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Suddenly, the cold war begins. Lily has not slept in his room since the day she checked his phone. In return, she has been slept in the guest room next to the master bedroom for the time being.

However, Rex, who has been waiting for the end of her menstrual period, keeps silence, doesn't care about her at all.

In fact, he is really busy. He has to deal with Tim and also her divorced lawsuit. He is scorched by the flames, which Lily has no idea about.

She thought he has been like this for the reason that she looks through his phone that night.

In the company, besides of meeting him in the weekly meeting, she rarely meets him. At home, they are busy with their own work. He usually stays in the study room until early in the morning, never shown up.

One night, Lily knows that he hasn't slept and deliberately make a supper of cup noodles. When he smells it, he just glances at her and says, "Keep quiet. It's too loud."

Lily is almost chocked to death by the noodles. There is no way to handle him.

Slowly, the anger turn to a little bit of arrogance, he is like a frost beaten eggplant, which doesn't have any spirit.

At first, Lily has no idea, which makes her wanted to talk about her lawsuit as an excuse, but no one answers after knocking for a while, she then turns the doorknob, it's unlocked.

The bedroom is quiet, the curtains are tightly gone down and the man is wrapped on the dark quilt, only showing his head and sturdy arm.

Lily glances at the time. It is ten in the morning. The court session begins today, and they are not required to attend, but.... Why did he sleep till this hour?

After being with him for so long, Lily has never seen him get up more than eight o'clock.

"Rex?" He tentatively shouts, but the man on the bed stay stills, she then shouts again, it is the same.

Lily's eyebrows twits and finally realizes something is wrong. She then walks to the bed to found that half of his face is covered in the quilt, she could see nothing.

She reaches out and pushes his shoulders, while raising the volume, she says, "Rex?"

This time, he finally moves, he turns his back from her and says in a hoarse, unpolished tone, "Get out."

This voice....

Lily's heart sink and doesn't bother his word. She steps forward and puts her hand on his forehead. The burn temperature transferred to her palm at once, it is a scary heat.

"Are you sick?" Lily kneels by the bed while forcibly pulls down the quilt. His complexion is poor and his breath is heavy, "Let's go to the hospital, you are in a high fever now."

The man finally lifts his eyelids, his eyes are in an inexhaustible fatigue, "I told you to get out."

"I'm not going out!" Lily is mad by his words, she is worried and anxious at the same time, "How can you live like this? Let's go to the hospital to get an IV drop."

After speaking, Lily suddenly thinks of Karl, "Should I call Karl?"

"No." His voice is muffled, which is because her annoyance. He then points at the medical box next to the cabinet, "Get me some medicine."

Lily rushes there to find the antipyretic medicine and thermometer, then feed him the medicine and measure him as well. It turns out to be thirty-nine degrees, "If it can't get rid of the fever in a while, we'll go to the hospital."

Rex responses perfunctorily and closes his tired eyes to continue to sleep.

Recalling that lately, he has been busying in the study room, Lily becomes bad mood, which make the sourness lingering in her heart. How tired should he be that even with such a strong body can fall ill?

His appearance is always like an indestructible object, even Lily almost thought than he would never be sick.

But those magnificent and noble identities are faded away, he is barely a mortal. He will be hungry without food and also will be uncomfortable if he sick.

Lily places a wet towel on his forehead. After one hour, the temperature fortunately drops to thirty-eight degrees. She stays beside him until Smith called.

Lily walks to the balcony with the phone to pick it up. When it is just connected, Smith excited voice is heard, "Congratulations, Lily. Your lawsuit won on the first trial."

Hearing this news, Lily freezes for a while. After waiting and preparing for a long time, the result is finally out. She unconsciously exerted her finger on the phone and even shivers.

"With the divorce, fifty-percent of the joint assets belongs to your name, including fix assets and current assets, as well as your husband various investment and financial management. Beside, because of the judgments about reputational infringement and threats, Tim has to pay more than one million for you losses." Smith told her the whole verdict. "And of course, Tim will definitely appeal, but the chance of success is very small."

Lily lets out a long sight of relief, "Okay, got it."

"I'll tell you specifically when we meet. If there is an appeal about the matter of assets division, just cooperate a little will be fine."

Lily nods, "Thank you very much, Smith."

Such sentence is almost a devastating blow to Tim's family, owing to the fact that it is what Susan and Jev fear the most. Most of their family assets is under the name of Tim, and at that time, their family is afraid of Harry's official position, thus dare not to notarize all of the pre-marital property. Fifty percent is enough to kill half of their life.

There is no doubt that they will be depressed.

Thinking of this, in order to prevent any accident, Lily alarms Harry and Bree in advance, "Mom, Dad, you need to be careful for the time being. It's best to move to the hotel to stay for a while. I won the lawsuit; they might will trouble you guys."

Hearing this news, both of them are very excited, "Well, we'll hear you, as long as you won the case, everything for you!"

After hanging up the phone, Lily realizes that her eyes are moist. She doesn't want to cry, but still couldn't control it. She then raises her hands to wipe the corner of her tears, not forgetting the man who is sick in the bedroom.

However, the moment she turns around, she is nailed in the place.

Rex has been standing for quite some time. He is just two step away, which is enough to hear all of her conversation.

"You have won." His voice is dumb.

Lily nods and walks towards him, "Stay in the bed, you still have a fever."

Rex, who usually rebel, walks to the bedroom obediently. By watching her covers him carefully with the quilt, his thin lip moves slightly, "Congratulation, you've granted your wish."

Lily meets his sick face, she actually has a lot to say, but realizes that this is not the right time, at least she needs to wait till his fever gone, "Sleep now."

Rex is indeed exhausted, he fallen asleep not long after he closes his eyes.

Lily sits on the bedside and observes him. She then changes the towel on his forehead and measures the temperature once again. After making sure that he is stable, she just reliefs.


The phone places on the bedpost vibrating violently, which make Lily frowns. Afraid that it might wake Rex up, Lily picks it up and inadvertently touches the green button with her fingertips and hears an old and powerful voice when she is about to hang up, "Don't think

you can escape without answering your phone. I've read the news saying that the woman is divorced. I've told you before, even if she is divorced, I still won't let you to be with her."

When Lily is about to press the red button fiercely, her vision fell on the caller ID, old house.

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