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The screen lights up. Lily opens the call history while gritting her teeth. The most recent call is written 'Old house' two words. It is right in the time when they were going on home.

Lily uses her fingertips to click it. It is a series of landline number, which is obviously called from the house.

Old house?

Is it the number from his old house?

After thinking about it, they have been together for quite some time, but Rex has never even once mention about his family. The only thing that she knows is about what Orson told her at that time.

Other than that, she knows nothing else.

People always have bad instincts, especially when facing the one they care the most, there will always be a glimpse of selfish desire. Lily is too absorbed that she doesn't even notice when the door behind her opened. Just until the phone on her hand is taken away, she went stiff and unable to move.

She doesn't even have a chance to lock the screen.....

Rex looks at the call history that she opened and his eyebrows presses together. There is no single emotion that could be heard in his voice, and he asks, "What do you want to see, huh?"

Lily bites her lower lip and says nothing. The tension and embarrassment of being caught turns into anger and grievances. Her anger keeps on fluctuating a few times but still couldn't say a word in the end.

Rex locks the phone and throws it on the bed, "I'm asking you." There is a question in his plain voice, and she heard it.

She inhales deeply and turns around. With a soft voice, she speaks out, "I... just wanted to know who you called you away, since you didn't tell me, and I feels that it is quite serious, I'm just worried about you...."

"So you check out my phone?" Rex cuts her off and leans back, both hands supports on the bed and his slender legs folded together.

Lily's eyelid quivers, her throat is like being blocked with cotton.

"Do you know what are you doing?" He continues to question her, despite of her gradually red eyes.

Lily knows she is wrong, but why didn't he tell her?

If he is willing to say, she won't do it.

"It is because I'm really about you, nothing else...."

"What are you worried about?" Rex rubs his back. As the matter of fact, he is also afraid, afraid that she finds out about the attitude of his grandparents and she would leave once again.

He is greedy that even he can't manage it these relationship, he still wanted to keep her by his side.

Lily's hands tighten, after some strength, she finally releases it, "Rex, you've told me not to lie before."

She raises her head to look straight in his eyes, "What about you?"

Rex trembles deep inside his heart. Their gaze meet each other, no one speaks a word. After a while, he finally says, "There's something I can't tell."

"What thing?" Lily points at the phone on the bed, "Business? Personal matter? Or about your family?"

His pupils dilate, not denying, "Family matters."

"Okay." Lily looks at him with a smile and nods, then turns around to walk out of the bedroom without asking anything else.

With a bang, the door closes and left him with silence.

Rex raises his head and closes his eyes, recalling his grandparents' word, which makes him feel uneasy. The photos could be hidden in the car, what about the people?

There is always a time he couldn't hide.


Sleeping in the separating room for a night, Lily wakes up earlier the next morning and went out directly. When he sees that it is still less than six in the morning, he lost his mood and went out directly without exercising for the first time.

When he arrives at the company, Rex takes the envelope from the car and hands it to Smith. The other party is also stunned for a while after receiving it, however, with his professional manner, he know it is for the supplementary evidence.

"Add this on Tim's lawsuit." Rex says while tapping his fingers twice on the table, "Make it quick, so that the court could pronounce a sentence for him. About how to fight, do I need to teach you again?"

Smith nods hastily, "No, I understand what you mean."

He means to let Tim goes bankrupt, ruined his reputation and the worst is to excommunicate him from the city.

Smith watches Rex walks out of the room, and looks at the document on his hand again. He couldn't help but squeeze out a sweat. The basic divorce case is no longer as simple as it was, the best result might be the worst bankrupt, imprisoned for two years....

Smith sighs quietly. Tim had provoked the wrong person and should pay a heavy price.

The lawsuit officially went in and Smith informs Lily immediately. After such as long time, Lily has no more spirit. She stays calm and glad after hearing that this day has finally came.

"Smith, about this case, is my probability of wining high?"

Smith adjusts the glasses on the bridge of his nose, "Rest assured. You have one hundred percent of winning. The only difference is about the defendant's penalty."

Lily pauses for a while and asks, "Are they going to be hard on him?" Smith nods, "Maybe."

Lily is confident that Tim won't be able to run away this time. However, she either doesn't intend to plead for him. He is too much, first cheated on her, followed by some affection and finally drained all of her sympathy. She is too exhausted that has no more feelings towards this man.

After return to the office, Lily keeps on being distracted. There is a lot of simple mistake at her work, which makes Crystal leans to her ears and asks, "What happen, are you fighting with Rex?"

Lily is a little surprised, "Is it that obvious?"

"Hm... a little bit." Crystal can't ask much about their personal matter but can only console her and returns to their work.

Lily keeps on distracted. Her heart is entangled, for the reason that while she is self-criticizing, she also blames Rex at the same time. With her desperate spirit, she couldn't help but texting Abby and tell her the whole story.

Abby advices her, "Man doesn't like woman to check on their phones. It's his privacy anyway, even the most basic trust are gone. This is indeed your fault, but speaking of Rex, he has some responsibilities too. Why didn't he just say it, why should covered it up, people can be curious easily though."

Lily agrees, "I know right. I didn't mean it too."

"But, maybe his family matter is quite complicated and is not easy to say. Don't force him too much. As long as it's not about any miscellaneous woman, it's fine."

To be honest, Abby's word is what she thinks in her heart. But after thinking about it, she becomes more entangled. She doesn't think it is her fault nor did Rex's fault. But she doesn't really like that he concealed things from her, as if she is an outsiders.

After entangled for the whole afternoon, she still doesn't get the right answer. Instead, she is criticized by Kinsey for a many small mistake from her work.

In the evening, Lily went home directly after getting off the work without waiting for Rex. She walks to the metro station with a backpack. The Villa is located in the outskirt, which means she has to change two lines before she can reach it. It is nearly eight o'clock when she arrived.

Lily changes her shoes at the door. Her whole body feels weak and top-heavy.

She lies on the sofa in the living room and in the next second, Rex walks down from the third floor. However, instead of looking at her, he takes a bottle of espresso from refrigerator, as if to freshen up.

Lily watches as he wandering around without looking at her even once. With her desperate feeling, she throws two punches in the air. OK, keep ignoring and see who is more stubborn!

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