.

After putting down the phone, Lily flees from the bedroom, closes the door and leans against the wall of the hallway. A feeling of powerlessness gradually surges from the feet to the heart.

Recalling that day when he answered the phone anxiously, he might afraid that she would hear it and went back home hurriedly. It is because of his family has known their relationship.

Lily thinks of the photo that the old man mentioned. Her mind is in a mess. Does it refer to her photo on the internet or something else?

Regardless of the type, the old man's attitude is very resolute. No better, divorced.

Those several words flash in her mind. Lily bits her lower lips tightly, thinking of what Bree and Harry had told her when she decided to divorce Tim.

'Do you know what thing that a divorced woman has to face?'

Until now, these cruel yet bleach question are not only a word. In the society nowadays, divorce seems to be the biggest mistake for woman. Although in her relationship with Tim, she is just an innocent victim, but the word 'tolerance' is only a word passing by, it is still a thing that involved two people.

They couldn't believe that why an excellent man like Rex is with a divorced woman?

Lily understands, but what is wrong with her....

She doesn't even know what to do to allow other to get rid of her prejudice from their heart, because it seems useless....

Just when Lily is distracted, the phone on her pocket rings. It is an unfamiliar number, but at this time, only Tim's family will be able to call her at this burning issue. Considering that he might would trouble Harry and Bree, Lily still decides to pick it up, "Hello?"

"Lily, what exactly do you want?!" The irritating voice roars out, shaking her eardrums.

"Me?" Lily shivers, as if being taken out of cold water, "Blame yourself for what you have today, this is just the late price you need to pay."

Up to this day, he still doesn't regret but only endless of accusation and swearing. And of course, she also understands and doesn't expect him to reflect on his mistakes.

"This is martial fraud. How can you take half of my property only by marrying me for more than a year, you are crazy..."

"Then sue me." Lily is so disgusted that she doesn't even have any patience to listen to his words, "The court has pronounced our divorce case. We are stranger from now on. You don't have to tell me any of this. If you are dissatisfied, you can appeal."

It seems that he is shocked by her decisive attitude, which make him silent for a few second before he suddenly laugh in madness, "Hahaha, do you think you can be with Rex once you've get rid of me? Stop daydreaming! I guess his family has looked for you, aren't they?"

Lily doesn't mind what he said until he said the word 'his family'. How can he know?

There is a thump in her heart, her frowns wrinkled even more, her body left the wall in shock, and she screams out, "Is it your job!?"

Tim snorts coldly, "Otherwise, why do you think Rex's family suddenly came to you?"

He has no idea that Rex has stopped all of this, yet he still complacent, "I've a lot of things in my hands that can make Rex's family feel disgust on you, so there is no benefit for you to insult me."

Hearing what he said and associated it with the old man's word. Lily gradually finds the logic, "So you are the one that send my photo to Rex's old house?"

"What about it?" Tim admits it generously and shamelessly, "You drove me to do this. I live unhappily and I will make you suffer too! If you insist in taking my assets, then this is only the beginning!"

"You!" Lily is breathless, her chest fluctuates violently. What can she do? Facing Tim, who are shameless, indifferent, a person who doesn't have any shame or even softness, what elsecanshedo!?

The moments of silence makes her fingers cold, "Tim, you've lost much now. If you continue in this way, you will only lose more."

"Haha!" He is like hearing a joke, "I'm a notorious now anyway, I don't care! I won't lose anything even if I gamble with you! What about you, don't you worry about Rex's family....."

'Du du du'......

Before Tim finishes, Lily has hung it up hurriedly. She hates his voice, hates everything that has to do with him, she even hates why she ever fell in love with him.

At that time, she's blind and fall in love with such a scum.

Coming to this point, she doesn't know how to do. Her young dedication and good emotional support has been a weapon for him to attack her.


Her phone vibrates twice. It is a text from the number just now.

Lily inhales deeply and clicks it. Her vision immediately locks on the photos he sent. Various of disgusting posture, in which the face is familiar.

Everything seems to be stay still, even her breathing seemed to cease existing.

Half minute later, Lily slides down the wall helplessly and crouches at the root of the wall, both hands on her knees and bursts into tears.

"Sob sob sob...." The broken voice is suppressed deep in the throat, afraid that the man who is sick in the bedroom might hear it. It then turns into a heartbreaking sob.

A big drop of tear comes out of her eyes. It's not like she doesn't think that this will happen after the victory of her lawsuit. The most frightening is that Tim and his family would refuse to stop the revenge.

What she worried the most, still happen.

Her previous marriage is like a plaster that attached to her body. She doesn't even know how to get rid of it.

Can she get rid of it?

Even if she can, three years, five years, ten years or even longer, nobody can still meet her in the past, including Rex.

At this moment, Lily has completely lost the confidence in herself. She even misses the Lily that barely wanted to win the lawsuit.

But there is no what if in this world. Now that she fell in love with Rex, she need to suffer and it is difficult.

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